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“Such a nice guy”

In 1977, I saw a tiny girl with a doll face at the university. She was blonde and looked anorexic. Her face looked like what current girls, who can afford aesthetic surgery, would have their nose job done and fatter pouting lips.

I never gathered enough courage to approach her: I lacked verbal intelligence as well as any training in wooing girls. She must have noticed me ogling her: girls have all a sixth sense in these kinds of observations.

She would do her vanishing entrance at the huge library of several floor where I used to sit, and stroll quickly around with her white fluffy coat and high heels, for no apparent reason, and chatting a little with the girl accompanying her, until I notice her and then she disappear.

I noticed that she was always accompanied by a girl: Kind of Not decent to move around alone, or as a statement that she is Not a lonely girl.

I had this feeling that she was a bit a loony, though a pretty good loony with character, worth meeting, regardless of the frustration and heartaches she might make you suffer.

Maybe I got her name by hearing one of the girls calling her: I never had any conversation with her and never knew what she was studying or where she is from. Probably she is a Southern Belle and very spoiled and haughty one.

Somehow, by failing to summon enough guts, both of us, to talk and meet, we ended up fabricating an attitude of Not standing each other: Pretending Not to notice or cared to pay attention.

The next day from my graduation I suddenly met her near my student apartment complex. I was packing my car to move to Houston and she was getting ready to vacate her apartment.

I never knew she lived that close or seen her in that vicinity.

I cannot recall who started the conversation, but it was relatively brief, and cannot recall what we talked about. She then said: “What a nice guy you are. I’m sorry that I never tried to meet with you”

And she meant it. As what a waste of all that time ignoring one another.

How come she showed up this day?

It is such a sad story of frequently experiencing friends leaving for good. For example, the first time I meet again with a friend whom I didn’t see for years, it is for her to tell me that she is leaving for good and right away.

One of them was pumping gas and said: I’m leaving right now to Atlanta to get married.”

Another one I met at a coffee shop and told me: “How sorry I am. I’m leaving early tomorrow to Little Rock to join my boyfriend”…




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