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Huge Victory for the Palestinian People: A steady foot in the UN

It’s time to celebrate!

The UN voted overwhelmingly to to induct the Palestinian people with an observer seat.  This is the first step toward recognizing Palestine as the world’s 194th State.

It’s a huge victory for the Palestinian people, for peace, for our community, against the wishes of Barak Obama and 7 other Island-States under the US de facto mandated power, and Canada is included.

And people across the world are joining with massive crowds in Palestine to celebrate.

The first picture of Palestine seat at the United Nations.
The first picture of Palestine seat at the United Nations.

Ricken Patel of posted on Dec.1, 2012:

The Palestinian people’s journey to freedom is far from over. But this is a powerful step, and our community played a key role in it. Palestine’s Ambassador to Europe said today:

“Avaaz and its members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people’s bid for a state and for freedom and peace. They have stood with us throughout and their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine.” – Leila Shahid, General Palestinian Delegate to Europe

Brussels Action: While EU leaders were met, THIS was happening right outside their windows
Madrid Action: Avaaz members want Spain PM Rajoy to say YES!

The US and Israeli governments, beholden to extreme lobby groups, threw everything they had at crushing this vote, using financial threats and even threatening to overthrow the Palestinian President if he went ahead.

Europe was the key swing vote, and under intense US pressure, leaders were, just two weeks ago, leaning towards not supporting the Palestinian state. Knowing the stakes, our community responded with the speed and democratic force that we needed to win:

    • Nearly 1.8 million of us signed the petition calling for statehood.
    • Thousands of us donated to fund public opinion polls across Europe — showing that a whopping 79% of Europeans supported a Palestinian state. Our polls were plastered all over the media, and repeatedly cited in Parliamentary debates in the UK, Spain and France!
    • We sent tens of thousands of emails, Facebook messages and Tweets to leaders across Europe and made thousands of calls to foreign ministries and heads of state.
    • We unfurled a giant 4-storey banner outside the EU Commission in Brussels (right) while leaders were meeting inside. Then, we staged another stunt in Madrid. Previously, we had sailed a flotilla of ships past the UN calling for a vote. Our actions made headlines all over Europe.
    • Avaaz staff and members met with dozens and dozens of government ministers, top advisors, senior journalists, parliamentarians and thought leaders in each of the key countries, in many cases teaming up to win over leaders one by one through advocacy, pressure, parliamentary resolutions and public statements, always drawing on the surge in people power behind this cause.
  • We reached out to key thought leaders like Stéphane Hessel, a 94-year old survivor of Nazi concentration camps, and Ron Pundak, an Israeli who played a key role in Oslo peace process, to speak out in favour of statehood.

One by one, key European states broke with the US to answer the call of justice and their peoples. In the final vote tally, only 9 countries out of 193 have voted against!

France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and most of Europe has voted for Palestine.

Possibly the best map of the world ever? Click here to find out all the countries that voted to recognise Palestine:
Possibly the best map of the world ever? Click here to find out all the countries that voted to recognise Palestine:

The US and Israel argued first that statehood was dangerous for peace, and then, when they’d lost, that it didn’t matter and the vote was just symbolic. But if it were just symbolic they wouldn’t have done everything to try and stop it.

After years of bad-faith negotiations and Israeli comfort with the status quo as they steadily colonize more Palestinian land, this move shows the US and Israel that if they do not engage in good faith, the Palestinians and the world are prepared to move forward without them.

It’s a more balanced basis for real peace talks and an end to the violence and devastation of occupation.

For over 6 decades the Palestinian people have suffered under a stifling Israeli military dictatorship, repressive controls on their travel and work, continual denial of their rights and the constant threat of insecurity and violence.

65 years ago, the UN recognized the state of Israel, beginning a path to the establishment of a safe home for the Jewish people.

Now the Palestinians, with resounding global support, take a step towards establishing a future of independence and dignity that they, like all people, deserve.

With hope and joy,

Ricken, Alice, Ari, Wissam, Allison, Sam, Julien, Bissan, Pascal, Wen, Mais, Pedro, Rewan, Saravanan, Emma, Dalia, Alexey, Paul, Aldine and the whole Avaaz team.

PS Here are some sources – The Associated Press covers today’s victory, the Guardian covers our polling two weeks ago, Avaaz’s Daily Briefing provides a map of the vote result, and Haaretz describes Israel’s response.

He is 94 years old and still kicking, engaged, and totally outraged.  Stephane Hessel wrote several books, the latest is “Ten steps into the new century” when he was over 80 of age. 

Hessel collected the opinions of ten engaged experts in many fields, spanning from global economy, global warming, social inequalities and injustices, reflecting on alternatives for world community solidarity, sustainable development, economic aids and programs to the least developed countries, creating and encouraging formation of civic organizations around the world, involvement in this troubled world, changes in political structures and financial capitalist systems…

The question was: “What should be tomorrow the politics of France, if France wants to participate in the building of newer solidarity that the new century is demanding?”

The purpose of the book was to propose concrete ideas and programs to the new President of France, due in 2002.  The propositions were ready to be disseminated and discussed publicly when the Twin Tower tragedy hit.

