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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 63

Hadramout is a long vast sea land, stretching between Oman and Yemen. This desolate land is now a hotbed for Al Qaeda. Soon, Somalia sea pirates might set up bases there.

Gulf Emirates are engaging in military operations in Hadramout. Does this mean that Qatar is still funding Al Qaeda?

US, UK and Israel are still supporting Daesh with funds collected in Saudi Kingdom They funded extremist Islamic organizations since 1980 and now they are scared shit of them (biyekhro wa bi tommo)

Two Christian Books are worth reading: Mark and Luke. Almost all the others heavily indulge in ideological proselytizing. Mathew tried hard to claim Jesus was Jew and from the House of David. John used Hellenistic symbolism and disseminated the illusion of the Second Coming (probably another John).

Most of Jesus’ disciples and early Christians were dead serious that they would rise on the third day. Especially the martyrs. No need to wonder how initially Christianity made any headway.

The Popes made sure to canonize most martyrs: Peter could Not but accede to the decisions of his successors.

Great news: Kardawi’s books banned where Saudi Kingdom has some influence. A greater news if Qatar retrieves the faked Wahhabi Hadith from the hands of Moslem Brotherhoods (Doud al khal minna wa fina )

125,000 cases of Cholera in Yemen. One thousand succumbed so far, and Saudi Kingdom is opening new war zones in Qatar and Syria

Women authors are best in recounting their childhood Men authors are at disadvantages in describing their childhood: They failed to observe, to comprehend and quickly forgot whatever feeling and minor events might have affected them

Le jeune homme ouvrant sa letter de mobilisation dit: “Ils auraient pu me consulter. C’est bête. Je devrais te donner quelque chose, même un petit conseil. Je n’ai pas eu le temps d’avoir quoique ce soit”.

S’il avait eu le temps de mûrir pour acquerir une conscience d’objection.

Le militaire est malin: La vie vient en seconde place.

Ma mere m’accompagna au vaporetto (petit navire) et me dit que j’ai appris á nager á l’âge de 4 ans. Je répondis que je ne me souviens pas avoir appris á nâger. Elle rétorqua: Si tu te nois durant la traveresé ce serait á cause de ta mauvaise mémoire.

The association of banks in Lebanon met and discussed: The US financial constraints on Lebanon are bad. Very bad for business

Qatar Emir didn’t learn the lesson from his father who was pressured by Saudi Kingdom to step aside: He had ignored Big Brother privilege to initiate political position and Not take front seat in the political scenes such as with Syria, Libya and Egypt

Les jeunes recruits  manquaient d’imagination: comme s’imaginer ce qui se passe pendant les batailles.

Avec les films, video and pictures of wars, on peut croire que les mobilisations diminueraient.

“Avant toi, j’avais le courage d’affronter des obstacles mineures. Avec toi, je ferais face á des obstacles majeures.”

“Tu a si tant confiance de mes capacities?” “Dison, autant que tu m’en accorde”

Casualties of civilians in cities is 5 times higher in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The US is conducting same “Shock and Awe” tactics in Rakka: Over 350 civilians died in less than 2 months by banned White Phosphorous ammunition.

Syrian and Iraqi armies were far more careful to kill their own civilian citizens.

Iza ketro al mourashaheen, rahat 3ala al akaliyyat. wa haza ma saya7sal min kibal al zou3ama

La villa était prête á accuillir les blessés du front. Le train ne venait pas. Je confrontais l’officier/medecin. Il frappa son front. Comme s’il avait oublié un paquet de chocolat

Trump and Saudi monarch deal was to subsidize the promised $350 billion from Qatar sovereign fund. Saudi kingdom taking full control of Qatar as it did with Bahrain. The US military got hysteric and pressured Trump to cool down his antics.




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