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They killed and massacred a lot: who are they, and how many sacrificed?

Note: Re-edit of “Which Dictator Killed The Most People?  July 31, 2017

Note 1:  All dictators, even the most charismatic, are but symbols of a system (dogmatic/ideological) that the political leaders and society were ripe to adopt.  The Silent Majority who initially didn’t care, succumbed to the violent and radical minority.

They say that it takes compassion for humanity, love for country and a strong pursuit of justice and mercy, to become a strong and respected leader of the masses.

However, every once in a while, there are politicians or generals who decide to do things their own way.

These cold-blooded dictators do not care for the value of life as much as they do for achieving their selfish motives of domination, power and immortality.

This infographic shows worldwide dictators ordered by the number of killings: 1 drop, 1 million dead. (Click the picture for a larger version)

This article did its best Not to cover the systematic massacres of the western colonial powers: US, France, England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

It is the colonial powers that initiated and led the other dictators to emulate their procedures and system of systematic genocide.

Apparently, Hitler and Stalin combined killed less people that Mao Zedong

Can you fill in this blank for me?

Adolf Hitler = Holocaust of minorities, gypsies, including Jews. The war brought to execution the racist view of Nazism. Imperial Germany committed and supported genocides before Nazism in their colonies and in Turkey

Lenin: The great famine (1917-22). The western nations at war with Germany blockaded Russia and supported with weapons and mercenaries the Tsarist military that encircled the Soviet rebels on all fronts, except Germany.

Joseph Stalin = Purges, Goulac…before the German invasion

Mao Zedong = Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution (1966-70) and widespread famine in 1955. Not to mention the 1,000 miles Marche in the 30’s fleeing the troops of Chiang Kai Shek

Chiang Kai Shek = massacre of communists before Japan occupied China (1933-37)

Young Turk Revolution of 1908: genocide of Christians and Armenians (1915-18)

Japan: massacres in Korea, Manchuria,

Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia: 2 million

George Bush Jr: 1.5 million Iraqis

Rwanda genocide, supported by France

Republican France killed one million Algerian

Belgium killed and maimed 5 millions in its Congo colony for collecting rubber

One commentator said:

This graph is just old argument to blame socialism not by ideology but number of dead, those number are taken from books like “The Black Book of Communism” written by obsessed people against communism, over-exaggeration of estimates (there’s no real base for the number)

Note: The US has proven to have committed the worst crimes against humanity since its inception and continues to be top on the list as the worst White racist system of all times.

The US wanted to maintain slave system and took arms against England who had banned it.

It massacred every Indian tribe that resisted expansion.

It slaughtered the Mexicans to rob their lands.

It dropped 2 atomic bombs and frequently exploded atomic bombs in open air

The bodies of the Blacks are still disposable at any second.

Blacks live in constant fear of ever ready police forces and white gangs shouting at them for minor excuses

The countless pre-emptive wars around the world have caused mind-boggling atrocities and no one ever was put to trial.

At the turn of the century, the US occupied the Philippines, Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, and many islands snatched from Spain on the excuse of failing to repaying its debts. All these activities under to guise of encouraging democracy.

It exacted millions of dead in Viet Nam and Korea

Over one million Iraqi civilians died in the 2003 occupation of Iraq. Depleated uranium bombs are still causing babies to be born deformed.

It invited ISIS to move in and occupy Mosul after Iraq refused to extend the presence of US troops in 2013 and after Russia denied US from bombing Syria during Obama.

Read More:


For over 30 years: Generations of Syrians endured prison terms, torture, and isolation…

The Assad regime, from father Hafez to Bashar, conducted systematic genocide and perpetual and extended prison terms and tortures of “potential” political opponents. After the 1982 mass killing in the city of Hama, every Syrian suspected of being a member of the Moslem Brotherhood was detained and assassinated in the prisons.

The members of the suspected opponents were detained, interrogated and tortured. Many of them endured extended prison terms and frequent torture sessions.

For over 30 years, recruits and soldiers suffered terrible humiliation and indignities: Treated like human farms, cursed, mishandled, sent to work in officers homes and farms to save on expenses…

The skilled recruits were sent home to generate money and a cut taken from them every month. Recruits left alone in remote area to fend for themselves, wearing thongs (shahhata) and tattered “army” clothes, in harsh cold weather and desolate regions.

The Syrian army was not meant to fight Israel: Just to take the youth out of the streets and use them to enrich the officers and the officials.

For over 30 years, the occupied Golan Heights by Israel were a haven for peace and tranquility, like Gaza was during Egypt Muhammad Morsi one year Presidency.

