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Stopped the Taliban from shutting down her school: Sakena Yacoobi opened secret schools

When the Taliban closed all the girls’ schools in Afghanistan, Sakena Yacoobi set up new schools, in secret, educating thousands of women and men.

In this fierce, funny talk, she tells the jaw-dropping story of two times when she was threatened to stop teaching — and shares her vision for rebuilding her beloved country.

Speech in May, 2015

Sakena Yacoobi. Education activist. At the Afghan Institute of Learning, Sakena Yacoobi provides teacher training to Afghan women, supporting education for girls and boys throughout the country. Full bio


(Arabic) I seek refuge in Allah from cursed Satan. In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

0:15 (English) I was born in a middle class family. My father was five years old when he lost his father, but by the time I was born, he was already a businessman.

But it didn’t make a difference to him if his children were going to be a boy or a girl: they were going to go to school. So I guess I was the lucky one.

My mother had 16 pregnancies. From 16 pregnancies, five of us are alive.

You can imagine as a child what I went through. Day to day, I watched women being carried to a graveyard, or watched children going to a graveyard.

At that time, when I finished my high school, I really wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor to help women and children. So I completed my education, but I wanted to go to university.

Unfortunately, in my country, there wasn’t a dormitory for girls, so I was accepted in medical school, but I could not go there. So as a result, my father sent me to America.

I came to America. I completed my education. While I was completing my education, my country was invaded by Russia.

And do you know that at the time I was completing my education, I didn’t know what was going on with my family or with my country. There were months, years, I didn’t know about it.

My family was in a refugee camp. So as soon as I completed my education, I brought my family to America. I wanted them to be safe.

But where was my heart? My heart was in Afghanistan.

Day by day, when I listened to the news, when I followed what was going on with my country, my heart was breaking up. I really wanted to go back to my country, but at the same time I knew I could not go there, because there was no place for me.

I had a good job. I was a professor at a university. I earned good money. I had a good life. My family was here. I could live with them. But I wasn’t happy. I wanted to go back home.

So I went to the refugee camp. And when I went to the refugee camp in Pakistan, there were 7.5 million refugees.About 90 percent of them were women and children.

Most of the men have been killed or they were in war. And you know, in the refugee camp, when I went day-to-day to do a survey, I found things you never could imagine.

I saw a widow with five to eight children sitting there and weeping and not knowing what to do.

I saw a young woman have no way to go anywhere, no education, no entertainment, no place to even live.

I saw young men that had lost their father and their home, and they are supporting the family as a 10-to-12-year old boy — being the head of the household, trying to protect their sister and their mother and their children.

 it was a very devastating situation. My heart was beating for my people, and I didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, we talk about momentum. At that moment, I felt, what can I do for these people? How could I help these people? I am one individual. What can I do for them?

at that moment, I knew that education changed my life. It transformed me. It gave me status. It gave me confidence. It gave me a career. It helped me to support my family, to bring my family to another country, to be safe.

And I knew what I should give to my people is education and health, and that’s what I went after.

But do you think it was easy? No, because at that time, education was banned for girls, completely.

And also, by Russia invading Afghanistan, people were not trusting anyone. It was very hard to come and say, “I want to do this.” Who am I? Somebody who comes from the United States. Somebody who got educated here. Did they trust me? Of course not.

I really needed to build the trust in this community. How am I going to do that?

I went and surveyed and looked . I asked. Finally, I found one man. He was 80 years old. He was a mullah. I went to his tent in the camp, and I asked him, “I want to make you a teacher.”

And he looked at me, and he said, “Crazy woman, crazy woman, how do you think I can be a teacher?” And I told him, “I will make you a teacher.” Finally, he accepted my offer, and once I started a class in his compound, the word spread all over.

In a matter of one year, we had 25 schools set up, 15,000 children going to school, and it was amazing.

But of course, we’re doing all our work, we were giving teacher training. We were training women’s rights, human rights, democracy, rule of law. We were giving all kinds of training.

And one day, I tell you, one day I was in the office in Peshawar, Pakistan. All of a sudden, I saw my staff running to rooms and locking the doors and telling me, “Run away, hide!”

And you know, as a leader, what do you do? You’re scared. You know it’s dangerous. You know your life is on the line. But as a leader, you have to hold it together.

You have to hold it together and show strength. So I said, “What’s going on?” And these people were pouring into my office. So I invited them to the office. They came, and there were nine of them — nine Taliban. They were the ugliest looking men you can ever see.

