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Our Immune System: Guerrilla warfare strategy?

The Immune System preferred strategy is to conduct a Guerrilla warfare against poisons, viruses, bacteria…

As Immune System detects an enemy, it dispatches small contingents of white blood cells or other weapons to counter the attacker. Here are possible outcomes:

1. The enemy destroys the first counter attack and the system responds by sending a greater contingent…

2. If the enemy has the ability to split  faster than the while cells, the second counter attack is checked and destroyed

3. The enemy generally foresees how the system will react and opt to spread its forces to different locations (organs) in the body to confound the system and starts a new attack in a different place

4. The immune system is in a situation where it has to block contingents in many locations in order to get intelligence on the whereabouts of the enemy…

5. The system is ready to launch a full blown counter offensive as it comprehends the nature of the strategy of the enemy

Inoculating the system with weakened enemies is meant to allow the system to fabricate special battalions of antibodies to confront the stronger strains.

Unless the system reaches a condition of launching a full-fledge attack, it will fail to learn the seriousness and tactics of a particular enemy.

This means, if the enemy is vanquished before the system goes all the way, the immune system will not learn much its lesson and will repeat the initial Guerrilla warfare. The enemy is thus defined and characterized as acquiring “resilience”, thanks to a deficient learning process of the enemy. The enemy has learned how to counter the system strategy.

Antibiotics destroy both the enemy and the while blood cells, and the system is in a precarious situation until it recovers for another confrontation.

If the system is not given a chance to learn to adopt the full counter-offensive strategy, the enemy will prevail and the body would need even “stronger antibiotics”.

The system is weakened in that process and the body is relying on outside intervention to stay alive.

Mind you that almost all medications are identified as poisons by the system. Salt is dealt with as intake poison and the white blood cells converge toward the salt.

Oxygen is a poison too, and initially it was a lethal poison until the system learned to accommodate with a certain level of oxygen in the body.

If you have the habit of taking all kinds of medications, your system is in constant battles with man-made enemies, in addition to the ones that the environment is sending.

If you don’t allow your system to learn the level of seriousness of the enemy by reaching the decision of full-blown counterattack, your body will be weakened by intrusive “resilient” enemies: Your system failed to identify the seriousness of the enemy.

The ultimate battle with a nasty enemy is raising the temperature of the body (fever): The higher the temperature, the more serious is the invader.

The living invader split fast under normal body temperature, and is disturbed and frequently wiped out under higher body temperature.

If you are addicted to medication, most likely you are subject to frequent higher temperature.

Your only ally for a sane body is to allow your system to identify early on the invaders and the level of their danger. Full counteroffensives are meant to raise the body temperature.

Note 1: I am not into the medical profession. I let my imagination run wild to explain why certain doomed patients eventually recover.

Note 2: If this hypothesis is valid, one strategy for vanquishing a terrible virulent enemy is to lure most of the enemy to a specific part of the body, and asphyxiate it with external intervention in that location. The system will have a fighting chance against the remnant elements of the enemy. The lure could be a certain “preferred food” for the enemy or injecting a weakened strain… so that the enemy comes to the rescue

Note 3: The longer the battle, the better the system in altering special fighting blood cells, trained to confront particular virulent enemies. Sort of advancing specialized divisions in its guerrilla warfare.




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