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Wild night dreaming

Dream. Dreaming. Night dream. Daydreaming…Wilder than real life adventures , and by far.

parallel life: Extravagant, detailed, passionate, creative, limitless in potential and capability…

Gravity?  How heavier than earth you like it to be?

The ultimate in oppression, in feeling down to earth, in inertia…

I get up and feel unable to reintegrate bed.

I have got to do anything but Not going back to this heavy dream.

In real life I don’t  recall how a person a shook hand with was dressed or fathom his character.

But in dreams, I see and meet hundreds of total strangers, and I am able to dress every one of them according to their character, and create multitude of facial features…

Where all that creativity came from? Not from my conscious day world.

Gravity? How lighter than earth do you like to feel it?

Feeling the air exercising the proper pressure under you wings, sliding, hovering over mountain tops, valley, speeding like crazy, feeling light, happy, full of expectation; climbing high walls, with bare hands, effortlessly, much faster than cats and lizards…

Noises, morning clapping trying to get me out of my lovely dream, and I refuse to acknowledge that it is time to face the “real life”.

How do you dare claim that my dreaming period is not as real, is not the wonderful possible life, my life, my expectations, my power…?

Older people, hard of hearing, dim in the eyes, decrepit

Just hanging on to life, to the living, just to experience another dozing dream, another night dream…

Laying down on this “balcony of a bed“, a relaxing long chair, eyes closed, excited for a new story adventure, capabilities rejuvenated, limitations vanishing in thin air…

All is possible, youth, a reincarnated life of what it should have been…

Hanging on to life to see the grandchildren and children?  Common, get real. 

Children make themselves scarce and you have been forgotten long time ago.

No, elder people grab to life for another dream story adventure:  The real life when the other stupid “real life” gave up on you, and turned you down, and trampled your dignity, smashed all your wishes and expectations…

Many older people are visited by the those who passed away in their night dreams

Dream. Dreaming. Far out.

A parallel life: Extravagant.

The real life? Got to agree, sooner or later, that dreaming is the true lullaby that your mother failed to sing to you, tacking you in bed…

Night dreams exhibit the most horror events that your day imagination could never fathom. Blood, plenty of blood, plenty of dirt, the dirtiest WC you could never imagine, slaughter hood, the Horror…

And you are doing your best to get out of this nightmarish dream. And you wake up trembling and shaking in total disbelief.

I bet most of those who die in their sleep had dreamt of a totally horror story that their heart could Not overcome.

No, night dreams are Not a “closure” or a filling of your conscious day activities and thinking.

No, night dreams are meant to equalize and re-balance your emotions in your conscious behaviors: They are meant to contradict and opposed your conscious self in order to regain a semblance of middle ground behaviors for adapting to reality in our survival instinct..

If you were overjoyed during the day, the night dream will give you another sader alternative to this emotion.

If you were totally down during the day and feeling helpless, the night dream will extend to you a much better attitude and happier emotions.

Why everything, every adventure is possible in dreams, except falling in Love? 

This split-second realization that “This is it!”.

Maybe I never fell in love in order to dream it? What a pity.

Falling in love must be the concentration of a life experiences, observations, feelings, knowledge…What a pity!

Except falling in love, everything else is in the realm of dreaming, a much livelier, colorful, exciting alternative powerful life.

What a pity!

No problem: I can fall in love in my daydreaming adventures.

“Social Proof Bias”? How this bias still stand for our survival?

Even a couple centuries ago, it was a survival instinct to cling to the masses: this social instinct gave comfort of being safe from “attacking” enemy or climatic upheavals.

It was safety that made people conglomerate in communities, way before the added values in production and trading goods.

Following the crowd is becoming a dangerous reaction inheritance. What of frequent stampede accidents.

Except for famine plagued regions where it is of great importance to follow the fleeing hordes to UN camps?

Or when in a foreign city and have tickets for a stadium event.

Somerset Maugham wrote: “If 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish”

In capitalist systems and uncontrolled financial companies in the hands of the few 1% elite class, social proof bias is the evil behind bubbles and stock market panic.

Social proof bias exists in fashion, management techniques, hobbies, religion and diets, to mention a few fields.

It can paralyze entire cultures in times of upheaval and periods of uncertainty, (such as sects committing collective suicide, or extremist religious movements, Fukushima nuclear melt down…)

Peer pressure warps common sense, a reaction to a survival strategy.

Suppose the fire alarm goes off. How the crowd will exit? Would they select the exit closest to the alarm or the opposite exit?

Logically, the fire sensor detect the closest point of fire. And yet, people would rush toward the exit of the alarm.

This social proof bias was mentioned and explained in “The Art of thinking clear” by Rolf Dobelli




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