Very mean-looking people, black clothes, black turban, and they pour into my office. And I invited them to have a seat and have tea. They said no. They are not going to drink tea. And of course, with the tone of voice they were using, it was very scary, but I was really shaking up. But also I was strong, holding myself up.

By that time, you know how I dress — I dress from head to toe in a black hijab. The only thing you could see, my eyes. They asked me, “What are you doing? Don’t you know that school is banned for girls? What are you doing here?” And you know, I just looked at them, and I said, “What school? Where is the school?”

And they look at my face, and they said, “You are teaching girls here.” I said, “This is a house of somebody. We have some students coming, and they are all learning Koran, Holy Book. And you know, Koran says that if you learn the Holy Book, the woman, they can be a good wife, and they can obey their husband.”

And I tell you one thing: that’s the way you work with those people, and you know —

 So by that time, they started speaking Pashto. They talked to each other, and they said, “Let’s go, leave her alone, she’s OK.” And you know, this time, I offered them tea again, and they took a sip and they left.

 my staff poured into my office. They were scared to death. They didn’t know why they didn’t kill me. They didn’t know why they didn’t take me away. But everybody was happy to see me. Very happy, and I was happy to be alive, of course.

I was happy to be alive. But also, as we continuously gave training during the fall of the Taliban — of course during the Taliban there is another story. We went underground and we provided education for 80 schoolgirls, 3,000 students underground, and continuously we trained.

With the fall of the Taliban, we went into the country, and we opened school after school. We opened women’s learning center. We continuously opened clinics. We worked with mothers and children. We had reproductive health training. We had all kinds of training that you can imagine. I was very happy.

I was delighted with the outcome of my work. And one day, with four trainers and one bodyguard, I was going up north of Kabul, and all of a sudden, again, I was stopped in the middle of the road by 19 young men.

Rifles on their shoulders, they blocked the road. And I told my driver, “What’s going on?” And the driver said, “I don’t know.” He asked them. They said, “We have nothing to do with you.” They called my name. They said, “We want her.” My bodyguard got out, said, “I can answer you. What do you want?” They said, “Nothing.”

They called my name. And by that time, the women are yelling and screaming inside the car. I am very shaken up, and I told myself, this is it. This time, we all are going to be killed. There is no doubt in my mind.

But still, the moment comes, and you take strength from whatever you believe and whatever you do. It’s in your heart. You believe in your worth, and you can walk on it.

I just hold myself on the side of the car. My leg was shaking, and I got outside. And I asked them, “What can I do for you?” You know what they said to me? They said, “We know who you are. We know where you are going. Every day you go up north here and there. You train women, you teach them and also you give them an opportunity to have a job. You build their skills. How about us?”

 “And you know, how about us? What are we going to do?” I looked at them, and I said, “I don’t know.”

They said, “It’s OK. The only thing we can do, what we know, from the time we’re born, we just hold the gun and kill. That’s all we know.” And you know what that means. It’s a trap to me, of course. So I walk out of there. They said, “We’ll let you go, go.”

And so I walked into the car, I sit in the car, and I told the driver, “Turn around and go back to the office.” At that time, we only were supporting girls. We only had money for women to train them, to send them to school, and nothing else.

 By the time I came to the office, of course my trainers were gone. They ran away home. Nobody stayed there. My bodyguard was the only one there, and my voice was completely gone. I was shaken up, and I sat on my table, and I said, “What am I going to do?” How am I going to solve this problem? Because we had training going on up north already. Hundreds of women were there coming to get training.

 I was sitting there, all of a sudden, at this moment, talking about momentum, we are, at that moment, one of my wonderful donors called me about a report. And she asked me, “Sakena?” And I answered her. She said, “It’s not you. What’s wrong with you?” I said, “Nothing.” I tried to cover.

No matter what I tried to do, she didn’t believe me, and she asked me again. “OK, tell me what’s going on?” I told her the whole story. At that time, she said, “OK, you go next time, and you will help them. You will help them.” And when, two days later, I went the same route, and do you know, they were not in here, they were a little back further, the same young men, standing up there and holding the rifle and pointing to us to stop the car.

So we stopped the car. I got out. I said, “OK, let’s go with me.” And they said, “Yes.” I said, “On one condition, that whatever I say, you accept it.” And they said, yes, they do.

So I took them to the mosque, and to make a long story short, I told them I’d give them teachers. Today, they are the best trainers. They learn English, they learn how to be teachers, they learn computers, and they are my guides. Every area that is unknown to us in the mountain areas, they go with me. They are ahead, and we go. And they protect us.

