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Every day of the week is dedicated to a God: Asking for the destruction of followers of the other and same God?

Friday, when some Devils, with deafening voices of going to war, stoop low to the ground to praise the divine, those who shoot sermons of hate…. My faith, I lost faith.
Saturday, when some other Devils, while swaying toward a wall, not only to praise their divine for the promise “Land”, but go so far as to demand the wiping out of the goyim (all the non-Jews) from the face of earth….My faith, I lost the faith.
Sunday, when some other Devils, hands raised, thanked their divine for their misfortune, as God apparently created them. They kneel before Him, even though He never kept his promises… I can’t take it anymore. I decided to join my friends… it is hell where they are.
Monday, when some other Devils, giving equal balanced adoration to the devils and archangels… On the ground that devils have demonstrated their power and might in our daily living. After all, evidences point to that direction, of who is winning the battle of good or evil…Those pragmatic worshipers are no longer in power, in any recognized state. Is it too late? And the ants will survive in the long run…
Tuesday. when some other Devils, sun worshipers…and also losing the battle: With skin cancer all the rage. Only those in cloudy, rainy, and snowy countries are taking their revenge on vacation periods…tanning to death their white/rosy skin.  The white supremacist should rule the world, against all odds…They didn’t lose their faith, machine-gunning people, and having no remorse whatsoever (lately in Norway)
Wednesday, when some other Devils, the Moon worshipers…Being harassed on Full Moon days, turning to wolves, snarling at the cat-like and cunning mankind…Dancing around a huge bonfire, in a secluded forest, and…
Thursday, when some other Devils, the animist, worshipers of nature, trees and the changing of seasons.  They are scared and losing the battle: Nature is dying…and the bees are vanishing quickly…Who is to pollinate nature, flowers, fruits…?
I can’t take it anymore. I decided to join my friends… it is hell where they are?
“This One God, counting minutes and dimes… A despaired, sensual and grunting God. A pig in gold wings, falling down everywhere, tommy up, waiting to be scratched and cajoled…He is our Master. Let’s hug one anotherFerdinand Celine

Note: I borrowed the French parts related to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from a posted notice by Khalil Toubia on Facebook, translated it correctly and resumed for the other days of the week

The French version:

Vendredi, quand certains diables, de leur voix de va-t’en guerre, se fléchissent pour louer le divin et se shooter de sermons de haine….ma foi…je la perds la foi.

Samedi, quand certains autres diables, tout en se balançant, ne se contentent pas de louanger leur divin pour la promesse « Terre », mais s’en vont en requêtes auprès de lui pour la « nettoyer »….ma foi….je la reperd la foi.

Dimanche, quand certains autres diables, les mains jointes, remercient leur divin pour leurs malheurs, qu’il leur a créé apparemment, et à genoux le louent, même s’il ne tient pas ses promesses, qu’il ne leur a jamais fait… n’y peux rien, je choisi de rejoindre mes amis…c’est en enfer qu’ils y sont.




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