The Syrian army was not meant to fight Israel: Just humiliate the occupied Lebanese, torture them and rob them dry and tell the occupied Lebanese: “you cannot curse Syria, Hafez, Bassel, Bashar…”

And the UN, the Western “democratic” States and major news media knew all about these practices and refused to condemn or expose the Syrian regime. They even gave this regime “carte blanche” to exterminate opponents and spread humiliation on the society, as long as no pictures or gruesome news seep out of Syria.

Until the interests of the Western States and the USA were at stake, and Syria was to be devastated, weakened and submitted. And the Syrian people had to suffer another round of mass slaughter on the hands of the regime and the Takfir Islamic, Nusra Front, and Da3esh.

On April 16, 2011, a large peaceful demonstration in Homs was disbanded by live ammunition and 7 people died. By noon, over 500,000 gathered at the Clock Square and accompanied the martyrs to their graves shouting “The people want to overturn the regime

The demonstrators kept their ground till 8 pm. The security officials warned the demonstrators to disperse by midnight. Over 50,000 youth refused to go home, and by 10 pm, live bullets were targeting the youth.

Still, by midnight, more than 5,000 youth stayed and defied the authorities. Around 4:30 am, the square was emptied but for hundreds of corpses. The authorities loaded the dead people in trash trucks to unknown destination or mass graves. It was estimated that 500 Syrian citizens lost their lives. Only 35 bodies were returned to their families.

Syrian Alawite actress Fadwa Suleiman joined protests last year against President Bashar al-Assad: She took the stage at demonstrations in the city of Homs, center of resistance to his family’s four-decade rule, and in Damascus and other cities after the regime slaughtered peaceful demonstrators in the southern city of Dar3a.
Fadwa Suleiman
Actress Fadwa Suleiman after she cut her hair short to protest her family members disclaimer of behaving properly. Picture taken Dec. 14, 2011. REUTERS

In Douma, a new revolutionary song caught fire:

“Hi, hi, my prison guard

Hi, hi the obscurity of my prison cell

Your darkness is gone

Your Baath is disintegrating

Your cruelty vanquished

My sun is waiting to shine on me tomorrow

Syria wants freedom, freedom…

Syria, freedom, freedom “wa bass” (only)…”

It is to be noted that many angry demonstrations have roots in the mixed schools that the regime enforced after the Hama killing in 1982.

The regime even pressured the girls to unveil as they entered the school premises. All these regulations were meant to humiliate the traditional Sunnis, suspected of supporting the Moslem Brotherhood, and exercising vengeful practices.

The irony was that the high officials in Damascus, highly secluded and isolated from the rest of the communities, were not aware that schools in Banias (town of 50,000)  were mixed, as if living in another planet. The system was in place and immutable, even after the succession of Bashar Assad to power, and no one dared revisit or suggest to review the rules and regulations of 20 years ago.

The demand of the town to separate genders were understood as separating Sunni from Alawi communities.

The isolated authorities in Damascus were unaware that the rules imposed 20 years ago were still alive and kicking and nothing had changed.

The authorities agreed for separation of genders in schools and for permitting the girls to enter classrooms veiled.

But the people in Banias were scared as the security forces amassed their forces in order to resume their old tactics, and the demonstrations got larger and more frequent, and the crackdown more brutal…

The Syrian regime had about one thousand extreme Islamists in prison before the uprising in 2011, and 43 of their leaders. Those radical Takfir Islamists were Syrians and Iraqis, until foreign mercenaries were dispatched to Syria from Somalia, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the Caucasus region.  The Assad power used these Islamists during the Iraq war with the USA and in Lebanon, and manipulated them in situations that matched their destabilization policies.

When the Syrian uprising began after the fall of Egypt Mubarak, mass demonstrations swept the Syrian cities in Dar3a, Homs, Banias, and even in Damascus. The uprising was peaceful because people had no arms or the courage to overcome 30 years of silence and humiliation and fear.

And the regime decided to let the extreme Islamists out of prison without any conditions or further crackdown: The regime decided to turn the uprising into an armed confrontation for an excuse to resume armed squashing of the opponents.

The US ordered Qatar and Saudi Arabia to untie their purses and finance the uprising in money, arms and communication tools.

And the Nusra Front took over the armed confrontation against the regime, and the civil war has been going on for two years now.

The main cities of Aleppo, Homs and many parts of Damascus have been demolished, devastated and ransacked.

And over 100,000 perished, and 4 million Syrian refugees have been displaced within Syria and 3 million took refuge in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Note: You may read the Arabic book “Death of the Eternal Syria: Eye witnmess accounts of the generation of Silence and Revolution” by Mohammad Abi Samra




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