That tells you that education transforms people. When you educate people, they are going to be different, and today all over, we need to work for gender equality. We cannot only train women but forget about the men, because the men are the real people who are giving women the hardest time.

So we started training men because the men should know the potential of women, know how much these potential men has, and how much these women can do the same job they are doing. So we are continuously giving training to men, and I really believe strongly.

I live in a country that was a beautiful country. I just want to share this with you. It was a beautiful country, beautiful, peaceful country. We were going everywhere. Women were getting education: lawyer, engineer, teacher, and we were going from house to house. We never locked our doors.

But you know what happened to my country. Today, people cannot walk out of their door without security issues. But we want the same Afghanistan we had before. And I want to tell you the other side.

Today, the women of Afghanistan are working very hard. They are earning degrees. They are training to be lawyers. They are training to be doctors, back again. They are training to be teachers, and they are running businesses. So it is so wonderful to see people like that reach their complete potential, and all of this is going to happen.

16:13 I want to share this with you, because of love, because of compassion, and because of trust and honesty. If you have these few things with you, you will accomplish.

We have one poet, Mawlānā Rūmī. He said that by having compassion and having love, you can conquer the world. And I tell you, we could. And if we could do it in Afghanistan, I am sure 100 percent that everyone can do it in any part of the world.



 Isis rules in Mosul and Ninawa Province: “New US Reservation Land” for Islamist fighters denied re-entry to homelands

Since 1981, thousands of Muslim fighters flocked to Afghanistan to resist the Soviet invasion.

The US delivered the Stinger missiles in huge quantity to knock down the Soviet helicopters.

The Soviet troops vacated Afghanistan and the US stopped any reconstruction funds to stabilize and secure Afghanistan.

The Afghan warlords took over the country and Taliban was welcomed by the US as a “stabilizing factor”  until The Twin Towers went down after the gigantic Buddha statue in Bamian was blown up by Taliban. The same process of blowing all shrines, churches and mosques executed by ISIS.

All militants were denied re-entry in their homelands for fear of “destabilizing” the status quo of the political/social systems.

And Yugoslavia was split after a lengthy civil war .

And Chechnya civil war took a heavy toll and the fighters joined factions outside their homeland.

And then Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Chad… And all these fighters still denied re-entry.

And when they returned during the “Arab Spring” uprising, they were wooed to fight in Syria and Iraq.

Over 2,ooo Europeans have joined the extremist Islamic factions in Syria since 2011 and are denied re-entry.

Britain was unable to woo more than 170 to join its army as reservists, but hundreds of them were willing to travel and fight in Syria.

Do Iraqis living under Isis rule in Mosul are beginning to show resistance?

Despite military triumphs, Islamist militants are losing hearts, minds and obedience of residents who have had enough
Demolished grave of prohet Jonah near Mosul

Iraqis inspect wreckage of grave of prophet Jonah in Mosul which was allegedly destroyed by Isis. Photograph: EPA

Iraqis living under Isis rule in north Iraq, where non-Sunni residents have been forced from their homes and tens of mosques have been deemed idolatrous and marked for destruction, have started to push back against the extreme interpretation of Islam being imposed on them.

(Actually, far more Sunnis have been killed by the extremist factions for control of lands, oil, spoils and interests)

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has won significant territorial victories and declared an Islamic caliphate in swaths of land it has seized, from al-Bab in Syria to Falluja in Iraq.

The US recently said Isis was worse than al-Qaida (pdf) and that it had a “full-blown army”. It has subsequently increased reconnaissance flights over Mosul, from one flight a month just two months ago to 50 flights a day (as ISIS moved toward Kurdistan Erbil)

Isis fighters have fought and wrested territory from the Syrian army, the Iraqi army and the Kurdish peshmerga, but have revealed their fragility in governance, in particular, a brutal disregard for local religious and cultural values.

In Mosul, despite its military triumphs, Isis is losing the hearts, minds and obedience of residents who say they have had enough.

When its fighters destroyed the Nabi Jonah mosque (Jonah’s tomb) in the Iraqi city last Thursday, they failed to remove copies of the Qur’an and other religious texts. Residents treading through the ruins of the building found torn and burnt pages of the holy books scattered across the rubble. It was an insult to Islam that was captured on video and unified the city in outrage.

“[Isis] claims that having graves inside mosques is heretical but what about the Qur’an, why did not they remove the Qur’an from the mosque before destroying it?” one resident, who did not wish to be named, asked the Guardian.

