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And who is the Martyr? So many of them for the wrong definition and agreement.

Note: Re-edit of “Martyrs for naught? (Apr. 10, 2010)”

There are no enemies or foes.

There are only martyrs

For someone, a group, an idea, a promise, a myth, or none.


There are martyrs of a rusty sickle, a rotten hammer;

Martyrs fallen under the banner of ugly rapacious eagles,

Shapeless flowers, crooked greedy crosses, rudimentary hateful suns,

Or vengeful crescents.


Most of the martyrs barely can spell their names;

They know nothing of their potentials

They could not vote or drive

But they are eligible to kill and maim

For someone, a motherland, an idea, a promise, a myth, or none.


There are no enemies or foes

There are ignorance and fear of the unknown.


There are martyrs of reason, and logic

Martyrs of truths that changed shortly after the death of the martyr.


There are martyrs of stubbornness and recklessness;

Of displaced ego.


There are martyrs for a better future: they never hugged the present.

There are martyrs of hunger, polluted water, and common diseases

Ignored by all.


There are martyrs of terminal illnesses

Martyrs who nobody claim as such

Just martyrs for the powerful Gods

Watching patiently the death of pain and suffering.


There are no enemies or foes;

There is ignorance, lack of energy, lack of individuality.


We are our own enemies

Lazily following masses, the smooth talkers,

The orator working up our bestial emotions

Promising glory, respect, and abundance

For our descendants that we don’t have

That we never had a chance to have,


Descendants to appreciate,

To teach, to protect, to encourage their freedom of expression

To let go as citizens of the world

Flapping their young wings and soaring

Breathing fresh life wherever they land.


So many martyrs for naught: to please the Silent Majority in their comfort zone.

There are martyrs for resisting humiliation, transfer, displacement

Tampering with basic rights, human and civil rights.


Martyrs for Individual expression of opinions,

Equal under the laws

Regardless of gender, color of the skin, or religious affiliations

Martyrs who testified on behalf of the innocents


Reporters disseminating injustices done by the power to be

Standing tall against despots, oppressors, and aggressors.


Mankind has been fighting the wrong battles.

Mankind failed to grow enough, live enough

To fight the enemy within,

Under the banner of “know yourself”

Then show compassion to your neighbors.


There are no enemies or foes.

We are all similar in goodness and evil tendencies.


Why do we have to die?

An excellent question that needs an answer before we go to battle.


A timely NO is far more heroic

Than succumbing to intimidation and suppression.


Can’t we enjoy heaven on earth?

Can’t we just struggle against hell on Earth?

So many martyrs for naught!

They killed and massacred a lot: who are they, and how many sacrificed?

Note: Re-edit of “Which Dictator Killed The Most People?  July 31, 2017

Note 1:  All dictators, even the most charismatic, are but symbols of a system (dogmatic/ideological) that the political leaders and society were ripe to adopt.  The Silent Majority who initially didn’t care, succumbed to the violent and radical minority.

They say that it takes compassion for humanity, love for country and a strong pursuit of justice and mercy, to become a strong and respected leader of the masses.

However, every once in a while, there are politicians or generals who decide to do things their own way.

These cold-blooded dictators do not care for the value of life as much as they do for achieving their selfish motives of domination, power and immortality.

This infographic shows worldwide dictators ordered by the number of killings: 1 drop, 1 million dead. (Click the picture for a larger version)

This article did its best Not to cover the systematic massacres of the western colonial powers: US, France, England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

It is the colonial powers that initiated and led the other dictators to emulate their procedures and system of systematic genocide.

Apparently, Hitler and Stalin combined killed less people that Mao Zedong

Can you fill in this blank for me?

Adolf Hitler = Holocaust of minorities, gypsies, including Jews. The war brought to execution the racist view of Nazism. Imperial Germany committed and supported genocides before Nazism in their colonies and in Turkey

Lenin: The great famine (1917-22). The western nations at war with Germany blockaded Russia and supported with weapons and mercenaries the Tsarist military that encircled the Soviet rebels on all fronts, except Germany.

