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Iran will not be attacked. Period. “Netanyahu, go and play with the settlements in Palestine…”

Israel journalist investigator Yuri Avneri wrote in Haaretz:

“Israel will not attack Iran. Period. The US will not attack Iran, not this year, not the next year, and not in the foreseeable future.  The stakes for economic and strategic damages are too high to gamble on any military operation. Mind you that 40% of oil shipment passes by this region…”

Actually, Israel campaign to attacking Iran nuclear facilities is a strategic smokescreen meant to pressure the Obama administration at desisting from putting Israel under the strong public lights for failing to abide by the UN decisions of stopping the settlement activities…This campaign is simply asking Obama to keeping a blind eye on the plights of the Palestinians under occupation and not to open the Palestinian State resolution that was submitted to the UN.

This unrelenting campaign to attacking Iran militarily was meant to force Obama into acknowledging: “Alright Netanyahu. Go and play with the settlement activities in the Palestinian occupied territories.  Iran is a big fish for Israel to deal with. Iran is a superpower problem to manage…”

In fact, for an entire year, the US never brought out the Palestinian issues into the public, and the main US powerful media failed to cover it.

In fact, the US created the Syrian problem for three main objectives:

1. To divert the public attention from the urgent Palestinian cause that needs to be resolved

2. A counter pressure on Israel consistent harassment on Iran nuclear problem.  Israel public policy was baffled and off-balance regarding the Syrian uprising: Israel enjoyed the totally relaxing and peaceful status-quo on its borders with Syria

3. The US was not serious of changing the regime in Syria: It needs plenty of time to digest the new situation in the Arab world and how to contain mass aspirations.  Actually, the veto of Russia and China was within an agreement with the US to postpone any resolution on Syria. For these 3 superpowers, France and England are small change that are used as preliminary emissaries for testing the ground…

Iran has only to inform Loyd insurance of London that it warned all the owners of the supertanker not to pass the Straight of Hormuz…




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