The fighters – who adhere to an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam (Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia) that requires the destruction of shrines and graves as idolatory – have reportedly drawn up a list of around 50 mosques to be destroyed in Mosul so far.

The group has a unit called Katayib Taswiya, the demolition battalion, whose job is to identify heretical mosques for destruction. The battalion razes to the ground any mosques built on tombs. If a graveyard has been built after the mosque’s construction, then they will destroy the graves and any section of the mosque building.

Among the 50 on the list are a shrine to the prophet Seth – considered in Islam, Judaism and Christianity to be Adam and Eve’s third son – and the 14th-century Prophet Jirjis mosque and shrine, which was bombed and largely destroyed on Friday.

The Prominent Iraqi architect Ihsan Fethi described the destruction of the heritage site in Nineveh as “cultural suicide”.

Speaking to the Guardian from Mosul, Bashar, a 38-year-old musician, said people had tried to occupy the mosques under threat in an effort to prevent fighters from bombing them.

When the demolition battalion made its move on the Jirjis mosque in the Souq al-Sharin neigbourhood, some residents decided to take a stand. On Friday and Saturday evening, they slept inside the mosque in the hope that their presence would dissuade the militants from their demolition attempts. The fighters came back on Sunday and destroyed the graveyard as planned, but most of the mosque is still standing.

Isis defended its destruction of the sites in a post on one of its main websites on Tuesday: “The demolition of structures erected above graves is a matter of great religious clarity. Our pious predecessors have done so … There is no debate on the legitimacy of demolishing or removing those graves and shrines.”

But on Sunday, Mosul residents continued their defiance.

They had named Monday as the first day of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. On Sunday evening, militants paraded through the city, ordering citizens through loudspeakers mounted on vehicles to continue their fast on Monday or face punishment. These warnings were ignored and the arrival of Eid was announced from Mosul’s mosques on Monday. In the face of public rebellion, Isis changed its mind and several hours later announced the end of Ramadan.

With at least 8,000 years of continuous habitation, Mosul is considered an archeological treasure, with many heritage sites belonging to all religions and sects. Dubbed “small Iraq”, people from a range of religions and ethnicities have lived side by side peacefully for centuries.

This solidarity was displayed last week when several thousand Christian residents were given a deadline of midday on Saturday to convert to Islam, pay a special tax or “face the sword”.

Fleeing Christians told the Guardian that when they were preparing to leave, fearful of the threats, their Muslim neighbours told them to stay put and promised to defend them should Isis come after them. Most of the Christian population fled regardless to areas under control of the Kurdistan regional government. (Stories of feeing residents claim that the neighbors wanted to occupy their possessions and homes and failed to protect them)

This weekend, reports leaked from the city that Isis had ordered the closure of women’s salons and placed specific restrictions on the styling of men’s facial hair. Drug supplies, particularly for those with kidney disease, are running short.

In what could be an indicative violent eruption of resentment and anger from the population, two Isis fighters were reportedly shot dead in broad daylight in the Qayara neighbourhood of south Mosul on Sunday. A witness told the Guardian he saw three assailants fleeing the scene through the city’s narrow alleyways.

The initial joy with which Isis was received in Mosul, as liberators for the Sunni population after years of sectarian corruption and restriction at the hands of the Iraqi army, may already have run dry.

(Maybe so, but wishful thinking does not replace the fact of the continuing occupation)

How to lie and stay pure? Learn from Egypt Moslem Brotherthood teaching…

Egyptian author and activist Alaa Al-Aswany (see notes) wrote:

Here’s what the camera recorded: The minister of information, who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, went to vote on the day of the constitutional referendum.

When he saw the long lines of voters stretching endlessly, he ducked into the Electoral Commission from the  back door and voted within a few moments…

Ordinary voters had to wait outside for hours just to get inside the commission building. As the minister  was leaving, a courageous reporter had the temerity to ask him: “Why didn’t you  come in through the main door like everyone else?”

Without hesitation the minister answered: “I did come in though the main  door. I didn’t go in through any side door.”

And so the minister lied openly, shamelessly, in front of all the assembled  cameras and journalists.

In a democratic country, such a lie from a government minister would constitute a scandal, maybe even lead to the minister’s dismissal. (In the western States, political personality, high administrators, the wealthy, the authority figures… learn to lie through their teeth, until they are caught red handed, and they resign… In the developing countries, they stay as if of nothing that mattered)

But here in Egypt, now under the beneficent rule of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood’s minister will remain in his  position as long as he holds the guide’s favor.

