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Homeless by the American Univ. of Beirut: Ali, Georgette…on Bliss Street

Three posts on my FB today, talking of the homeless living close to the students of the American Univ. of Beirut (AUB) on Bliss Street.

Reine Azzi posted this Jan. 8, 2013 under “Humans of Beirut. Save Georgette of Bliss Street.

“After yesterday’s heartbreaking news of the death of Ali of Bliss Street, hundreds of concerned facebookers banded together to form an initiative to help the homeless in Lebanon.

Statuses have been posted, blogs written, and tweets announced, in memory of Ali Abdullah, and all in hopes that he did not die in vain.
Many peopleand students are asking about others like-Ali—”What about the homeless woman on Bliss St.? What will happen to her?”

Georgette has no means to afford basic necessities. And the humanitarians of Lebanon have taken action, creating campaigns to spread awareness and assist the needy in anyway possible.

Fighting Homelessness in Beirut, a FB group formed by Michel Khoury, was created only today—and already has over 700 members.

Contribute to a Warm Lebanon, a fundraiser at Nasawiya Café in Mar Mikhael, also pledges to donate clothes, food, sleeping bags and anything else that might warm up people who can’t afford basic neccesities.

Food Blessed, another initiative aiming to feed the hungry, also revolves around a humanitarian cause that including helping the homeless.
So if you want to help out and don’t know how, check out the three links above and give money, food, clothes—even time. It’s really the least we can do.

After Ali, Activists Rally for Homeless

 A picture of Ali, described as Hamra Street’s Bukowski.

Michelle Ghoussoub wrote:

In light of what has happened, I feel like I should say more. This man was truly a legend, and one of the pillars of what made Hamra so special.

For generations, he was the subject of much intrigue to the students of the American University of Beirut. Some said he was a physics professor who was so smart, he’d gone mad.

Others added that he could speak 6 languages. Everyone had their own quirky story.

What always intrigued me is that he never begged or asked anyone for anything. Good people just seemed to give him a helping hand from time to time.

Last night though, while I was sitting comfortably in my home wondering why cold air was seeping through small cracks in my window, the storm left him dead in a Hamra that he helped give life to.

Rest in peace, Ali. If any of you have any stories to share, please do.”

Sherif Maktabi posted:

“Yesterday a man called Ali, died in the street where I grew up. A street where hundreds of thousands of Lebanese, and I, walked to school

Please have the patience to read through, a person’s life depends on this.

Students of AUB and International College, I am talking to you.

Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB). Download full size (86 KB)

Nobody knows Ali’s story. He was homeless, and lived on Bliss street in Beirut for years. I  remember him since I was a kid.

Some say he was mentally disturbed. But he never harmed anyone.

He survived on donations from the restaurants and shops of bliss.

He used to get, coffee, a sandwitch and a cigarette everyday. As for us the students, we never did anything.

He is dead. But many are still alive and shape the soul of Beirut.

And they don’t have people to help them.

This is why I want to tell you the story of Georgette.

Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB). Download full size (39 KB)

 Everyday, Georgette brings her chair and sits in front of Books and Pens to sells chewing gum. She can’t walk and can’t see very well.

Karim Badra and I know Georgette very well. She was angry with us because we turned the wall behind her into a Lebanon Would Be Better If. But now we are friends.

She is very sick. And because it’s winter she can’t sell chewing gum.

And hence, she can’t get money to pay the rent of a small bed. Her landlord wants to kick her out. She doesn’t have enough money to pay for her medicin.

The last time I saw her, she colapsed in front of me and I called the Red Cross. All that she asks from me is 2 types of tissue paper and a bottle of water.

But I know she needs money.

Georgette usually sits in front of Books and Pens. Take the first left after AUB main gate and walk up 10 meters. She sits in between Moustache and Alex’s store.

I cannot save Georgette. But we can.

You can help through 3 easy steps:

1) If you see her, be nice to her,

2) Ask her if she wants water, tissues or food

3) Send Karim Badra a message if you want to contact Georgette for more serious help.

(Click this link and send Karim a message).

Humans of Beirut. Save a human. In memory of Ali.

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