Joseph Stalin = Purges, Goulac…before the German invasion

Mao Zedong = Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution (1966-70) and widespread famine in 1955. Not to mention the 1,000 miles Marche in the 30’s fleeing the troops of Chiang Kai Shek

Chiang Kai Shek = massacre of communists before Japan occupied China (1933-37)

Young Turk Revolution of 1908: genocide of Christians and Armenians (1915-18)

Japan: massacres in Korea, Manchuria,

Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia: 2 million

George Bush Jr: 1.5 million Iraqis

Rwanda genocide, supported by France

Republican France killed one million Algerian

Belgium killed and maimed 5 millions in its Congo colony for collecting rubber

One commentator said:

This graph is just old argument to blame socialism not by ideology but number of dead, those number are taken from books like “The Black Book of Communism” written by obsessed people against communism, over-exaggeration of estimates (there’s no real base for the number)

Note: The US has proven to have committed the worst crimes against humanity since its inception and continues to be top on the list as the worst White racist system of all times.

The US wanted to maintain slave system and took arms against England who had banned it.

It massacred every Indian tribe that resisted expansion.

It slaughtered the Mexicans to rob their lands.

It dropped 2 atomic bombs and frequently exploded atomic bombs in open air

The bodies of the Blacks are still disposable at any second.

Blacks live in constant fear of ever ready police forces and white gangs shouting at them for minor excuses

The countless pre-emptive wars around the world have caused mind-boggling atrocities and no one ever was put to trial.

At the turn of the century, the US occupied the Philippines, Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, and many islands snatched from Spain on the excuse of failing to repaying its debts. All these activities under to guise of encouraging democracy.

It exacted millions of dead in Viet Nam and Korea

Over one million Iraqi civilians died in the 2003 occupation of Iraq. Depleated uranium bombs are still causing babies to be born deformed.

It invited ISIS to move in and occupy Mosul after Iraq refused to extend the presence of US troops in 2013 and after Russia denied US from bombing Syria during Obama.

Read More:


Tidbits #39

Your odds to win at Bingo game boil down to the number of cards you’re playing divided by the total number of cards in play. If there are 100 cards in play, and you’re playing 5, your odds of winning are 5 in 100, or 1 in 20.

This is assuming 5 factors: 1) That no one is tampering with the balls, 2) none of the balls are damaged or dented, 3) the number picker is working correctly, 4) you’re perfectly eagle-eyed, and that 5) you’re not playing a progressive bingo game.

Printing money to satisfy growth of internal market is what Ben Franklin advised 3 centuries ago to help the colonies since they had the privilege of printing their own currency. When there is No growth anywhere, all that printing of worthless currencies (especially in colonial powers) to cover the expenses of Corona lockdown is the main factor that will hinder the resurgence of global trade.

Saudi Arabia earns $8.5 bn per year from pilgrims to Mecca, its second-biggest industry after oil (~$200 billion per year). (10 m x 12 m x 15 m): Dimensions of the Kaaba. 300 kg is the weight of the solid gold door on the Kaaba’s northeastern side, set 7 feet above the ground.

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

Copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold in its first week than the combined launch sales of all previous games in the series. It’s made the Switch as hot a commodity as toilet paper.

The After Corona trade will mostly be bartering goods among the adjacent countries.

The Corona principle: Il faut attendre l’âge óu on prend conscience que le present est plus interessant que le future

China managed to increase exports amid this pandemic. Shipments increased 3.5% last month, compared to the year before, driven mostly by exports to other Asian countries. And a double-digit drop in imports: Accumulating inventory of more foreign currencies?

Reuters reports that US officials drafted detailed plans—called the “Artemis Accords—that allows businesses to own any resources they might extract in the Moon

For half of a decade, photographer Alison Turner traveled around the United States, visually documenting bingo halls in small towns across America. “Each location I encountered brought in a true sense of community, complete with their own unique set of personalities and characters. A place where emotions of despair and hope come hand and hand throughout the night,” Turner writes.