On the morning of September 11, Hessel was meeting with President of Slovenia, Milan Kucan. Kucan was determined to pulling off his idea of the “College of wise men”, a gathering of peace Nobel laureates and renowned personalities whose opinions can make a difference on the global scene.   The UN and the Gallup International agency were contributing in setting up this famous college.

For decades, Hessel militated within the UN and French Administrations toward a cohesive and efficient Cooperation programs among State ministries for developing the poorest countries.  It is to be noted that most of the least developed States (around 50 and increasing) are francophone and located in western Africa, colonized by and under French mandated power for a century.

France have not be treating the people in the newly independent States as mature and ready to take on the responsibilities of independent nations.  Hessel had suggested to dispatch successive missions on locations in oder to listen and dialogue with the populations on what they expect from France and the developed nations.

The conference North-South of 1975, convoked by President Valery D’ Estaing was a failure.  In 1981, the French ministry of Cooperation was to be integrated in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.  France was aligning with the “Washington Consensus” that forced poor States to open up their markets to foreign goods and finance:  Depriving these States from developing their own potentials.  Another report was submitted in 1990 but President Mitterrand was not agreeable to it.

The new generation, with access to ready information, is asked to get engaged massively in solidarity with the dispossessed people.  Networks of associative movements in their diversities and complexities have clear-cut principles:  Giving priority to justice, equity, participation, democratic inclusion of all minorities, refusing physical and moral oppression, fighting super-privilege classes, and putting a brake on wasteful productions.

The new “hydraulic” system of connections by youth movements can move mountains and depose dictators, absolute monarchs, and oligarchic regimes.  The energy deployed by tsunami of wrath is insurmountable and cannot be controlled by apathetic, amoral technocratic institutions.

The spirit of Hessel must be more at peace now:  The determined and victorious Arab mass uprisings have confirmed that human rights are priority, indivisible, and universal.  Human rights as defined by the Charters of the UN, rights to life, opportunities, education, health, security, freedom of expressions, freedom to gather, to discuss, to organize…Rights not to be discriminated against in genders, race, language, ethnicity…

“Time for Outrage”, “Indignez-vous”: Who are Gene Sharp, Stephane Hessel, Assad Abou-Khalil, Adonis49?

Gene Sharp, 83-year old, have been disseminating for decades articles on non-violent revolutions such as “From dictatorship to democracy” that has been on the net in 24 languages.

Sharp served a prison term of 9 months as a conscious objector to the war in Korea and participated in sit-ins against black segregation in the 60’s.

Sharp is overwhelmed by the discipline of the Egyptian demonstrators and their poised calm.  “When the people is no longer scared of the dictator, it means the dictator is not going to last for long” writes Sharp.

Sharp studied Gandhi’s teachings and methods to promoting civic rights, freedom of speech… The conclusions were that for snatching liberty, the non-violent movements have got to be organized and methodical.

Ahmed Maher, an Egyptian activist of the April 6 Movement, discovered Sharp’s files while studying the Serbian movement Otpor, which contributed to the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic. A clandestine group organized a meeting in Cairo a few years ago to discuss non-violent uprising and Sharp’s strategies for non-violent protests were analyzed.

Hugo Chavez, and the Iranian and Burman regimes accuse Sharp of being an infiltrated CIA agent. In 1989, Sharp happened to be in China to witnessing the Tiananmen Square upheaval.  In 1990, Sharp was in Myanmar at the invitation of the retired colonel Robert Helvey.

The founder of the blog “The angry Arab news services“, Assad Abou-Khalil, is contesting the role of Sharp in the current Arab people uprising:  The western media are looking for a new Lawrence of Arabia to explaining the successes of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.  As if only foreign western impulses guarantee successes in the Arab World.

The late French Stephane Hessel, 93-year old, published lately a pamphlet of 27 pages titled “Indignez-vous”.

Hessel has published “Citizens without frontiers” and “Dance with the century”.

He wrote: “The foundation of the French resistance was based on indignation of German occupation. This was a straightforward indignation.  It is more complex to get outraged now, and to formulate rationally the causes for our wrath .  Indignation is shared by immigrants, downtrodden, ethnic minorities, and their realization of the increasing huge gap between the rich and the poorer classes.”

Hessel managed to enter Gaza on diplomatic visa after the Goldston report and witnessed the facts of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli army during 3 weeks of savage genocide on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Adonis49 has been very angry lately and vented his wrath. He published a dozen articles on the social platform, sharp and to the point articles, on the events taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrein, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia…

He is reminding the people in the USA that all indicators are in favor of an US mass uprising by the lower middle class and the 20% of the downtrodden in this highly capitalist structured system, dominated by the multinational financial companies and the elite “old-money” classes.  I opened a special category called “Time for Outrage”

People marching counter to the wind” was coined by the Omaha Sioux tribe.  The international organizations such as Attac, Amnesty, International Federation for human rights… are the striking proof of this awareness.

Gene Sharp is about to publish “Sharp’s Dictionary of Power and Struggle”.

It is great to express your indignation and joining mass peaceful protesters and discussing plans for a better future and the array of valid non-military jobs and opportunities.




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