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Is fasting hard? (September 12, 2009)

Fasting from drinking (even water) or eating for 14 hours, from let say 4:30 am to 6:30 pm, should not be hard if you don’t cheat drinking a little in the morning.  If you refrain from over-indulging when you break the fast , you will feel very fine physically and mentally.

You may get all the nutrition you need by not being very selective in your diet and cutting down on man-made sugary stuff  deserts.  The body does not need to drink and eat more than once to sustain its energy.  The hardest to contain are the excitation of the senses: It seems that the taste buds and smell molecules revolt at this change in habit and need their daily intakes and thus, senses harass the fasting individual continuously all day long.

The eyes and touch exacerbate the fasting condition because they send intelligence messages to the smell and taste buds that potential resources are within grasping distances for their satisfaction.  Taste buds and smell are the addictive senses that require their daily dozes at specific periods because they were trained to wait for them and be calmed.

Fasting people prefer to sleep. Not because they have no energy to function, but in order to relax those demanding senses that are driving them crazy with anticipation.  I once fasted for 30 days to share this harsh period with a Moslem friend of mine.

The few first days are the hardest and then it becomes an acceptable routine.  Actually, if you fast breakfast you will not feel that hungry at lunch; this is contrary to how hungry you feel at lunch if you had something in your stomach in the morning which stimulate eating.

Many people prefer to have supper (or dinner) and skip breakfast and lunch; they feel very much active and energetic for the entire day.

The trick is that I refused to quit smoking; I needed this addiction to squelch my taste buds and smell that instill total boredom on the constitution once they are refused excitation.  Smoking should not be prohibited during fasting, since it is not food or drink. If you are a smoker, it is an opportunity to try to cut down on smoking. A few cigarettes aid greatly in overcoming boredom of the mind and body and enhance imagination outside the real of drinking and food.

The worst part of fasting is that you gain weight by the end of the fasting period.

People take their revenge on eating too much sweet, ice cream, and sugary condiments most of the night. They also eat too much at one setting and get pretty sick.  Fasting is primarily overcoming the addictive requirements of the taste buds and smell; they are the culprit for hardship in fasting.

Fasting is fighting against all addictive behaviors that are generally and explicitly linked to stomach habits and requirements.

As for sex addiction, I leave this topic for another post. Keep doing sex in moderation to please your partner and relieve your anxieties.




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