The odd thing is that the minister is a religious man, who no doubt makes sure to say his daily prayers, in preparation for which Muslims must enter a state of ritual purity — and yet he lied.

The question is: does a lie not sully  one’s purity? Does this religious minister not know that lying is forbidden by  Islam, and that God does not accept prayers uttered by liars?

The question does not address itself to this lying minister alone, but to  the entire leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, including President Mohammed Morsi.

They do not practice what they preach. They  make promises but do not fulfill. them  They are prepared to do anything in order to hold on to power. The Brotherhood’s lies cannot be counted, but the  latest of them was this referendum, the results of which were brazenly falsified in order to ram through their constitution.

All manner of violations took place in the course of this referendum, beginning with preventing the Copts from voting, irregular ballots, terrorizing voters and buying the votes of the poor,  to collective voting and cutting power to the commissions’ facilities in order  to rig the results.

All this was done by men calling themselves “Muslim  Brothers,” men who failed to consider for even a moment that lying, deceit and  tampering with the will of the people are all behaviors that contravene the most fundamental tenets of Islam.

And should you attempt, dear reader, to direct some criticism at the guide of the Brotherhood, whether by Facebook or Twitter, you will be bombarded by obscene insults hurled by devoted young men specifically tasked by the guide’s office with insulting Brotherhood opponents over the internet.

How can obscene liars dare to call themselves “Muslim Brothers,” when Islam  urges us to be upright, honest and polite?

What is the secret of this flagrant  contradiction between belief and practice? The followers of political Islam  (including the Brotherhood, Salafists and jihadists) simply do not understand their religion as ordinary Muslims do. Rather, their understanding of religion  is based on the following guidelines:

First: absolute obedience to the supreme guide

The Salfists and Muslim Brothers are loathe to admit to anything not professed as true by the supreme guide of the Brotherhood or by Salafist  sheikhs.

In order to become a member of the Brotherhood, one must not only swear allegiance and obedience to the supreme guide’s instructions, but to believe them at heart as well. A soldier might carry out the orders of his superior without being convinced of their soundness, but how can you demand that thousands of people be convinced that whatever another (ordinary, fallible) human being said is true?

That they must support everything he does and look upon it as though it were flawless? In effect, one has completely nullified their minds and removed their powers of discernment, rendering them pliant tools  in the hand of the supreme guide, to be moved about at his will.

Many Muslim Brothers are highly educated young men, among them doctors and engineers. But they are in a state of total intellectual subordination to their Shaykh, who has  deprived them of the ability to think independently or reason critically.

For evidence, one need look no further than what Sheikh Hazim Salah Abu Ismail did with his followers. This man preoccupied the entire country with the question of his mother’s nationality. Though it became clear that she was an  American citizen, contrary to what Abu Ismail had said, he constantly called  upon his followers to go out and riot, even while he retired to his home where he could enjoy the warmth and the delicious meals he craved.

Meanwhile his followers were left to absorb the clubs and blows of the police. Yet, none of Abu  Ismail’s followers dared to reprove him for his repeated flights or to criticize him over the question of his mother’s nationality. For everything he did, in  their eyes, was righteousness absolute.

Take another example.

When the Brotherhood’s supreme guide came out of the  mosque, the Brothers knelt at his foot and competed with one another for the honor of putting his shoe on. The sense of humility needed  to cause a proud man to beg another man to put his shoe on his noble foot indicates the degree of the Brothers’ submissiveness to their supreme guide and  their inability to think for themselves.

Second: an exclusivist understanding of religion

With the Salafists and the Muslim Brothers, there is no room for discussion  or airing different points of view on religion. Their Islam is whatever their  sheikh or supreme guide says it is: no more, no less.

The strange thing is that most of their comments on the internet are filled with major grammatical errors.  This indicates that they do not read, and that their culture is an oral one,  where they sit at the foot of their sheikh, absorb his words and then repeat  them.

There is no point in engaging them in discussion, because they would  refuse to hear out any opinion that does not accord with that of their sheikh.  Even if it were to come from the most widely respected clerics. Even if you  beseech them to talk things through, they will act belligerently toward you.

They have built their lives upon the belief that the sheikh’s words are truth  itself. If you tell them something that causes them to doubt that, they will  attack you in defense of their beliefs (that, if shaken, would force them to  re-evaluate their entire lives).

