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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 123

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Il y a des pieces d’intelligence que vous ne devez pas senser savoir.-

Bon, donnez moi des examples de ce que je sais qui peut etre dangereux pour vous. Votre silence dit que vous ne devez pas savoir cela pour repondre?

Au moins, donnez moi des examples que je ne dois pas savoir. Bon, memes les examples sont censures’?

Pourtant, j’ai le devoir de savoir qui vous etent et ce que vous faites de vos “Intelligences”. J’ en conclus que je dois constituer mon propre “Second Bureau“? Et toutes les institutions aussi doivent le faire pour le bien publique?

Awarding Nobel Prize for Peace must therefor be conditioned on retracting it whenever the recipient fails to stand in his activities and positions according to the UN Human Rights obligations, regardless of ethnic origin, genders, race or wealth class.

Keeping silent of Yemenis and Rohingas plights cannot be excused. No Nobel for peace who didn’t confront these genocides

The western colonial powers never gives up its drive to control the Middle East, whatever the setbacks. The last time “Arab” States started dropping out of the western orbit – in the mid 1950s, under the influence of Nasser’s pan-Arabism and lately Iran.

In July 1958, radical Iraqi nationalist army officers overthrew a corrupt and repressive western-backed regime (sounds familiar?), garrisoned by British forces.

Qu’est ce qui a change’ avec l’institution de UN? Depuis la nuit des temps, les gens tuent et se font tues. Tant qu’il y a des religions, les gens se meurent d’idees abstraites et de mythes symboliques.

“Quel est donc celui des bienfaits de votre Seigneur que, tous deux, vous nierez?” Mais je suis pret a tout nier de ses bienfaits: Justement, je ne veux plus qu’Il exist dans nos esprit deja malades.

On “travaille” beaucoup a son ecriture, en attendant de dancer avec la fee’ de l’imagination debride’ pour une journee’. Ils se soutienent mutuellement. Le travail et l’imagination se relaient, chacun a son tour, leu leu

Une idee’ ecrite est une idee blessee’ et reduite en esclavage par une forme materielle?  Mon avantage est que je n’es pas de memoire comment l’idee fut ecrite.

L’ idee qui resiste aux temperaments est re-editee’ joyeusement

At least 11 tragic plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides , still existing, have subject matter and characters featuring Phoenician connection and references. These plays appeal to the loftiest and noblest virtues of the soul. A reminder of Shakespeare referring to Italian stories and places.

Roland Virag discovered Viagra in 1980.  Now this impotent old fart of a penis was shocked to be standing still “saluting the Chief”, for hours, while the elderly man is carrying a stupid face.  Many had to be admitted to hospitals for painful relief procedures, admittedly less painful than the erect position case.

Souwar al kiddissen khaffat shouwayyet. Amma souwar al wouroud, wa ashjaar al milaad 3ajaet 3alayyeh

Fi bent besh3a mousserrat tenshor souwarat in close-ups. Ma feek ella te7terem esrarha

Ba3d ma katabt 3an bent al besh3a in close-ups, ekhtafat kel close-ups, 7atta al 7elwaat

Many rooms for Happiness (January 29, 2009)

1.      Happiness is: good health short on memory (Ingrid Bergman)

2.      There are pieces always missing in happiness (Bossuet)

3.      It is difficult to find happiness within us; it is impossible elsewhere. (Buddha)

4.      Happiness requires talent; misfortune none (Cocteau)

5.      When you swim in happiness don’t forget keeping a toe on firm ground (Escayrol)

6.      Happiness is not acquiring nor enjoying; it is not desiring to be free (Epictetus)

7.      Happiness is the blues at rest (Leo Ferre)

8.      Happiness is kid’s dream realized in adulthood (Sigmund Freud)

9.      Happiness is rarely current (Gusdorf)

10.  Happiness is attention to details (Liu Hiang)

11.  Happiness is not of reason but of imagination. (Emmanuel Kant)

12.  Happiness is to resume desiring what we already have.(Saint Augustine)

13.  Two serve happiness: faith and love (Charles Nodier)

14.  The largest room in the House of Happiness is the waiting room (Jules Renard)

15.  Happiness doubles every time we share it. (Albert Schweitzer)

16.  Do not proclaim a person happy before he dies (Sophocles)

17.  I have decided to be happy: it is great for health (Voltaire)

18.  Happiness is learning to enjoy solitude (Adonis49)

19.  If you can’t be happy then scrap Heaven: we enjoy what we know. (Adonis49)

20.  Cultivate your garden: happiness is sprouting (Adonis49)

21.  Are you a survivor? Stop searching: you are wrapped with Happiness (Adonis49)

22.  Give me fairness; I’ll be happy for both of us (Adonis49)




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