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Tidbits and comments. Part 415

The challenge of intuition is you think it’s right before it’s examined, for no valid reason. When you have an intuition, you don’t have other intuitions. You have confidence. Many call this anomaly as expert intuition.

Les elites sont defendus par toutes les institutions comme des symbols precieux pour maintenir la cohesion de la communaute d’Elite/Esclave.

I submit that only in old age we can uncover who we are: It exhibit how much effort you invested to improve yourself, mentally and emotionally.

Video is by far the biggest strain on bandwidth, and it’s only getting bigger. The dominant video codec (coder-decoder) has been H.26473% was the share of internet traffic devoted to video in 2016 or 70 exabytes.

in 2015, tech giants Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix formed the Alliance for Open Media and released the royalty-free AV1 codec in 2018; in 2019, BBC tests found that AV1 is competitive with H.265.

Les revoltes des jeunes rendent ce monde plus vivable et interessant: les noms sont plus important, surtout les noms des marques commerciales. Tentation d’exister en tant qu’image

US president expressed interest in striking a deal with Exxon-Mobil to “spread out the wealth” by monopolizing Syria oil fields in Eastern Syria and by force.  Defense secretary Mark Esper committed US troops to “protect” Syrian oil fields. This is typical highway robbery that flaunt all UN principles.

Last year, 268 US border officers were arrested on charges ranging from fraud to sexual assault to capital murder.

Rien n’amuse les bien-nés comme ce combat qu’ils regardent chez les pauvres pour survivre

La seule excuse de Dieu est qu’il n’existe pas. On peut le tuer a volonte’. Et les pauvres bougres qui meurent en son nom, les extremists inclus.

I have no problems with a few protesters in Lebanon are sitting on sofas and surrounded with the facilities of a cozy home. I am disturbed that they are Not discussing: each one of them is isolated with his expensive iPhone. Thus, what basically changed?

Actually, the US has uncovered its real face: the worst carpet-beggar in history of empires.

The idealistic new “revolutionary”: this euphoric experience of joining a demonstration for the first time

No profit without Capitalism? Is profit synonymous to exploitation? Why we attach “profit” to all negative connotations? Can any investment be done without a level of profit generated from human labor?





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