Third: demonizing dissidents

The Brotherhood’s supreme guide and the Salafist sheikhs normally attempt to dehumanize their opponents. The Salafists and Muslim Brothers do not believe that their opponents are individuals, each with their own private life. Instead, they place them all under the same negative, all-embracing category of “secularists,” “followers of the West,” or “enemies of Shariah law.”

They don’t  look upon their political opponents as people simply hold a different opinion,  but as godless infidels or Zionist collaborators.

This contempt for their opponents naturally makes it easier to assault their  rights. If you thought of yourself as the only person who possesses absolute  truth, while all who opposed you were collaborators or enemies of the faith, it  would be illogical for you to grant them the same rights as you, because you are  superior to them.

You bear the message of God; they are the followers of Satan.  You are a pure soul, implementing the will of God, while they are impure enemies  of Islam. Assaulting their rights is tolerable and, at any given moment, may  even become necessary. We saw just this when Morsi called up the Brotherhood’s militias to attack those protesting in front of the presidential palace.

Here the contradiction between belief and practice appeared in full force:  groups of bearded men who would never permit themselves any moral backsliding in  prayer were committing heinous crimes without the slightest sense of guilt:  beating young girls, attacking protesters, subjecting them to hideous torture, brutally assaulting fellow Egyptians whose  only crime lay in the fact that they were Christians.

The Brothers’ and  Salafists’ understanding of the faith had put them in a state of war with  whoever disagreed with them. And all is fair in war. Beginning with lying,  rigging elections and ending in beating and torture…

Fourth: searching for the grand conspiracy

The American ambassador in Cairo was monitoring the referendum, when a  group of Salafist and Brotherhood youth gathered around her and began to angrily chant: “Islamic! Islamic!”

These youth had been convinced by their sheikhs that  there was a grand conspiracy against Islam being led by America. And because  they are in mental thrall to their sheikhs, it was difficult for them to see  that the truth was the exact opposite: the US doesn’t care about Islam at all.  It only cares about protecting its interests and Israel’s security. America  would happily welcome an Islamic government as long as it would protect these  interests.

Examples abound: America’s greatest ally for half a century is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which the Salafists and the Brotherhood consider a  model for Islamic government. Then there’s the Taliban, which was originally  founded by American intelligence. In Pakistan, General Zia al-Haqq took power  with Saudi funding so that he could become an American-allied ruler.

The Brotherhood has come to understand this equation, and since the days of  Mubarak has opened its own channels to the American administration. Morsi has  sought to guarantee Israeli security by using his influence with Hamas. And one  who follows international press will find a great deal of Western officials  praising Morsi just as they once praised Mubarak.

The American administration  prefers that Egypt be ruled by a cooperative dictator who can control his people  and guarantee America’s interests. It does not want a democratic regime in  Egypt, for this would turn the country into a regional giant that would  determine the fate of the Middle East and might threaten Israel.

This truth  shines clear as day, but the sheikhs of political Islam continue to convince  their followers that the US is conspiring against Islam even as they meet with  American officials and seek to please them in every way. The notion of a vast  conspiracy against Islam is a delusion, but it possesses important value to the  sheikhs, for it enables them to sharpen the religious sentiments of the young  and prepares them to accept their elders’ commands.

These are the 4 cornerstones of political Islam.

It radically upends the  meaning of religion. Instead of becoming a path to truth, justice, liberty and  equality, it is turned into a tool for hating others, holding them in contempt,  assaulting their liberties and their lives.

And so the first elected president  of Egypt has transformed himself into a dictator who nullified the constitution,  and imposed a distorted replacement in its place, held a rigged referendum, and  sent his thugs to besiege the constitutional court to terrorize the judges and  intimidate them into not invalidating the new constitution.

Even so this unfortunate transformation of Morsi’s has not been without its  positive effects.

For example, it has inspired patriotic and revolutionary groups to unite and combine forces for the first time to save the state from the  Brotherhood attempting to hijack it.

The Brotherhood’s ascent to power has been  a long-delayed but necessary test that Egypt had to undergo. The revolution has  always had to overcome 3 obstacles: Mubarak, the army and the Brotherhood.

It has succeeded in ousting Mubarak and putting him on trial. It succeeded in  getting rid of the power of the army. Now all that remains is the Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood have failed the test of rule, and revealed their ugly face within a few short months.

Stop any ordinary Egyptian in the street and ask him what he thinks about  the Brotherhood. Whatever level of education he has, you’ll find he understands the difference between true Islam and the Brotherhood’s Islam, the Islam that  permits lying, fraud and aggression.