Mosquito salivate disinfectant where they sting: Not because they don’t want to infect us, but in order Not to be infected themselves

Mosquito sting between two pain receptors: Not because they don’t want to hurt us, but because they need extra seconds to flee before we react violently

“Framing the increased flow of people fleeing war and poverty as a ‘migrant crisis‘ misses the point. It assumes that it is the arrival of these people, rather than the situations they are trying to escape, that is the problem.”

La haine contre le Capitalisme est demeuré théorique: La haine fut détournée sur l’ étranger, l’ apostat, le maitre, l’esclave, le pere, la mere…

We’re more often than Not unknowingly limited in our observations and knowledge, and what we consider within the realm of possibility can change rapidly under the right circumstances.  Example, spotting a Black swan.

The observation of a black swan has 3 attributes: it is an outlier; it has extreme impact; and that, despite its outlier status, people will come up with explanations for its occurrence after the fact.

Ministry of Solitude and isolation? A State institution encouraging and facilitating the job of municipalities to open centers for elderly people to meet and offer them tasks they still have the capability to perform.

Covid-19 purpose? Previous economics were virtual (financial bubble): lots of “worthless” currencies transferred any which way.  The current economics will be base on relations of real production and tangible collaterals. This virtual economy financial bubble needs now to be deflated.

All monarchs in the “Arabic world” are stooges to the USA and colonial powers. As long as their “personal dignity” is saved, “faites comme chez-vous”. Fortunately, Trump wiped all that and trampled the Saudi King, again and again, but the illusions of “dignity” are still strong.

Le germe du capitalism fut révélé’ au début du 18eme siècle: “Que vos vices demeurent prive’, et que vos conduites and opinions en publique soient “vertueuses”, en accord avec la morale dominante.” (Silent Majority)

En Occident, il est moralement plus correct d’aller en guerre que de résoudre un problème par le bakchich dans les pays sous-développé’


More ruthless than Timurlenk and more coward than Arabian Peninsula “Arab” leaders

I wrote a few poems in Arabic in January 1992, and I had no recollection of them. I just retrieve them when decluttering the house after mother passed away. I will re-edit them in English

“Arabian” leaders of treachery and indignity

Cocktailing Masters who are more ruthless than Timurlenk

And more coward than the “Arabian” leaders in the Arabian Peninsula.

In pseudo-States created by colonial powers

Where neighbors are aliens

Billions of petrodollars are burned to intimidate the “Arabs”

Their children are homeless and hungry

In cities that never sleep or give a damn.

The poorer classes live in shantytowns

Forever in “temporary” lodging.

Even the Palestinians in refugees camps managed

To build houses in stones when allowed

And breathed life in the stones

Throwing stones of fire and anger at the soldiers of our existential enemy

This Israeli implanted apartheid colonial State in our midst

Another ruthless enemy, and as coward as the “Silent Majority“.

He is mistaken who thinks that Iraq is Arabic.

Sure, we like to dwell on the illusion that Iraq

Is an intrinsic part of the Syrian people

One Nation, one people

Going back to the glorious empires of Babylon and Assyria.

We did miss the boat:

Iraq has been Pharisi since the Sassanid empire 

And its revival is at arms reach.

Tidbits #36

Brave, temeraire, lache, idiot, intelligent… La fraternelle mort n’ en n’ a cure. Ce sont les mots qui nous divisent

Concept of asymptomatic carriers—people who harbor and spread a disease, but never appear to get sick from it themselves.

The US will borrow $3 trillion in the second quarter. The unprecedented sum is more than 5 times what the government borrowed in a single quarter during the 2008 crisis, as it finances massive stimulus efforts to revive the economy. (Question: who is lending the USA?)

Projected 134,000 Covid-19 deaths by August in the USA, double the current expectation?

To where can US move their outsourcing and manufacturing away from China? VietNam and Indonesia cannot match the demands even with all the tax incentives for US companies.

