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What’s Wrong With You Men! (Nov. 2002)

She was separated, with a two years boy, from a Yugoslavian.

Korean by origin, she was a peculiar beauty and somewhat chest flat.

I don’t recall her name.

Yes, it is Kim, or at least the odds are high for Kim.

Kim for Kimberly, the odds could be much lower.

She used to dance with every guy who asked her for a dance.

Rumors were spreading that she needs a man.

I danced with her.  She enjoyed my dancing.

Kim gave me her phone number with some prodding.

I called her the next day for efficiency reasons

But she kept giving me excuses.

I called her often to refresh her memory of which guy I might be.

Many calls and persistence gave fruits for a date.

She gave me her full address with directions.

She needed a listening ear and valiantly tried to make conversation.

Warding off my hot hands, my hands were valiantly responding to her talk.

Kim gave in.  It was quick.

I felt sorry. She felt sorry.

Helplessly she said:” What’s wrong with you men?

All you have in mind is that!”

I never felt so ashamed, little, and insignificant in my life.

I felt a surge of great pity for her.

I wished I could make up for a lifetime friendship with her.

It could not be possible.

When a relationship fails at the start, women know better not to resume.





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