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Sociology and cruelty: a sub-field of climatology?  (December 10, 2008)

Any student in sociology who is not expert in climatology and topology or the land of people he is learning about is out of the subject matter.

Sociology, psychology, social organization and most human sciences are fundamentally sub-fields of climatology and topology.

Just figure people living in an arid desert; people living in Antarctica or the Arctic regions; people living in the equator where it rains 24 hours and every day of the year.

Just figure people living in regions where it is dark most of the year; people living in mostly sunny areas.

Just figure people having access to the stars at night and people not seeing but clouds.

Just imagine people shoveling snow most of the year and living among dirty and frozen snow; or people shoveling sands most of the years of an advancing desert.

Visualize people living on rivers; people living in valleys, and people living on mountain tops…

Do you think that they have many common psychological characteristics or that their social organizations are compatible?

Do you believe that the recent habit of the few 5% of world population, living in semi-cozy homes that shelter us from climatic rigor, has transformed our psychic of total dependence on climatic changes?

Billions of people living below the survival level have no shelters; billions are living in makeshift shelters.

Why do you think that if a few millions managed to build adequate shelters that mankind has conquered the weather, the sky, the sand, the snow, the rivers, the oceans, and the land?

Author Amelie Nothomb had stated hilarious facts of history that we tend to forget:

The civilization of the west needs to pinpoint an enemy to wage war against, for the sake of engaging in wars, camouflaged in ridiculous reasons.  The civilization of the East welcomes wars anytime, for the sake of fighting duels among equals in values, to the very end.  Cruelty of the western armies never reached the ankle of their Asian counterparts.”

For example, even after a ridiculous armistice is signed between the western and eastern armies, the psychological warfare in the east resumes until the adversary is totally exhausted and annihilated.

George W. Bush (Junior) was half lucky for selecting Iraq as the battlefield. The half part in the unluckiness was selecting a country bordering Iran and targeting Iran at the same time. 

At every period Iran was upset with the US politics, the US army in Iraq experienced acute pain, suffering, and disillusion in wining the war.

The more the western troops approach toward China the more the level of cruelty increases!

The western troops in Afghanistan are already loosing ground; the Taliban is controlling 70% of the land.  If the west tries to control Pakistan then higher levels of pain, suffering, and cruelty is awaiting its troops.

Note: It would be interesting to analyze the types of cruel behaviors inflicted on “enemies”.

For example, how the US annihilated the Indians, how the Spanish “Catholic civilization” annihilated the Indians in south America, how the Moguls ransacked countries they invaded, the atrocities of Japan in China and the countries it occupied, the mutilations exercised by European colonizers in Africa, the Congo, Western Africa, how the German and Dutch treated the occupied people

History will testify that the Zionist State of Israel tops all cultures in barbarity, humiliation, and cold cruelty. Israel synthesized cruelty tactics and methods and applied every single one of them, at the face of world community, without condemnations or retributions.




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