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High Performer, High Potential, High Energy, High Producer, or Simply High?

“Do you mind Boss if I run with this idea?”

What is your reputation in terms of people skills?

Have you any interest in assuming more responsibility?

Do you have the guts to express and demand more responsibilities?

Do you care to view the big picture?

Do you think that the above attributes prove that you have great potential to lead teams into success stories?

In any case, before you are appreciated to your long-term potentials as excellent in cooperating with talented and professional people, you must demonstrate that you are talented, productive, and a high performer in the first job you excel in.

Regular reviews might show from statistics that you are an excellent performer, but can this impress your higher up in management?

You might have high energy in “delivering” on target and agreement, but does you energy bubble for those impressed by perception?

Don’t you think that perception is far more lethal in the short-term than all statistics?

How can you prove that you are a high-energy member team, once perception of your lack of energy is dominant within the team?

Are you able to exhibit that:

  1. You are Curious in knowing everything about the business, giving priority to the personnel? For example, learning who are actually the main power driving force instead of relying on the formal hierarchy diagram?
  2. You are Comfortable in your skin and are willing to discuss and open dialogue with the others?
  3. You are a good listener and ready to ask the pertinent questions with an open mind?
  4. You are willing to Collaborate and go the extra miles with anyone assigned to work with you?

But first, you have to demonstrate that you can deliver on your talent (high performer), while you send the appropriate signal that you are this “dangerous” man willing to grab all the potential opportunities opened to you…

If you are just great at your first job and fail to shift toward helping others to be great at their jobs, the prospect of attaining high levels of responsibilities are not bright.  Your level is among the performers.

The highest levels are reserved for those who demonstrated that they are high potentials, are bold in taking initiatives, and have great people skills. Unless you work for the government or a public institution…

Don’t tell me what they can do. Tell me what they can do through others. (Dan Rockwell?)

Warning! Do not overdo the curiosity game, and do not flaunt it. “Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form” as Nabokov wrote. And the perception of insubordination has driven so many to the guillotine.




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