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If you have the talent and skills to pull off a Daydream project…

A feasible objective that is close to your heart… and cannot find the necessary opportunities and facilities in your home State… By all means immigrate to greener pastures.

If you lack talents, but have demonstrated that you have the necessary determination to continue your education... and cannot find the facilities for that in your Motherland… By all means seek the wide world abroad

If you decided to invest quality times with your children, a time that you lack in your Fatherland due to the harshness of survival… By all means take your children to adapt to newer human rights abiding social environment…

If you are seeking comfort and contentment and using the health/safety of your kids as an excuse… Keep working on your inner self: Added health and safety conditions abroad are never an insurance anywhere for new comers…

Unless you are fleeing a civil war or are being persecuted on the basis of freedom of expression… (You wish the world was effectively that wide and you could settle in a calmer location) do your best to change your behavior: This is an opportunity for change and appreciation for life and human rights and dignity…

If your family and social environment is strictly patriarchal, moving to a developed State with your kids is a terrible burden on the kids. Kids are adaptable, but having to adapt to a patriarchal atmosphere at home and being subjected to discrimination at school is a living hell on the kids. Unless you are willing to make the effort to adapt to the new community environment, stay home and change your behavior.

If you have reached your daydream project, do return home to manage and control the continuation of your dream where it is more needed

If you reached a satisfactory level of comfort and easy life-style, consider returning home: Facing new daily challenges is the way for another rebirth and opening up newer horizons




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