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Slightly Atypical Day 


Note: I am mining my diary. I am glad to retrieve a huge file in my backup section.  I started writing my diary on a daily basis since July 15, 2006. A year before that date I wrote the most atypical events of the month.


June 10, 2005 is the birthday of my niece Joanna.  The framework of the unfortunate event is as follow:  one of the boyfriends of Joanna, Michael, (still on the Platonic stage), was working on a private luxury cruise yacht belonging to a wealthy business man of the Hariri’s associates for a month and a half.  Michael used to send Joanna messages on her cellular; once she received a postcard depicting a typical narrow street on one of the Aegean islands.

It happened that I was reading a French version of a novel by Umberto Eco “The Island of the day before” in which I stumbled on a love letter that a knight was dictating to a love struck gentleman novice.  I then decided to translate part of the letter.  Then one idea generated another and I purchased a birthday postcard and transcribed the part to Joanna addressing it from Corfu, Greece and ending with the sentence: “Oh lady, you have to agree with me once: isn’t it sad that romancing is dead?”

For a week since, Joanna has been avoiding me and it appears that her ire has no time limit.  I thought that she was a funny girl until then but her streak of seriousness is not forgiving or that she was waiting for an excuse to tell me that she no longer wants me around. By and by, I do believe that Joanna has no sense of humor, especially with young lady at this age of emotional turbulence. Anyway, having sense of humor is not similar at all with being funny; having sense of humor needs a mature phase in life when we assimilate that the sun does not revolve around us.  

I can now categorize people into four groups: people who have a sense of humor, those who are funny, those who are neither, and those who are still neither but appreciate being among funny people.  I created a fourth group to include myself; although I think that I do have a sense of humor; though who will know or notice anyway?

My nephew William organized a surprise birthday to Joanna: he invited three of her current “best girl friends”, (still at the Platonic stages); to wake Joanna’s up at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning with all the chants, cakes, and candles.  The whole troop spent the day on a beach in the Batrun region and I was not invited, for obvious reasons.

This turn of event helped me with a decision that I have been contemplating for some time; from now on I will stop meddling with the grown ups kids or trying to be part of their activities.  I hope my mom will stop bugging me with questions about the kids’ activities or their plans: I am definitely out of the loop and I refuse to ask them questions of any kinds and would like to learn to respect their so called independence. Obviously, there are consequences to their wishes: I am no longer giving ride to any of them even for fun emergencies or lending money.




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