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Tidbits #12

Acoustic levitation? It works like this: Two horns vibrate at 22,000 times a second, firing sound waves into a pocket of air between the two devices. “When these two waves interact, you’ll get what’s called a standing wave, so they’ll cancel in places and they’ll reinforce in others to create nodes and antinodes,” says physicist Chris Benmore, of the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. “Those particular places where they cancel, you put an object in and you can levitate it.”

How we know where we are and how we navigate from one place to another. The discovery of grid cells – the brain’s inner GPS – led to May-Britt Moser receiving the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The Pentagon confirmed to AP that the “low-yield W76-2″ (a new nuclear weapon) has been deployed to stealth submarines patrolling the oceans. The controversial move is a break from recent US policy to reduce dependence on these weapons.

When Frank Lloyd Wright designed an early open office in the 1930s, he saw it as an anti-fascist symbol that could tear down corporate hierarchies. Open office spaces are No longer working.

Last year, 3 out of 7 climate change models predicted over 5 degrees hotter weather.⁠

Bacteria Ribosome is the cell factory for translating instructions written in the genetic code into proteins. “This was the beginning of a long quest that took over two decades, in which I was met with reactions of disbelief and even ridicule in the international scientific community,” says Ada Yonath.

The 5-4 decision Of US Supreme Court could deny permanent legal status to immigrants deemed likely to need food stamps.⁠

Can it be that people on cruise ships disseminated the coronavirus? Two cruise ships in Asian waters were placed in quarantine.

In Japan, 3,700 passengers on the Diamond Princess are confined to the ship for at least two weeks after 61 people tested positive for the virus. In Hong Kong, 1,800 passengers in a ship are quarantined after 3 tested positive.

The world’s busiest airport for international travelers Dubai’s airport handled 86.4 million passengers last year.

New “solar panel“? Pointing a warm source toward cold space at night could generate energy.

Albatrosses strapped with sensors are spying on illegal fishing boats. They can travel vast distances and are attracted to the vessels.

There is compelling evidence that African penguins have speech patterns similar to ours? In which language again?

Pneumonia can be prevented with vaccines and easily treated with low-cost antibiotics. So why were 800,000 children left to die from the disease last year?

“Kids should have No expectation of privacy on devices given to them by their parents.” Christopher Null writes that when he gave his children gadgets, there was one rule above all: “The devices all belong to me and my wife, and we are entitled to see anything and everything on them.”

Failure to monitor your kids’ digital footprints is irresponsible parenting

Supercells (a cyclone type) produce severe weather, including damaging winds, very large hail, and sometimes even tornadoes. What makes them unique from all other thunderstorms is that supercells contain a deep and persistent rotating updraft called a mesocyclone. In some cases, they can last for several hours.




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