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The best: Stories of the strife of individuals confronting, fending off and challenging frequent low blows

Of this terribly cruel reality.

And on sex pleasure disadvantages between genders.

Writing about your ideas, position, concepts, world view model… should not cover many pages.

Actually, if you have a fascistic or communist tendency of considering history from a mass perspective, the reality of the world is disgustingly simple and straightforward and should not cover blackening many pages.

De Gaulle said:  We pretended to fight confused passions. We struggled for a cohort of denied and refused principles. And we strove to pay back a very cruel reality.

What is most impressive and worthwhile is writing about individuals on how they confronted and fended off the frequent low blows that everyone of us suffered and experienced with various degrees of long-term dysfunctional consequences.

Serious authors implicitly want to believe in the free-will of people (against demonstration to the contrary) and how they challenged the bitter and cruel reality by elevating their spirit and acquiring valued habits to sustain the long haul.

Otherwise, materials for writing will be dry and totally unpleasant to read.

And the purpose of writing will be confused since barely anyone is interested in lifeless topics and stories.

We don’t think of changing our life unless and before we canvass a satisfactory model of how we want the world to be changed.

What is terribly human is that rare are the people who remember or find the courage to tackle the second phase in their life: Mainly changing their behaviours, one at a time, in order to be faithful to their quest for a better quality of life to all.

Jean Paul Sartre told de Gaulle: When I read what I published decades ago, I don’t understand much of what I meant. It is as my double was dictating to me. All these lucubration trying to affirm the free-will of individuals and encouraging them to stand fast. It is my double who is the clever one and I have been carrying him all along.

As all reputations, mine was also build on misunderstanding.

The most interesting topics that touch our deepest chords are how we describe, feel about, and comprehend the other gender. (Why is it always the Other?)

In this case, male authors had a field day in the history of literature, since they imagined they knew a lot about females.

Female authors knew, at a certain age, that they had not much rich and worthy materials to write about male: They reverted to talk about the other females, shedding new insight on female psychic, early training for acquired habits and skills and behaviour.

What was lacking is male taking seriously female works to read and appreciate.

Evidences show that females have overwhelming advantages over males, particularly on reaching a certain age, say over 30.

Females have a natural endowment for taking great pleasure in sex. And they can do it with other beautiful, younger and fresh females.

And they can design a personalized dildo that perform wonderfully, anytime and anywhere.

What man has but his hand? Even a thousand hands will not make any difference in results: despair and depressive periods for not being that endowed to enjoy sex.

This relic of passive partner, as aging diminishes his strength and endurance.






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