Every day, the Brotherhood loses more and  more of its popularity, until it becomes impossible for any of its leaders  (including Morsi himself) to appear in public without being hounded by hostile  chants from the passerby. The crimes committed by the Brotherhood over the last few months have cost them their popularity, and the more they sense this, the  greater their violence and belligerence will grow.

I expect that, in the near future we will see more repressive measures, acts  of aggression and assassinations against all who oppose the Brothers.

Our duty  now is to topple the distorted, bastardized constitution by any peaceful means  possible. The rigged referendum on this constitution counts for nothing. It was  manufactured by an invalid, illegal constitutional committee that the judiciary almost dissolved for a second time, and would have but for Morsi’s blocking  judicial rulings with his own dictatorial announcement.

The revolution will continue until the Brotherhood’s rule is toppled as  completely as Mubarak’s regime. Then, and only then, will Egypt be able to move toward the future that is deserves.

Democracy is the solution.

Note 1:

Note 2: Translated from the daily As-Safir (Lebanon

Note 3: Who is Alaa al-Aswany?

Alaa Al-Aswany picture

Alaa al-Aswany is an Egyptian writer and a prominent member of the Egyptian Movement for Change, Kefaya. Al-Aswany currently writes a weekly column for Al-Masry Al-Youm and his political articles have been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times and Le Monde.

His 2002 novel, “The Yacoubian Building,” has been translated into 27  languages and was nominated by US Newsday in 2006 as the most important translated novel in the United States.

Al-Aswany is a board member of the Doha Center for Media Freedom and in 2011 he topped the Foreign  Policy list of the Top 100 Global Thinkers

Note 4:

Genesis of Al Qaeda and follow-up on Sept.11/2001

I watched a documentary on the genesis of Al Qaeda and the reluctance and refusal of the CIA to share its pieces of intelligence to the FBI…on the “anniversary documentary” of Sept.11 on the channel ARTE:

Let me start from the end:

Richard Clark, chief of counter-terrorism, during Clinton and Bush Jr., declared:

“More than 50 people in the CIA were accumulating pieces of intelligence on Al Qaeda since Ussama Bin Laden declared war on the USA in 1997 from Peshawar (Pakistan). The CIA was receiving intelligence from the European States and following closely the activities of Al Qaeda in the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998) and the attack on the war ship Cole in Aden and the attacks in the Philippines where the Qaeda was testing sophisticated non-detectable liquid bombs that were introduced in commercial airplanes…

The CIA claimed that it was working for the long-term and refused to share its information with the FBI on Al Qaeda elements who entered the USA “legally”, 13 months before Sept.11. The CIA didn’t want that the FBI to crack down on the Al Qaeda elements on the US soil in order not to disturb its “intelligent work” and procedures…

The US army had its special intelligence center and managed to connect all the links among the Qaeda members and leaders and tried to warn the CIA of the urgency to share these information with the FBI, but the CIA made all kinds of excuses and went on tangent problems that were of no consequence in the short-term. Like the ballistic missile reduction…

The CIA had all the pieces of intelligence it  needed, and most agencies knew that something big is being planned and prepared on the US soil…”

The CIA was simply waiting for the disaster to happen…Why?

Let’s start from the beginning:

When the Soviet Unions invaded Afghanistan in 1980, the US decided to transform Afghanistan into a “Soviet Vietnam“.  The US facilitated the task of Saudi Arabia in dispatching Islamic Arabs to bordering city of Peshawar in Pakistan to get military training.

Sheikh Azzam (Syrian/Palestinian) was the main leader and organizer of the “Service Center” (markaz al khadamat) for the Arab moujahidines flocking into Pakistan and in Peshawar, aided by a young Algerian Jihadist.

In 1981, Al Zawahiri (an Egyptian surgeon) landed in Peshawar with a different objective of “after Afghanistan war“.

Al Zawahiri was released from three years of prison in Egypt in connection with the assassination of Sadat, and was badly tortured, and was vehemently angry with Egypt’s Moslem Brotherhood whom he considered in close relationship with the government.

It happened that Osama bin Laden was also dispatched by Saudi Arabia to Peshawar with plenty of money to finance the operations and became a co-founder with Azzam of the future Al Qaeda organization.