For example, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in China decrease its production by 20%,, which is majorly affecting the global drug supply. Home builders in Japan worry that their homes will be left without lavatories (WC toilet) after China-made toilets vanished from the market.

Data from China suggest that some individuals, particularly young people, may even beat a virus infection without developing antibodies at all.

Around the world, central bank asset purchases are expected to reach $6 trillion this year. (What assets? Meaning selling their assets? Government properties?)

Let’s face it: Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic Madrasa working around the world are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.

I watched a female reporter fall down as a poisonous “tear” gas fall in her vicinity. Apparently, England and France are experimenting with their chemical weapons on the Palestinians. Israel is bombing emergency Red Cross tents with tear gas too.

“The pandemic has made it widely apparent that internet access is a class issue. Although the United Nations in 2016 declared that connection is a basic human right, not just a luxury for the rich, it’s clear now that those who can work or study from home are the fortunate ones.

After many trials in the living, we settle in a “comfort zone” and we stick to this zone and let the advertisers and politicians abuse of our perception. We become the Silent Majority in a society. Unless we get out of our comfort zone again and again, we deny ourselves and our descendents the advantage of the survival process.

Math and logic are fitter to perceive reality for our survival than our delusional perceptual interpretations. And that is the Chinese model for the future.

The wave of government spending benefit big corporations the most—and give them the cash they need to buy up and crowd out smaller competitors. Watchdogs worry monopolies are on the rise in the US.

A first global attempt to take away political rights happened on 11 September 2001, then a declaration of war on humanity disguised as a war on terrorism.

$1.24 billion is the value of the UK bingo market, including bingo halls and online play in 2019

6,000: Bingo cards designed by Columbia University math professor Carl Leffler, who was allegedly driven mad by the task

Banks swindling depositors through forced contracts: Depositors have no recourse to edit the contracts?

People have been indoctrinated that “Banks are safe haven to deposit your money. When you need your money back, you can get it without any hassle.”

You methodically sign one sheet of paper contract after another, ream of them. It never occured to you to say: “Hola, these are plenty of paper to read. I am a slow reader. I’ll get back to you next week for pertinent questions

Occasionally, you feel sorry for the long time the clerc on her computer is trying to figure out how to input the many dozens of information you provided, and to check if you are an “appropriate” customer to get rid of you money into others’ people coffers.

You feel kind of ashamed how you are going to blurt it out: “I just have a couple of $ hundred. Is that sum cover the minimum required to open an account?”

Sure, you have been told that the bank invest your money in other “businesses”.

You assumed that investments do not involve shady companies, like professional snipers, weapon merchants, mafia activities, selling human organs, selling girls for prostitution bordellos…

Sure, this bank has the same moral standard that you have, and investment are re-routed to companies enjoying “Moral Entity” of government laws and judicial systems…

And then, you discovered that you have been “Haircut” and whatever money you still have in your account has been reduced drastically, while food prices have skyrocketed.

The job of Central Bank chief is to put your worries to rest: the financial situation is under total control.

The assumption that the Silent Majority has been following the process of the coming calamity and reflecting on the condition is highly doubtful. This Majority wholeheartedly trust the government, the politicians and the public institutions.

By the time this Majority shake off its apathy, mentally and physically, it is already too late. The guillotine has fallen, and they have to lick their bruised ego and world view.

What are the laws that can protect the depositors from their hard earned money?

جريمة احتيال

كثر البحث في الأونة الأخيرة عن وصف جرمي للافعال التي قامت بها المصارف اتجاه المودعين و قد قرات عدة مقالات جدية و متخصصة عن الموضوع تصف هذه الافعال ضمن جريمة اساءة الامانة بانية هذه النظرية على التصرفات الاخيرة التي قامت به المصارف.

في الواقع لا تسمح العقود القائمة بين المصرف و المودع بهذا الوصف، فهي من نوع عقود الاذعان ،

أي أن العميل يوافق على شروط موضوعة مسبقا اهمها ان المصرف يحق له التصرف بالاموال المودعة و توظيفها مع احتفاظ العميل بحق قبضها عند طلبها ، ما عدا الحالات التي تكون فيها الاموال مجمدة لأجل محدد.

