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3 big questions to ask about your audience

who are you trying to reach? if you say […] everyone, i’ll know you’re likely to reach no one.” —Seth Godin

william choukeir posted this January 5, 2014

imagining the world from the eyes of your audience helps you design the right emotional experience for them. so how do you start imagining?

by understanding your audience and their worldview. here are questions that the casafekra team uses for that purpose.

a combination of these questions form part of the briefing phase when providing a furnishing solution for a public space.

when the casafekra team empathizes with the end-users, they create an experience that keeps those users coming back. using this approach, casafekra has successfully maximized the revenue generated by those public spaces, for multiple contract projects. adapt these questions to your project:

who are you trying to reach?

not everyone i hope. what’s their worldview?

what are they afraid of?

what are they afraid of that they’re not aware of?

what do they desire?

what do they desire that they’re not aware of?

what motivates them internally? i.e. member of something important, sense of control or independence?

what’s their lifestyle like?

where do they spend their time?

what do they expect from their surroundings?

what objects do they use and are surrounded with?

what are the textures, materials, sizes and proportions?

what’s familiar to them? for each ask: ‘what emotions does this trigger in them?’

what’s the one big emotion?

what’s the one big emotion you want to trigger in your audience? and

what are the smaller invisible emotions?

what’s the story you want them to tell themselves? what the story you want them to tell their friends?

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