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Executed by Electric Chair: “Innocent” Black kid of 14…
Trial lasted less than two hours and the lethal verdict was handed down during the day in Alcolu, South Carolina.
Chair’s straps didn’t fit the 95-pound teen.
That was George Junius Stinney.
He was confined for 81 days without any support: Following Stinney’s arrest, Stinney’s father was fired from his job and Stinney’s parents and siblings were given the choice of leaving town or being lynched.
This execution and mock trial took place in 1944.
70 years later, supporters are pushing for a new trial.
U.S. – JANUARY 21, 2014: South Carolina boy executed in 1944 may get new trial


George Stinney was 14 when he was executed following a trial lasting less than a day.

Copyright 2014 Reuters


Supporters of George Stinney on Jan. 21 planned to ask a judge to open a new trial, arguing the evidence used to convict and execute the 14-year-old boy in 1944 was lacking.

While a new trial is considered a long shot, it could spur hundreds of other appeals. It wasn’t clear when the judge would rule.

Alcolu, South Carolina

George Stinney, a black teen, was found guilty in 1944 of killing two white girls aged 7 and 11 in Alcolu, South Carolina.

Stinney’s supporters say there was never enough evidence to convict him of the crimes at the time, and that a proper investigation was never conducted by authorities due to racism.

George Stinney was the youngest person executed in the U.S. in the past 100 years when he was put to death by the electric chair at 14 in 1944. Newspaper reports from the time said the chair's straps didn't fit the 95-pound teen.COPYRIGHT 2014 REUTERS

George Stinney was the youngest person executed in the U.S. in the past 100 years when he was put to death by the electric chair at 14 in 1944.

Newspaper reports from the time said the chair’s straps didn’t fit the 95-pound teen.

Most evidence against Stinney, including his supposed confession, have vanished in the 70 years since the case.

Lawyers working on his behalf said the teen was taken from his parents and questioned without an attorney. They plan to present several sworn statements to make their case for a new trial.

 “This is a horrific case… Whether justice is 70 years old or one year old or one month old, we think justice needs to be done.” STEVEN MCKENZIE, ATTORNEY FOR THE FAMILY OF GEORGE STINNEY

If their appeal for a new trial fails, supporters plan to petition the state to pardon Stinney.

(Reblogged from amehaya) youurlove:

Junius Stinney was the youngest person in America to be executed on death row in 1944 at age 14.

He was quickly accused by the (white police) of ‘killing’ two little (white girls) with lack of evidence.

His conviction and sentencing opened and closed in one day.

There were no witnesses called and there was no transcript of the trial details and black people were not allowed inside the courtroom during that time.
[I always repost this because i don’t want anyone to forget about him!]

Following Stinney’s arrest, Stinney’s father was fired from his job.

Stinney’s parents and siblings were given the choice of leaving town or being lynched.

The family was forced to flee, leaving George Stinney with no support during his 81-day confinement and trial, which lasted barely two hours.

What are you favorite cities? Even the Ugliest in the eyes of the beholders?

And Beirut was selected 20 of the top 25? Ahead of Paris? Looks like the French hate to vote on anything?

Frances Cha, CNN, posted this October 17, 2013 : And the Best City is...?”

How many cities have you been to? And do you agree with the rankings?

Condé Nast Traveler announced the winners of its 26th annual Readers’ Choice Awards yesterday.

As they do every year, this year’s results introduce new categories, new hotels and re-ordered lists of the world’s best destinations.

The magazine said this year’s list was the most comprehensive ever, with 1.3 million votes cast for a whopping 16,000 properties around the world.

World’s best cities

The “Top 25 Cities in the World” list had refreshingly surprising additions and rankings — Paris came in at a lowly 22 while Bruges (Belgium) and Cape Town (South Africa) tied for 11th place.

Budapest and Florence tied for second, while the very top spot was seized by the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico, which took the crown from last year’s favorite of Charleston, South Carolina (which was tied for fifth this year) and voted the top city in the United States for the third year in a row,.. for its “sand, sun, history, good food and friendly people.”

Italy snapped up five of the top 25 cities, while Spain managed to take three.

