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What’s the total wealth of French citizens?  In material added-value?

How much France is currently worth, stock and lock, land and citizens, in material added-value throughout the centuries?  The French weekly “Le Nouvel Observateur” published an account “Who possess France?”  The weekly estimated that France is worth a bit over 12 trillion Euro, about $14 trillion?  This is the national debt of the US. Which means, if the US possessed France, it could sell it piece-meal and pay off its entire debt!  The US has the expertise of purchasing decrepit a business, repackage it, and resell its asset one chunk at a time.

Indeed, who own France?  The French families own 76.5% of the wealth, the non-financial societies 15%, the financial enterprises over 5%, and the State about 3.5%.  The French households accumulated Real Estates valued at 6.5 trillion Euro.  For example, it is estimated that the average French family is valued to be richer than the German counterpart, but less than the English family.  What that mean?

It means that the French State and its communities failed to satisfy the housing requirements for its citizens:  Real Estate value doubled in the last decade, while the real added-value of doing business increased only by a third in the same period:  The GNP or internal brute production of France lagged far behind Germany and many other leading European States.  Germany is the leading exporter of material goods in Europe, far ahead of France.

Thus, while the French families were asleep, their conservative financial strategy doubled in a decade, but the French citizens are nowhere positioned to compete in the world market, except in selling their properties for the wealthiest around the world. In 2010, 62% of French household owned one or more properties.

France is subdivided into 180 million parcels.  The average mass agricultural land is about 75 hectares, and about only 5% are over 200 hectares.  A political decision kept the price of agricultural lands low:  Around 4,000 Euro per hectare, compared to 15,000 in Germany and 20,000 in England.

The French State is so indebted and needs a lot of liquidity that it has been selling most of what it possesses: highways, historical locations, sky resorts, publicly owned enterprises such as generating electicity… Most of these properties are supposedly purchased by local communities: As if the State is unable to maintain the properties, the communities could do the job! 

Real Estates put on the market by the State, with value over 2 million Euro, are purchased by foreign investors 55% of the time.  It is estimated that the French State owns 10 billion Euro in Real Estates, land and building.

The French communities are actually in charge of over 43,000 historical monuments representing 40% of the total.  Private owners are in charge of maintaining 5,000 out of the 6,500 best Castles such as Cheverny, Chenonceaux, Usse, Villandry, Clos-Luce…

The billionnaires around the world are vying for the sunny locations on the Mediterranean Sea.  The billionnaires try their best to infringe on the rights of the public for free movement, especially on the public beaches, by setting nets with the lame excuse of protecting the beach from meduses or even setting security zones around their yachts and properties… The communities are watching and preventing these astute prespasses on public rights, guaranteed by law.

A Real Estate in France valued at over 4 million, one out of two owners are foreigners.  Real Estates valued at over 30 million are purchased by Saudis, Qataris, Chinese, and Russians.  The most beautiful Real Estates in the Cote d’Azur have a turnover rate every 7 years.  In the Capital Paris, it is the Italians who buy the luxury properties and hotels.

Beirut is for sale, stock and lock; (September 14, 2009)


            Beirut is no longer the Capital of Lebanon.  If you are visualizing touristy brochures on Lebanon that date a decade ago or if you are planning to open a business branch in Beirut based on promotional “official intelligence” then you are being misled big time.  The only promotional materials are disseminated by the Hariri clan focused on Real Estates and nothing much.  For over two decades, this governing clan, called “The Future Party” or Al Mustakbal regarded Beirut as prime real estates venture and demolished historical souks and residences for newer sky rises.

            Beirut by day is a string of eateries; mostly fast food restaurants.  By night, all the roofs or tops of the sky rises are transformed into night clubs; a youth who managed to find a job barely topping $700, spend his nights on these tops.  Everyday, there is a new “night club top”.  The average Lebanese citizen, not associated to the Hariri clan, is financially banned from purchasing anything in Beirut, except a sandwich of falafel.

            In 1993, architects were assigned to select historical sires and residences; those architects listed 1,016 residences.  By 1999, that list shrank to 200 “historical residences” but they are serious about rehabilitating anything “old”; the Hariri clan is just waiting for offers.  The very few green spaces are gone to real estates developers. The gardens of the villa Sursock are gone. The last gardens of the Sioufi and the Sanayeh are tendered for and waiting for the appropriate political climate to vanish.  Infrastructures in Beirut are frequently “redone” and you cannot circulate even by foot.

            Actually, you cannot locate any embassy in the Capital; embassies are out of Beirut because you cannot do business in Beirut.  If you need to rent an apartment in an old residence with no air conditioning, no generator (public power supply is not reliable), and no hot water on the ground that rent might be cheaper then you are hugely mistaken: the owner will dissuade you by asking $50, 000 per year; the owner is actually waiting for real estates developers or promoters to buy his house since the municipality and the ministry of “culture” (in charge of rehabilitating historical heritage) are simply figure heads for the Hariri clan.  The motto for this “Saudi clan” is “We are in Real Estates business; that is what we do best. We buy and demolish and resell for the rich Arab Gulf prince and princesses. Lebanon economy and its budget are harnessed to develop our business; we intend to go forward full speed; the hell with Lebanon heritage and all that crap. South Lebanon is for Hezbollah or Israel, we don’t care. We own Beirut stock and lock; we are doing our best to own the rest of Lebanon.”

            The remodeled unique airport is called “Rafic Hariri International Airport”; the unique public hospital in Beirut is called “Rafic Hariri Hospital”; the remodeled sport stadium has been renamed “Rafic Hariri Stadium”; the remodeled public university is renamed “Rafic Hariri University”; any major highways leading to any of these “institutions” are called Rafic Hariri and you get confused.  Rafic Hariri built his monster Palace by a university owned by the USA Administration and called “The Lebanese American University”; guess what, the entire square area of ten blocks around, are cordoned off by cement barricades and watched by public and private security guards and called “The Hariri Residence”. 

            There is this one that the Hariri clan selected to replace late assassinated Rafic Hariri PM; the successor of assassinated “martyred” Rafic Hariri is called Saad Rafic Hariri.  Saad turned out to be an idiot: he failed to even form a government offered to him on a gold plate; otherwise the government Palace would have been renamed “Saad Hariri Palace of Lebanon”.

            Saad turned out to be an idiot; he is not Lebanese and never lived in Lebanon; he barely speaks Arabic. Saad is a Saudi by birth and by residence; he emulates the looks of the Saudi Monarchs and visits Saudi Arabia for frequent blessings of their monarchs. After 6 years of trying to convince the Lebanese that he is of leadership material by hammering out the motto “My name is Saad Rafic Hariri, the son of martyr Rafic Hariri, my dear father and father of all Lebanon, especially of the Sunni Moslem sect”.  In the name of my martyred father I demand of the Lebanese citizens to elect me, elect my clan, elect for the Al Mustakbal, elect for Lebanon, elect for Beirut the prime real estates location in the Middle East.

            Saad turned out to be an idiot. In every one of the recent “Eftar” dinners during Ramadan Saad would say “Let me refresh your memory. I am Saad Rafic Hariri”.  When Saad was appointed to form a government 3 months ago he kept learning the Lebanese Constitution by his political counselors.  Thus, Saad stunned us by fresh information “I am Saad Rafic Hariri and the Constitution permits me to name ministers”

            Fuck Beirut if the constituents of Beirut want the Hariri clan to stay in power. I don’t need Beirut; I cannot afford Beirut; I hate the look of Beirut. Beirut is for sale, stock and lock for the idiots.




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