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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 73

Your immune system is in constant battles with man-made enemies, the medications, in addition to the ones that the environment is sending. Salt is also perceived as poison by white blood cells.

If that made-up reality (mostly an illusion) is shared by many people around you, it can be used to make predictions about what’s next,

Full counter-offensives of immune system raise the body temperature to kill more efficiently the invading enemies.

Goyims are animals. Goyim live without any purpose. Goyim are unconscious of the essence of their lives. Kill their children in times of war. (Torah)

BBC sucks: Israel injured 420 praying Palestinians last night and killed 3. BBC reported only that 3 Israeli were stabbed.
For the duration of the Hot Revolution, burning decades of taboos are priorities. Taboos are meant to be sacrificed every year, to cleanse the community and start afresh…not decades later.

“Letter to my son: Une Colere Noire” by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2015). You won’t stop shivering on how the White system fabricated racism to ” dispose” of the Black bodies

Racecraft: the White system design that fabricated the racism illusion to resume the disposition of black bodies and exploitation

You cannot stare that hatred down

You cannot chain the fears that stalks the watches

Even “One single drop of black blood” of your ancestors codifies you as Black in the USA. Same is true for indigenous Indians

Black Panthers: Fred Hampton and Mark Clark assassinated in 1969 in their home by Chicago police

Black Panthers: Assassination of George Jackson in 1971 resulted in Attica prison revolt that was crushed in plenty of blood

Desincarnation: le diable qui pousse les gamins a adopter des postures de dominateurs.
Le fardeau de vivre parmi les Reveurs Blancs d’Amerique, qui t’ expliquent que leurs reves sont juste et noble pour leur innocence illusoire
Le grand defit de USA est comment fonder une democracie, independante du cannibalisme perpetre’ aux Noirs et Latinos, sans attaquer le monde exterieurs avec leur pre-emptive guerres
Le Noir Eric Garner avant d’ etre abattu: Ca s’ arrete aujourd’hui

A normal person must commit all kinds of errors. At an advanced age, start inventing yourself: Start listening intently to people’s plight and desires. Listen passionately to people’s stories.

All the stories are basically the same, but each person considers his story a galactic novelty in miseries.

Short-lived preferences (joining a guerrilla movement) may be impossible to undo when preferences return to original state (impossible to get out when emotions are back to normal)

We are wracked by 2 warring passions: the desired feeling to be led and the desire to remain free. Democratic processes can resolve these tensions by subjecting ourselves to a power that we freely elected. The requirements are:

1. Elections laws are fair and transparent and

2. The voter is made to feel free to vote for his candidate

If you have Not been asked to help, no altruistic person will volunteer to come forward to aid

Great works of the human mind were produced during centuries of liberty of expression and publishing the works (Tocqueville). What a tremendous span of luck to keep liberty flourishing for even a decade in current world affairs

Israel severely wounded 42 Palestinians around Al Aqsa mosque yesterday. This Friday may witness another mayhem. The tragedy continues.

Trump figured it out 2 decades ago: I’ll run Republican. They are dumb and eat up all the lies on Fox news

Finally, Israel reached the phase of the dumbest of dumbs: Considering the Al Aqsa mosque as the ultimate stage of humiliating Palestinians. If Al Aqsa unites all the Palestinian factions to focus on their existence, a legitimate entity, then this is another intifada (civil disobedience)

I feel that Trump is Not as dumb as he is perceived. He is playing the fool in order Not to be restricted in his vision by the institutions,

Trump is acutely aware to the devastation to the economy by the military industrial infrastructure that want to dominate the world at any cost.

The female gender is the first to bear the brunt of any dictatorial system, shifting toward a religious fundamental base

What changed? Before, during, and after serious mass disobedience movements…

I know the feeling.

Before critical mass uprising, the people in all class divides think that they know the complete story and the tiny details of how the social/political system works.

They think that they comprehend exactly how the political elites coordinate their plans and actions to retain the largest piece of the pie…

They think they understand thoroughly how the financial institutions and the religious clerics order the politicians, with utmost contempt, to enacting laws that preserve their privileges and enduring interests…

They think they have nailed down the process how the politicians return the favor by targeting the lower classes with heavy doses of rude application of the law-of-the-land, and how they behave with deranged contempt to the same laws…

And the people really know the story, and they can name names and secrets that the major media decline to spread for the public interest, on the ground that too much transparency is nefarious for the smooth running of government…

Before a mass disobedience movement, engaged poetry is considered the opium of the masses:

To conquer the splendid city of justice and dignity to all…” requires ardent patience, and poetry is the medium to feeding short-term emotions to the people, until the conditions are ripe for a revolution…

I know the feeling.

During the revolution and as dissatisfaction spreads to every region and blocks, and resentment catches on with most classes, genders, age groups, and minorities…what we knew is no longer such a clear-cut story, a cohesive telltale.

You start hearing bits of truths, listening to the other sides of the stories, the counterpoint, rational opinions, normal human shortcomings, no “ill faith” from the authority figures, human frailties and limitations in planning, and executing programs…

The revolution is for all the people, all the citizens?

How is it possible to satisfy the desires and wants and dreams of the entire people?

Even the most apathetic of people, the one who never cared to associate, to show compassion, and to sacrifice anything for the others’ welfare…are still citizens with rights and responsibilities…

The revolution is for all the people, the citizens regardless of wealth class, genders, educational level, ethnic minorities, religious minorities…

How is it possible to coordinate a speech, a plan, a policy, a program to get the entire people on the street to approve, agree on parts and bits of a declaration…

To believe that sanctioning any program into timeline of feasibility, availability of resources, and possibilities is meant to satisfying the entire population?

For the duration of the hot revolution, burning decades of taboos are priorities. Taboos are meant to be sacrificed every year, to cleanse the community and start afresh…not decades later

Happiness with the same empty stomachs

Happiness with the same physical handicaps

Happiness with the same limited means…

Taboos are to be demolished, and better now than never…

Taking the decision to learn how burn taboos every year, for one reason or another, so many of them reasons, so many of them taboos accumulated during the long period of oppression…

I know the feeling.

After the revolution, this ingrained reasoning of the old story of catering first to current elite classes in order to smooth out transition is a plausible short-term tactic…

The elites classes reap the benefits under all situations and conditions, in the short, medium, and long-term, and quickly orienting the revolution toward the old-time structure…

As if the elite classes are ever satisfied, except by parting from the crumbs in the usual trickle down economic policies.

The revolution is the act of looking fear in the eyes and getting used to facing the authority figures on equal terms…

Burning prisons of infamies that incarcerated the freedom to express conscious opinions is a normal follow-up activity.

Hope for building a better world system takes over, the eyes recapture their scintillation, little people take initiatives, the “invisible” person grab a role in the movement and he is the true name of the game: Power to all, every one is entitled to participate in the revolution…

The invisible individual is no longer about to relinquish his time of recognition, he won’t let go easily of how he felt taking actions, he won’t relinquish these deep-rooted day-dreams of acquiring dignity, dreams he never had the courage to tell, to recount, to share with all.

Action is saying it all: rhetorics have their “impotent” masters, leaders for a moment, before they are swept aside by the invisible and mighty power…




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