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Save the Yemeni people from mass genocide in this insane war and for No reasonable cause.

A vicious armed conflict of landmines and airstrikes has devastated the population, triggering a humanitarian crisis like no others, Not even in the Congo, Somalia, Sudan… and for an entire generation.

As of December, 100,000 children under the age of five are so severely malnourished that they could die if they do not receive urgent treatment.

Take a good look at this picture. This 4-year old weighs only 14 pounds. Starving children don’t cry.

Take Action Now!
A picture posted By Avaaz in their pleas for donations

How many pictures of dying children the world community requires to get off their bureaucratic chairs and get moving and active to remedy to this insane war?

A war launched on one of the poorest countries, even before Saudi Kingdom, US, Britain, France, Israel and Emirates decided to eradicate this people and its civilization off the face of the globe?

We have seen such kinds of pictures in many countries in the world and for many decades, children dying of famine, of degraded quality of water, of lack of available medicines… following “civil wars”, climate change, and forgotten sustainable projects to give remote people a chance to survive.

How many of these pictures must the colonial powers needs to revise their exploitation programs at the expense of people and the degradation of nature?

The tiny bodies of these wasted children can no longer cry. Instead they use every last calorie to keep their organs pumping. But the mothers cannot stop crying for them, the last of the tears that both of them can shed.

Over 17,000 civilians died from bombs (as accounted by world organizations and US, as well as over 100,000 other children in Yemen who starved to death, unable to get enough food or medical care during the devastating civil war.

There are millions in Yemenis who will Not live to maturity, handicapped, life expectancy drastically reduced… when “humanitarian aids” reached them, at the end of the tunnel.

Half of all medical facilities have been destroyed or forced to close, and 80% of the population needs urgent humanitarian aid — including 12 million children.

Take Action Now!
A picture posted By Avaaz in their pleas for donations

Medics, volunteers, and humanitarian groups are trying to fill the gaps. Most probably, these groups are Not allowed to enter this war-zone, or even be allowed to bring in what is necessary to alleviate the miseries.

Even as the bombs keep falling, local aid workers and volunteers are going all out to provide for everyone they can — setting up hospitals, delivering emergency food aid, and life-saving surgery on the very frontlines of a most brutal war.

What kinds of aids are needed right now, immediately?

  • Help fund critical medical facilities in devastated areas of Yemen;
  • Provide life-saving food aid for thousands of desperate families;
  • Ensure thousands of people have access to critical medicines and pay for a fleet of ambulances;  
  • Fund mobile clinics and power medical centres with emergency generators. 




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