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If you are the type to sweating profusely at exam time, your heart beating at top speed, your hands sweaty, and feeling pretty light-headed and forgot everything you studied and learned then, you are an original of mankind specie.

Do you know that all these symptoms is basically to draw all the blood to your lower limbs so that you maybe able to run and flee at top speed without thinking back?  Wet hands are far more efficient for climbing trees:  You don’t want to slip and be eaten by a carnivorous animal.

We know, deep down, at exam time and during critical meeting (private or public) that something is not normal and does not match our psychological constitution, but we have no idea what is the real danger.  We have been conditioned to sit for exams and be interrogated and investigated during interviews that we forgot why we are so afraid and feel the real need to flee as quickly as possible.

Fact is, we our primitive intuition is intact to a normal degree and we didn’t lose it; we just are conditioned to think twice before running from dangers.  Fact is, all these exams and interviews are not meant to educate us but to humiliate us consistently so that we accept the role of obedient and mindless technocrats devoid of ethical and moral considerations toward the pain and suffering of common people.

The 10% in the population hoarding 50% of the wealth in the nation want a system that conditioned educated people to bow heads and feel terrified when hired to doing a job.  All these exams and periodic evaluation reviews are fundamentally meant to be ready to satisfying schedules of plans, study, and work-in-progress as “management” had decided without your feedback for feasibility.  You are trained not to think about the health, safety, and long-term benefit of any project:  You are to learn to becoming a human robot.

We all feel since childhood, as we are forced to go to school, that something is not right and a devilish system is moulding us to becoming something unnatural and inhuman.   We certainly prefer to have extended vacations, to working in jobs we like to do, to have quality time for our family and kids, to meet with our community and discuss our difficulties.  We have desires for so many interesting things but we feel in a big prison and having no choices but to following instructions, law, order, and peer pressures to be part of the group behavior.

Our primitive instinct is pretty intact and we feel in our guts that human carnivores are raising us as cattle for the slaughter as we grow older and under performing according to youth standards. Mankind is scared from his own kind and is loathing any kind of man-made system designed to increase law and order schemes.

There is no shame to getting angry and voicing your opinion high and strong when you feel afraid and in dire danger.  All indicate from political structures that 20% of the population are designed to stay in the lowest classes to serve as cheap hand laborers; and 70% are designed to becoming mindless technocrats for the benefit and comfort of the upper 10% of the population.  Has mankind lost his dignity investing time in serious reflection to his conditions, finding alternatives to regaining his freedom for whatever he desires of his life, and get moving accordingly?

Note:  Multinational corporations have increased their “own specialized university facilities” to 4,000 in one decade.  The traditional universities are meant for endoctrination of the new potential technocrats but company universities are meant to teaching particular skills that traditional universities have “forgotten” to focus on.  Company universities are far more sophisticated and equipped than any traditional university and millions are poured in to educated specialized employees.




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