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Powerful car bomb kills and injures many in Hezbollah stronghold south of Beirut: Bir Abed and Rouwaiss

The charge was over 100 kilos of TNT and apparently a suicide bomber was driving a KIA truck, stolen in the coastal town of Khaldeh. The security forces have detained a person who confessed. So far, casualties are rising from 8 to17 to 23… and the injured from 30 to 200 to 270…

The Associated Press published this August 15, 2013: 

BEIRUT — A powerful car bomb tore through a bustling south Beirut neighborhood that is a stronghold of Hezbollah on Thursday, killing and trapping dozens of others in an inferno of burning cars and buildings in the bloodiest attack yet on Lebanese civilians linked to Syria’s civil war.
The blast is the second in 40 days to hit one of the Shiite militant group’s bastions of support, and the deadliest in decades. It raises the specter of a sharply divided Lebanon being pulled further into the conflict next door, which is being fought on increasingly sectarian lines pitting Sunnis against Shiites.

At least 21 killed in Beirut blast

Loveday Morris and Suzan Haidamous 1:33 AM ET

Syria-based Sunni rebels and militant Islamist groups fighting to topple Syria’s President Bashar Assad have threatened to target Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon in retaliation for intervening on behalf of his regime in the conflict.
Thursday’s explosion ripped through a crowded, overwhelmingly Shiite area tightly controlled by Hezbollah, turning streets lined with vegetable markets, bakeries and shops into scenes of destruction.Video.
Dozens of ambulances rushed to the site of the explosion and firefighters used cranes and ladders to try to evacuate terrified residents from burning buildings. Some fled to the rooftops of buildings and civil defense workers were still struggling to bring them down to safety several hours after the explosion.The blast appeared to be an attempt to sow fear among the group’s civilian supporters and did not target any known Hezbollah facility or figure.Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV and Red Cross official George Kattaneh said the death toll was at least 18 and more than 280 were wounded.The army, in a statement, said the explosion was caused by a car bomb. It called on residents to cooperate with security forces trying to evacuate people trapped in their homes.

Syria’s conflict has spilled across the border into its neighbor on multiple occasions in the past two years. Fire from Syria has hit border villages, while clashes between Lebanese factions backing different sides have left scores dead.

But direct attacks against civilian targets were rare until Hezbollah stepped up its role in Syria. Since then, its support bases in southern Beirut have been targeted.

Since May, rockets have been fired at suburbs controlled by the group on two occasions, wounding four people.

On July 9, a car bomb exploded in the nearby Beir al-Abed district, wounding more than 50 people.

However Thursday’s explosion was much deadlier than those, and was the bloodiest single attack in south Beirut since a 1985 truck bomb assassination attempt targeting top Shiite cleric Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah in Beir al-Abed left 80 people dead.

It came despite rigorous security measure taken in the past few weeks by Hezbollah around its strongholds, setting up checkpoints, searching cars and sometimes using sniffer dogs to search for bombs.”

The deadly blast came a day after Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasr Allah gave an interview to Al Mayadin and before a scheduled major speech marking the end of the month-long 2006 war with Israel.

Hassan Nasr Allah delivered his speech this August 16 and said the following:

1. In the last two months, Lebanon witnessed many rockets launched at Dahieh and around the Presidential Palace and Army headquarter… and many road bombs planted in the Bekaa, Zahle, and Maj Anjar… harvesting civilians and army soldiers.

Hezbollah refused to engage in polemics, or talk to newspapers or comment in media in order to diffuse the planned scheme for destabilizing Lebanon. In the meanwhile, Hezbollah was conducting independent investigations and sharing our intelligence pieces with the army security services…

2. The investigations by the army and Hezbollah security forces have arrested many of the perpetrators and identified the network of terrorists and their foreign funders

3. The Takfiri terrorists don’t believe in nationality or in any religion: They hired assassin hired by international forces to destabilize the region… (Probably meaning Saudi Arabia, USA and Israel…)

4. Those terrorists have already killed far more Sunnis in Syria than Shia or Christians: They executed the wounded and the prisoners and killed the civilians, children, women and elderly.  The  purpose of these terrorist attacks are meant to enflame a civil war through rash counter attacks based on sectarian reasons…

5. In order to save the security and stability of Lebanon and Syria, it is primordial to locate and annihilate these terrorist groups and hit hard on their hired masters…

6. If we had 100 Hezbollah fighters in Syria we will now double that number. If it is required to engage 10,000 fighters in Lebanon and Syria to exterminate these terrorists groups we will do it.

Note: This article follows the same pattern of dailies that are regurgitating the same proposal: “the terrorists attacks in Lebanon are the consequences of Hezbollah military participation in Syria…”  But Lebanon has been the scene of such terrorist attacks before the entrance of Hezbollah to liberate the city of Qusair,10 miles from Lebanon borders, and North Bekaa was subjected to missile attacks from the Syria borders and the inhabitants in the North region of Akkar were harassed by the takfiri mercenary “resistance” who were dispatched from the 4 corners of the world into Syria since 2011.




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