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A “democratic” design? The product, the behavior, or the process in design?

Designer Karim Rashid said: “Designers have to make-design democratic products.  It is the only real way to work in the design world, to make an impact, to make people live better, to make change, concerned about earth on every level…People want products that can be  used, are affordable, accessible, and are beautiful to love…Original products must be designed to be mass-produced in order to be labelled “work of art”, product that describe the current community life-style for later generations, like the artefacts that shed a strong light on past civilizations, thousand of years ago…”

Designer Alex Bogusky developed COMMON to prototype new corporate structures and relationships…COMMON is a designer tool to getting designers involved and re-imagine the world and capitalism system

Many start-ups are adopting the democratization process in design, under the banner “Branding platform matches socially focused startups with hand-picked designers…”

Brands for the People is an online platform that aims to help socially focused young companies get customized branding help without spending a fortune.

Marketing & Advertising published on Feb. 16, 2012:
“We’ve seen a spate of startup-focused innovations emerge in recent months, including A Startup Store and the LaunchNow game for real-world competition. Zeroing in on startups with an ethical mission, Canadian Brands for the People is an online platform that aims to help socially focused young companies get customized branding help without spending a fortune.
Aiming to set itself apart from crowdsourced sites offering simple logo competitions, Brands for the People takes a more comprehensive approach. The company explains: “Branding is much more than a beauty parade of sexy logo designs — it’s a step-by-step process that guides business owners to decide what they are and what they aren’t. This clarity helps to create a ownable space for the business which in turn directs how the brand is designed.”
Toward that end, the site offers up free strategic branding tools to help guide leaders through creative exercises so they can develop their own brand briefs; brand strategy experts are also available for consultation.
Either way, once that’s done, the design phase of the branding process is achieved through an online matching system that helps small businesses connect with designers that meet their budget, industry type, style, personality and skill sets, chosen from a stable hand-picked by the company.
Branding packages are priced starting at $780, including a logo and graphic element, font palette, color palette, business card design, home page concept and more.  Given the controversy that has surrounded efforts to crowdsourced professional services such as graphic design, it’s interesting to see hybrid approaches springing up with a more sustainable alternative — not to mention Brands for the People’s focus on social enterprises. One to try out on your latest big thing?

After all “Who is a credible designer”?

Do you think that learning Photoshop, 2D and 3D animation, and many other computer packages for graphic designing projects enable you to consider your skills as a credible designer?

Do you think that facilities to producing a hundred mediocre designers are substitute to a single credible experience designers?

After all “Who is a credible designer”?

First, a designer must have a rich and varied background knowledge on the product, the history of the client company, the target users, their idiosyncracies, their particular culture…

Second, a designer is a modern “Renaissance Man” who dabbed in many artistic fields and was initiated to a variety of art production…

Third, a designer must conduct usability research with the targeted users..

Four, designers implicitly tap into the current sociopolitical ideology of value system and figure out where the balance is leaning (conservative or protest behaviors…)

A credible designer must be able to say to his client: “You cannot promise something you have no intention of delivering…Your product with fail and my brand will fail on its challenge and my name will be tarnished…”

The current computer facilities that democratize the design process offer this great opportunity for many potential designers to focus their energy on learning and acquiring background knowledge related to people characteristics and behavior, community and social culture…





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