من ناحية أخرى لا يسمح قانون النقد و التسليف باسقاط الوصف الجرمي لناحية توظيف الاموال او تحويلها الى الخارج .

بعيدا عن نظرية اساءة الامانة ، نجد ان هنالك تصرفات قام بها مصرف لبنان ، و مجالس ادارات المصارف ، ينطبق عليها وصف الخطأ القانوني الذي يستوجب التعويض ،

اهمها الامتناع عن تسديد الحسابات او تحويلها ، و اجبار الناس على سحب اموالها بالليرة اللبنانية على سعر صرف ادنى من سعر الصرف الحقيقي ،

و لكن ، هل هذا هو الوصف الحقيقي ، او هل هذا فعلا اقصى ما يمكن تحميله من مسؤولية قانونية للمصارف و لحاكم مصرف لبنان ، بحيث لا يمكن الا مداعاتهم بالتعويض بما يملكون او بعبارة ادق بما يمكن اثبات أنهم يملكون ؟

أم أنه هنالك نصوص قانونية تنطبق عليها الحالة الآنية و تؤمن حقوق المودعين بشكل أفضل ؟

إن اثبات الاحتيال يتيح حبس المحتال ، كما يتيح وضع اليد على كل املاكه ، و استعادة الاموال التي هرّبت الى الخارج او تم شراء عقارات بها ،

و الاحتيال جريمة يعاقب عليها القانون كجنحة و لكن اذا ما تم اضافة عامل التشديد كونها في حالتنا هذه تمس عامة الشعب و تهدد امن الوطن ، فإن عقوباتها سوف ترتفع الى مستوى عقوبة الجنايات.

لا داعي لاثبات الموضوع ، فهو يتعلق باموال منقولة أي انه صالح للنظر فيه كموضوع جريمة احتيال ،

فهل أن الفعل المادي متوفر ؟ و هل النية الجرمية حاضرة ؟ و ماذا عن الرابطة السبية ؟
هذا ما سنراه من خلال هذه المقالة القصيرة

شروط الاحتيال :

في بحث موجز و سريع جدا وجدت أن الشروط المطلوبة لتطبيق وصف الاحتيال قد تكون لها حظوظ اكبر ، و على هذا الصعيد فإن المادة 655 من قانون العقوبات التي عدلت سنة 1993 تنص على التالي :

كل من حمل الغير بالمناورات الاحتيالية على تسليمه مالا منقولا او غير منقول او اسنادا تتضمن تعهدا او ابراء او منفعة واستولى عليها يعاقب بالحبس من ستة اشهر الى ثلاث سنوات وبالغرامة من مئة الف الى مليون ليرة.

وتعتبر من المناورات الاحتيالية:
1- الاعمال التي من شأنها ايهام المجني عليه بوجود مشروع وهمي او التي تخلق في ذهنه املا بربح او تخوفا من ضرر.
2- تلفيق اكذوبة يصدقها المجني عليه نتيجة تأييد شخص ثالث ولو عن حسن نية او نتيجة ظرف مهد له المجرم او ظرف استفاد منه.
3- التصرف بأموال منقولة او غير منقولة ممن ليس له حق او صفة للتصرف بها او ممن له حق او صفة للتصرف فأساء استعمال حقه توسلا لابتزاز المال.
4- استعمال اسم مستعار او صفة كاذبة للمخادعة والتأثير. ويطبق العقاب نفسه في محاولة ارتكاب هذا الجرم.

انطباق شروط الفعل المادي على تصرفات المصارف :

لا بد من الاشارة اولا ان تلك الشروط هي وصف لحالات منفردة بحيث يكفي انطباق الفعل على اي من تلك الحالات ,مع وجود نية جرمية ، حتى يعتبر القاضي أن الفعل هو مناورة احتيالية .

