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 You have the right to dissent.  You have the right to be indifferent, at your own expense.  Every individual has the right to, among other basic and vital rights and not necessarily in priority order:

First, a Social Security that assure citizens of means of existence in all cases when he is incapable of working and to pursuing finding his search for job opportunities.

Second, ownership and profiting from basic sources of energy (electricity, gas, fuel..) and clean potable water are not to be monopolized by private companies.

Third, it is necessary of establishing public banks among the array of financial institutions that care for those not owning substantial collaterals but their youth, energy, desire to work and produce, and a good plan for an enterprise.

Four, liberty of the press and freedom of expressions are to be guaranteed and independent of State censorship and private financial monopoly hegemony over medias.

Five, all children, regardless of genders and class, have the right to benefit from education and the availability of higher education opportunities.

Six, the universal human rights as declared in the UN Charters are applicable irrespective of State autonomy and political systems.

Seven, universal programs to closing the gap between the poor and the rich are human rights, irrespective of veto powers enjoyed by the superpowers.

Eight, every individual has the right to a nationality and citizenship.

May be the world is far more complex to comprehend; far more interactions to understand, far more direct and fast communications, split-second need to make decisions and taking a stand, lack of healthy breaks to think and ponder on the varieties of problems, but we cannot get in the habit of being indifferent and apathetic to the need for change and reform.

Get outraged to toxic and polluted water sources, dwindling biodiversity, polluted breathing air, dangerous edible food.  Even Mount Everest is pollutted by mankind tampering.

Get outraged with eugenics programs and schemes:  You don’t want to let the elite classes in all States to just selecting people they feel comfortable associating with.

Get outraged to all these faked scientific tests of aptitudes and psychological characteristics that measure absolutely nothing, but are fundamentally smart smokescreens to selective policies satisfying the criteria of the elite classes.

Get outraged for policies of health care in the guise of “sustainable budgets”:  They are meant to cure the elite classes and extending their wretched life one more fucking week.

Get outraged to education diminishing budgets:  You were a kid once, do you remember demanding luxury facilities?  You wanted some dirt, plenty of playing spaces, many companions to play games with, run, and get lost.  You were a kid once: Do you recall taking a crap or pissing or eating?  You wanted freedom to play and be alive.

Get outraged to oppressive policies, violence committed on discriminated minorities, on gender differences, on race, on social classes,…

Get outraged to policies encouraging indifference toward injustices and other people overseas:  You have the right to feeling exasperated and reacting proportionally to acts that abridge your opportunities and freedom of hoping for a better future, at equal terms as any other citizens in the vast world,

Get outraged at the persistent and continuous apartheid policies that Israel is exercising in the occupied land of Palestine,

Get outraged at the blockade enforced on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,

Get outraged at the hundreds of check-points erected in the West bank to humiliate and forcing indignity on the Palestinians,

Get outraged at dictators, absolute monarchs, oligarchies, theocratic and one-party regimes,

Get outraged that over 5 billion are living under $2 a day while only one million are hoarding the wealth accummulated on earth.

You have the right to bypass ideological and religious divides and adhere to the UN Charters for universal human rights,

You have the right to be vigilant and never cease to react to pogroms on minorities, religious sects, and “lower classes” classifications,

Note:  It is ironic that Israel has coined the term “Non-violent terrorism” to harass those peaceful demonstrators marching every Saturday to the Wall of Shame that divides Palestinians from Jews.




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