Top cities in the world

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2.= Budapest, Hungary
2.= Florence, Italy
4. Salzburg, Austria
5.= Charleston, South Carolina, United States
5.= San Sebastián, Spain
7. Vienna, Austria
8. Rome
9. Siena, Italy
10. Québec City
11.= Cape Town, South Africa
11.= Bruges, Belgium
13. Vancouver, Canada
14. Kyoto, Japan
15.= Prague, Czech Republic
15.= Kraków, Poland
17.= Victoria, Canada
17.= Sydney
17.= Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
20.= Seville, Spain
20.= Beirut, Lebanon
22.= Paris
22.= Melbourne, Australia
24.= Venice, Italy
24.= Barcelona, Spain

Top cities in the United States

1. Charleston, South Carolina
2. Sante Fe, New Mexico
3. San Francisco
4. Honolulu
5. Chicago

Top hotels and resorts in the world

1.= Lodge at Kauri Cliffs in Maturi Bay, New Zealand
1.= La Residence, Franschhoek, South Africa
3.= Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa
3.= Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, South Africa
5. Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily

Top U.S. airlines

1. Virgin America
2. Jetblue Airways
3. Hawaiian Airlines
4. Southwest Air Lines
5. Alaska Airlines

Top international airlines

1. Singapore Airlines
2. Emirates
3. Virgin Atlantic
4. Etihad Airways
5. Air New Zealand

What are you favorite cities, hotels and airlines? Did the Condé Nast Traveler readers get it right? Tell us below!


We’ve made the list of the world’s 10 most beautiful cities, now we present the ten ugliest.

There may be countless ugly small and medium-sized cities around the world, but these are the 10 least attractive of the world’s capitals and major cities. If you live in any of these places, you’ll surely disagree, but here is our unbiased list:
Amman, Jordan



This fumes-and-crime-filled city is the capital of an otherwise beautiful country. It looks more like a slum than a capital city, with most buildings appearing on the verge of collapse.



It’s currently known as one of the world’s most dangerous cities, but even if it was a safe haven, it still would not be a very inviting city. It’s one of the world’s most polluted and there isn’t much to look at.

Mexico City, Mexico



The capital of the country with one of the world’s most fascinating historical sites (magical Petra) should simply be an arrival and departure point on your travel itinerary. Unless you enjoy dirty, chaotic streets and ugly buildings looking like they’re crumbling on top of each other.


Venezuela is known for its extraordinary success at international beauty pageants and Venezuelan women are famous for their plastic surgery-enhanced bodies, but the country’s capital sure is no beauty. Not only is it surrounded by shantytowns, its most central districts seem devoid of planning and style.

Caracas, Venezuela



It’s undergoing a spectacular boom as the capital of Africa’s recent economic success story, but let’s hope the new development creates something more attractive than what we see now: ugly apartment buildings dotting the skyline of what incredibly is the world’s most expensive city.

Luanda, Angola



Moldova’s capital is an eyesore. It’s an industrial city mostly made up of very ugly Soviet-style apartment buildings, most of them decaying (and not very clean either). There are many unattractive Soviet-era cities in Eastern Europe, but we expect more from a capital.


Houston, we have a problem: You’re ugly. This is the United States’ fourth largest city when it comes to population, but the attraction sure isn’t scenery. There are many other ugly American cities (let’s face it — American metropolises aren’t exactly beauties: Atlanta, Cleveland…), but this one should win the title of ugliest of them all, with a large impoverished and homeless population (close to one in five families live below the poverty line) and a cityscape with no formal zoning regulations.



Here’s the ugly truth: Detroit is ugly. Not just aesthetically but also in quality of life, which explains why it lost a quarter of its population in a decade. One of the highest crime rates in the country may have contributed to that, but this is also a dirty, rundown city mostly made up of brick, concrete and glass. Not pretty.


Nature seems to have concentrated all of its efforts on Rio and completely forgotten Brazil’s other big metropolis. São Paulo may be one of the world’s most exciting cities when it comes to dining and shopping, but there’s no question that it’s one big ugly concrete jungle.

Sao Paulo, Brazil



A city known for its congested highways is enough to make it unattractive, but then there isn’t much to look at walking down the street either (if anyone actually walks — this is one of the world’s least pedestrian-friendly cities). Despite the allure of Hollywood and the beaches nearby, Los Angeles is simply not the prettiest place on Earth. As one of the world’s most famous cities there is no excuse for lack of beautification year after year

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