١-بالعودة الى البند الاول من نص المادة ٦٥٥ ، نجد ان خلق الامل بربح ، يتلاءم وصفه مع ما قامت به المصارف من زيادات كبيرة على نسبة الفوائد المعروضة بحيث تحولت من فوائد مقبولة نسبيا و متعارف عليها الى فوائد عالية خارجة عن وصف ثمار الاموال لتكسب صفة الربح الحقيقي التجاري

٢- يعتبر البند الثاني الادسم ، اذ يشدد من ناحية على ان الكذب المباشر من الطرف المطلوب تجريمه لا يكفي لاعتباره احتيال ، بل يجب أن يأتي على صورة مناورة كاملة بحيث يقوم شخص ثالث حائز على ثقة المتضرر بالكذب ، و يقوم الطرف الثاني بمناورة اعتمادا على كذب الطرف الثالث ليوقع بالطرف الاول المجني عليه .

حسنا ، الا يعتبر حاكم مصرف لبنان طرفا ثالثا يمثل المصرف المركزي ، أي الدولة اللبنانية ، شخصا ثالثا يستحق الثقة ؟

و ألم يقم بالكذب على اللبنانيين مرارا و تكرارا بأن وضع الليرة بخير ؟ و ألم تقم المصارف باغراء المودعين بناء على جو الثقة الذي اوحى به حاكم المصرف ؟

من جهة ثانية الم تكن تعلم المصارف بحالة موجوداتها و بحالة موجودات المصرف المركزي ؟

٣-بالنسبة للبند الثالث ، فهو يفصل بين حالتين ،

الحالة الاولى هي قيام شخص بأعمال و تصرفات لا يحق له القيام بها و هذه الحالة خي ما يحاجج به اصحاب نظرية اساءة الامانة مع أنني اجد أن المصارف يحق لها التصرف.

اما الحالة الثانية ، و التي اعتبرها اقرب الى ما قامت به المصارف ، فهي قيام شخص يحق له التصرف ، بالاساءة في حق التصرف من اجل ابتزاز المال .

إن المصارف و عبر حسابات اصحابها او الشركاء بمجالس ادارتها ، قامت بتحويل اموالهم و اموال خاصاتهم الى الخارج ،

و ذلك يعتبر من التصرفات التي يحق لها القيام بها ، و لكن الفرق ، كل الفرق أنها قامت بمنع المودعين الباقين من عامة الشعب ، من ان يقوموا بسحب أو بتحويل اموالهم متذرعة ان ليس لديها دولارات ،

و قامت من بعدها بابتزازهم عبر تكبيدهم خسارات من جراء سحب الاموال بالليرة اللبنانية او بشيكات بنكية ، تخسم بنسبة عالية ، بدأت ب ١٠% و وصلت الآن الى ٥٠% .

اذا لم يكن هذا ابتزازا ، فماذا يكون ، و ما هو تعريف الابتزاز ساعة اذن ؟

في توفر النية الجرمية :

طبعا يعود للقاضي التثبت من وجود النية الجرمية ، و لكن النية الجرمية الضرورية لوصف الفعل بالجرمي على صعيد الاحتيال ، هي قيام المحتال باحدى الافعال المحددة في المادة ٦٥٥ مع توجه ارادته للاستيلاء على الاموال .

هنا يتبادر الى الذهن الاسئلة التالية :
الم تقم المصارف بما قامت به من اجل الاستيلاء على الاموال ؟ ام أن هنالك سوقا نقديا متراجعا فرض عليها اعطاء فوائد مرتفعة ؟

في الواقع هنالك حالات كثيرة ، حيث قامت مصارف مختلفة و في بلدان مختلفة ، باغراء الزبائن بفوائد عالية من اجل ترتيب جردة حسابات آحر السنة ،

او من اجل تمويل مشاريع او توظيفات خاصة ،

و لكن لا توجد اي حالة في تلك البلدان ، حيث قام اصحاب تلك المصارف بسحب اموالهم و تحويلها الى الخارج ، او بشراء عقارات لاخفائها و التأمين عليها من الخسارة.

