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Introspection: Suhail, (continue 36)


This is my second trip to the University of Oklahoma at Norman, 1985. I am planning for a Ph.D degree in Industrial Engineering.


In the meantime, I had contacted the university student foreign office and it was run by Sue. A lovely structural engineering undergraduate student, Suhail from Tunisia, agreed to share his university apartment with me.  Suhail loved everything that is Lebanese, food, music and all, but I was not up to his expectations. 


Suhail was a bright and caring person; he finished his PhD in no time and wrote an “artificial intelligent” computer program for structural engineers; the program would prompt you with inquiries and at the end it would suggest the proper equation to use for your problem or project.  The notion of artificial intelligence was the rage at the time and I had audited a course on that topic because I could not afford tuition and read many books on the topic.


The next year, Suhail got married with a Palestinian/US girl in Norman and got a son; he did all these things while I was plugging in to get past my General Exam. I think Suhail’s wife name was Wafaa and she helped her parents in a restaurant that specialized in Near Eastern food. I recall that we occasionally had the specialty of the day around lunch time; probably Suhail’s visits were much more frequent.


Suhail aided me greatly in writing the computer program for my computer generated experiment: I started writing the program in Pascal but I was not that proficient in programming, and Suhail translated my ideas into C++.  I had audited a course in C++ because I could not afford any tuition but had to stop coming to class. I thought that I was taking an introductory course in C++ but discovered quickly that the computer engineers were already proficient in that programming language. The funny part was that the team I was added to were gracious enough to deliver me the programming instructions of its final project.


Suhail obtained his Ph.D before me, and was working with his advisor, capitalizing on the artificila intelligence program he had written. I met him once before I left Norman and he had a son already and had visited Tunisia with his wife.


Note: The cynic in me could not find a fault in Suhail: He has all the capabilities and rare deficiencies that I could think of. He his handsome, smart, sober, funny, smiling…and can be all he sets his mind at doing and being.  I hope that Tunisia after the Spring upheaval will find a place for Suhail to prosper and be the change that this lovely people deserve. It love Suhail and it would be nice to meet with him again.




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