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Are Surgeons balanced enough to Teach Us Problem Solving?

In an eye operation, good could mean improved vision, but if a mistake is made while trying to improve the procedure, this could result in blindness. And so the surgeon must settle for good. Until further notice: ‘The enemy of good is better

Zoe from Uscreates Blog posted her Points Of View:

I was talking to a surgeon friend recently about achieving a balance in delivering work, solving social problems for our clients .

Like work that is high quality, within budget and within resource restraints and that achieves something that is outstanding, and all the while running the risk of completely blowing budgets, timescales and resources.

In response my friend shared a motto that him and his colleagues apply to their work as surgeons – ‘The enemy of good is better.

He explained that when carrying out delicate operations, a surgeon could fail by trying to slightly improve an already ‘good’ procedure.

For the patient this can have disastrous implications.

I considered this in relation to our work of solving social problems for our clients, and for a while I was inclined to agree.

We have to balance each milestone of the work ensuring each is completed to a good enough standard within the scope of the resources allocated. It’s a difficult juggling act especially because we, as practitioners pride ourselves on constantly improving, innovating and doing great.

But if we overdo each small part of the job we risk running out of time, money, momentum and energy that we need to achieve the overall big picture.

However, when looking at the big picture, I don’t think ‘the enemy of good is better’ applies to the work we do.

We must try harder and better and we must strive for excellence. Otherwise we face bigger risks – the risk of repeating the same mistakes; the risk of missing opportunities for improvements; the risk of losing motivation and belief in what we do.

The risk of being mediocre is far greater than failing to overcome the practical restraints of achieving excellence.

So I suggest rephrasing the saying to “The enemy of excellence is good”.

If you have any examples of cases where practicalities got in the way or were overcome in order to achieve excellence please share below.

Note: With so many constraints, just achieving within the restraints is an excellent job. What is better is evaluating the importance of each constraints and pouring in the focused energy. Each member might realize that he is excellent in confronting one constraint, and the team work will shine. An experienced leader for the team is necessary to pull out the job according to standard.




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