الواضح انهم كانوا يملكون كل المعلومات اللازمة ليخافوا من الوضع المالي ،

و الواضح ايضا انهم لجؤوا الى إغراء المودعين من اجل تمويل عملية انسحابهم من السوق ، و بذلك تكون النية الجرمية متوفرة.
اخيرا ينبغي البحث في توفر الرابطة السببية

الرابطة السببية :
و اختصارا ، و لتوفر الرابطة السببية ينبغي اثبات أنه لولا المناورة الاحتيالية لما تم الاستيلاء على المال

في الواقع ، تضع اكثرية الناس قسم معتبر من اموالها في المصارف بطبيعة الحال ، و من دون الحاجة الى عمليات اقناع او مناورات احتيالية او خطط معقدة .

اعتادت الناس على وضع اموال في حسابات جارية كما اعتادت على توظيفها او ادخارها في المصارف وفقا للعادات المتعارف عليها .
أن الغير عادي في الموضوع أن الاغراءات التي مورست على المودعين ، كانت كبيرة و متواصلة بحيث انهم وجدوا مصلحة لهم في التوقف عن اي عمل يقومون به ، و وضع اموالهم في المصارف.

فالعادة جرت ان يضع الشخص ٢٠% كحد وسطي من امواله في حسابات جارية او مجمدة ، بحسب طبيعة عمله ، و ان يستثمر امواله او يستخدمها في اعماله ،

لكن الفوائد التي وصلت الى ١٥ % ، بالاضافة الى جو الثقة الذي اشاعه حاكم مصرف لبنان ، اقنعا معظم اللبنانيين بوقف او تجميد او تصغير حجم الاعمال ، و الاستعاضة بدل ذلك بادخار الاموال في حسابات مصرفية تعطي ارباحا عالية و مضمونة و بالركون الى هذه الحيثيات لا يعود من الصعب اثبات

الرابطة السببية بين المناورة الاحتيالية و خسارة الاموال

●الخاتمة : نحن نقف الآن امام منعطف تاريخي ، لبنان كله امام منعطف تاريخي ، لقد قامت المصارف *(أعني من أمّن لها الغطاء و لا يزال ، المستفيد الأول و الأخير منها، فالمصرف هو آداة ليس إلا!)* بتدمير الاقتصاد اللبناني ،

لم يعد هنالك حركة اقتصادية ، لا منتج و لا مستهلك و لا تاجر و لا مؤدي خدمات ،

شهرين و نكون امام مجاعة حقيقية ، الامل الوحيد الباقي هو في نجاح حكومة الرئيس حسان دياب في مساعيها ، و لا يمكن أن تنجح هذه المساعي الا من خلال استعادة الاموال ،

و أن تجريم المصارف بالاحتيال هو اقل ما يمكن عمله على هذا الصعيد ، لم يقوموا بالاستيلاء على جزء من مال ، لم يقوموا بالاستيلاء على اموال ،
لقد سرقوا وطنا بكامله ، لقد سرقوا العمر و الحلم و الأمن .

حسن سلمان


Redundant Prophets (written in October 30, 2007)

Tormented youths, hearing voices, experiencing apocalyptic nightmares,

Seeking desperately a corner of a desert, preferably when available nearby,

In desolate locations, in complete isolation,

To exorcise their demons and to find peace of mind.

Some of them see Archangel Gabriel in person, or his shadow

Talking to them in a centaur voice, urging them to fear the Unique God, and pray and glorify his Name,

And proselytize in his Name.

Some are not that lucky in fame,  and never see a divine apparition,

But this is of no consequences, for the benefit of the Silent Majority.

Many could have ended faked prophets, but they relented

For their good mental stability and reduced level of exacerbated anxiousness.

The difference between Prophets and crazies can be traced 

To the genetic laziness of Gabriel;

Or most probably to the glut in redundant prophets.




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