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“Mission Accomplished” effect? And why you fail to tend to the subsequent difficulties in the mission?

Mission Accomplished? And why you refuse to own the subsequent horrors?

We tend to seldom forget uncompleted tasks and they tug at our consciousness until we give them our attention saved in our mental list.

As we decide that the mission is accomplished and this list of tasks are erased from our memory.

The case of a waiter serving flawlessly a large party without a notepad and when dinner is over, the waiter was unable to recall any face in the party.

There are interesting outliers to that trend called the Bluma “Zeigarnik effect”

The condition that relaxes this effect and conserve the list of tasks in memory while focusing on the main goal of another mission is to create a detailed “study plan”.

For example, you are focusing on a upcoming major exam and you need to stay clear and free from anxiety. What can you do?

Outstanding tasks gnaw at us only until we install a clear idea in our mind of “how we will deal with them

A good plan of actions suffices most of the time to relax our mind from the list of uncompleted tasks.

Consider dividing your problem into more than 20 step-by-stepĀ  tasks and write them down. Otherwise, it is futile to have your mind rest and be as clear as water.

This process does not exclude the urgent need to look up similar projects and be advised on the multiple pitfalls that surround well-planned projects.

Place a notepad by your bed and jot down outstanding tasks and how you will tackle them.

If these ideas for relaxing the mind in order to achieve a mission are great for individuals, why governments and public institutions don’t apply these techniques?

Why Bush Jr. had to claim “Mission Accomplished” in occupying Iraq on a aircraft carrier, wearing pilot outfit, when the mission had just started for “establishing a democratic state” in Iraq?

Bush Jr. was expressing the true mission of his administration: Occupying Baghdad and controlling the flow of oil.

All the previous statements about installing a democratic system in Iraq and eliminating weapons of mass destruction and… were packs of lies and throwing dust in the eyes of the US citizens and world community.

Why Bush Jr. had to quickly erase the Iraqi problems from his mind and appoint a bunch of nutcases and nitwits to resolve the multiple problems mushrooming with every day of occupation?

And Bush Jr, basked in theĀ  increased approval rating until the bodies started to be flown in, and Bush realized that the mission was far to be accomplished back home.

Or it is because the mission was done outside the US borders that US presidents fail to follow up on problems they cook up and spread around the world?

Mission Accomplished? And why you refuse to own the subsequent horrors? A totally unstable Iraq, millions of babies with birth defects, million of displaced people… and lately the ISIS phenomenon

As Commander in Chief, the president of the US must own the problems he creates around the world.

Note: Read “The Art of Thinking Clear”





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