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Best Longest Sex Engagement

I was having a sweet wet night dream, and my semi-consciousness kicked in and took over directing the porno section of the movie.

Obviously, I was the main male actor (I later received the Oscar for best passive performance ever) and she deserved the Oscar of best energetic female actress, with flying colors.  Being a great passive partner in sex is a valuable recognition in heterosexual engagement.

I was facing her back in bed.  I approached my right knee close to her tight behind and kind of barely nudged her flesh. I retained my breath.  Heat spread down my leg:  I guess my imagination excited the appropriate “heat hormones” in me.

Slowly but surely, I felt that external muscle pressures were exerted on my knees.  The cadence of these perceptible pressures told me that my imagination had no role in these events. I refrained from any movement:  She was leading the game and I had learned the best role expected from me.

She flexed her right leg up and I gently grabbed her hot and small right foot.  I kept her foot, this most valuable prize ever and massaged it softly without attempting to tickle her.

She inserted her foot between my legs and moved it swiftly upward.  She squeezed gently on my Junior (nicknamed Bush).  Junior was as erect as the Royal Guard in front of Buckingham Palace entrance.  I could imagine her wide grin, making faces, and skewering her eyes looking straight on Royal Junior when we visited London.

She held softly Junior and she didn’t need to rub it:  She just let the warmth of her hand excite my great imagination.  She knew that I prefer that she inserts Junior herself and thus, save me much exacerbation and futile, wasteful early ejection.

I had first to be totally sure that I am IN:  I had previous lousy experiences in that confidence part.  After I am IN, I could play dead and nothing would matter in my contribution.

She is the exquisite operations researcher in maximizing her pleasure:  She is expert in optimizing the proper position, rhythm, location, duration, timing, breath cadence, touching gestures, whispering mantra of “I love you’, you are the best, the most handsome, the sexiest,…

She knows not to use her lovely and sharp nails during love-making, not even in touching:  You don’t want to have a threatening attitude.

We reached climax.  Obviously, I warned her to get ready and quick.  She is the ultimate professional. All my senses were blackened out and I lived in a total void for a few seconds. Nothing really functions.  This is real death.  When I emerged to the world of the living, my breathing was like a steam train arriving to station.

I love looking at her lovely face after intercourse:  She glows and radiates contentment and total relaxation.  I can face any danger at this moment.

As long as she doesn’t demand an encore, I can sleep the sleep of the caves.

As long as she doesn’t start conversation, this night is a success story.

I wish I was a woman in such a debate:  This scene would have been more believable, more pleasurable, and not requiring so much imaginative perverse prowess.




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