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Take dreams seriously or Don’t. The advantages are:

Mankind start dreaming in the last three months in the womb. During the day, what we think we saw, heard, touched, smelt…are categorized as conscious observations.  The vast majority of events and sensations are invariably registered and saved in the brain as “sensory observations”

The sensed observations are stored almost indefinitely in the brain. In dream periods, the brain exercises its own “rational logical” processing work in the form of telling a “story”. The brain tries to make sense of what it has stored in observations, conscious and sensorial, by developing a story.

The brain, very often, extract “facts” saved long time ago, as the story unfold and finds a need to insert long forgotten observations.  The brain has this main function of keeping a sense of continuity in our life so that we stay connected with our personal real world model as we perceive it…

We have this tendency of labelling “predictive power” or foreseeing incoming phenomena using the term “six sense”. Many take very seriously the connection of what was dreamt of and what occur during the next day.  The most plausible explanation is that, when we start taking dreams that seriously, we are tempted to watch out for events that corroborate our dreams. In a sense, we are “primed” and prompted to observe what others are not inclined to “see” or are willing to find links among observed phenomena.

Fact is, whatever happen during the day is basically random occurrences of events and sensations, except what we think we have some control over altering the course of events, and actually acting upon our convictions. Random events and sensations are happening all the time, whether we wish it or not.

Being pre-disposed to watch out for confirming events, we are at advantages to discriminating and “seeing” what common people are indifferent to see consciously. If we refuse to take our dreams seriously, we are adopting the situation of “what happen, happen”, “come what may”, “handle one situation as it comes”… and we are not affected by random events.

Taking things seriously, such as dreams or other mythical “knowledge” and superstitions, is hard work and very taxing to the nerves…But it has this advantage of keeping you on “your toes”, watching out for opportunities, alerting to conscious observations and connections.  We are prompted more than others “to see” and discriminate potential links among events and sensations: We are taking the habit of becoming more knowledgeable and connected to people and the environment around us.

Dreams might not have any relationship with next day events, most probably they have none, and yet, dreams are essential in our mental stability and re-organizing our perception of the world and life.  If we take seriously dreams for any other reasons than as essential for our well-being, such as having predictive values, I don’t see much harm in that belief, but a noticeable advantage




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