Al Zawahiri linked with bin Laden against Azzam whom he viewed as the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood outside Egypt and heavily recruiting the converging Arabs in Afghanistan to the Brotherhood religious ideology…

An Egyptian officer Ali Muhammad relocated to the US and became an US Sergent in Fort Bragg. Ali Muhammad was the main agent of Al Zawahiri in the US who translated all the engagement and training manuals into Arabic and sent them to the insurgents in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The CIA relied heavily on Ali inside information and the location of all the training camps of Al Qaeda…

The Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, in an orderly manner and in a one long trail of military hardware and troops. What happened later?

Sheikh Azaam considered the task was over and ordered the jihadists to return home.

However, not a single Arabic State wanted to receive these fighting jihadists, and these professional “fighters” had to be dispatched to any hot spot around the world, like Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Algeria,Yemen, Sudan, and later Iraq, and now emerging into Syria…(where the CIA likes to destabilize the society)…

The dictators like Saddam Hussein and Libya Qadhafi and Zein bin Al Abidine in Tunisia were staunch opponents to these radical Islamic jihadists and denied entry of Al Qaeda in their countries.

And the US totally forgot Afghanistan: The Soviets were out and that was the main purpose for recruiting insurgents in Afghanistan.

And for an entire decade, the US didn’t extend any financial aid to the Afghanistan people and let this country be ruled by Taliban and Pakistan security services

And Bin Laden was free to organize and train his Al Qaeda (The Base) movement into destabilizing the Arabic countries that were considered totally allied to the US, particularly after the landing of the US troops in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to “kick out” Saddam Hussein from Kuwait…

Al Zawahiri and the CIA assassinated Sheihk Azzam. Around 1993, the imam of the mosque in the Bronx was assassinated: He was allied to Sheihk Azzam. Al Zawahiri dispatched sheikh Abdul Rahman , the blind, the companion of Al Zawahiri in Egypt prison, to inherit the imamship of the Bronx Mosque.

sheikh Abdul Rahman entered the USA legally: The CIA forms an integral institution within the State Department and many of the CIA members are employed at the State Department, and the CIA is permitted to issue entry visa to who can serve its interests (agents…)

The FBI had infiltrated the close circle of Abdul Rahman and knew all the plans, including the decisions to bomb certain institutions. The infiltrated agent warned the FBI that he was ordered to put together a large bomb…The agent got in a row with the FBI and disappeared.

Al Zawahiri dispatched to Abdul Rahman a Palestinian/Kuwaiti engineer, a professional in making powerful bombs, and blew the World Trade Center. A few more kilo of explosives would have completely demolished the center and lean over and destroy the next tower…Al Qaeda was intent on destroying the Twin Towers, symbol of US imperialist power…

This 35-year old engineer is the one who was sent to the Philippines…

In 1997, Al Zawahiri convinced Bin Laden that the best way to getting out of the anonym state was to directly upset the USA and receive free coverage. And Bin Laden declared war on the USA in 1997…and a few bomb attacks on US institutions outside the USA got bin Laden out of obscurity.

The Cow-Boy reactions of the US, in launching missiles on a few tents and destroying pharmaceutical factories in Sudan and elsewhere, elevated Bin Laden into the unique Arabic Moslem leader, and displaced the center of gravity of popular alignment to Al Qaeda, instead of the current dictators…

Richard Clark said that since 2000 he readied drones with missile launching capability in order to annihilate the Al Qaeda main training camps and headquarters in Peshawar.

The successive US governments refused any further bombing on account that the US was already involved in the bombing of Yugoslavia and keeping the “no-fly zone” over Iraq and didn’t want to project the image that the US is on the “go-ho” of destroying everything and everywhere around the world…

Why the CIA refrained from sharing information with the FBI and other intelligence gathering agencies? Most probably to execute a ready-planned preemptive war (on Iraq), initiated in 1998, and betting on the “Cow Boy” reaction of the US government to immediately go into action, in retaliation for the suffered indignity…

The CIA was in close contacts with Israel strategic military ready-made plans, and Israel agents were the ones behind the facilitation and acquisition of the means for the Qaeda to put into execution the project of annihilating the Twin Towers…

Note 1: On the Sept 11 anniversary of 2012, Al Qaeda assassinated the US ambassador in Benghazi (Libya). Why? The ambassador was on location, a few years ago, when US drones killed the Al Qaeda leader Al Libi. Al Libi objective was to do away with Qadhafi! And Obama still insists on drone-killing Al Qaeada leaders and the collateral civilians, and increasing Al Qaeda popularity in the Arabic/Islamic world…

Note 2: Do you know the town of Venice in Florida? It is located by the Atlantic shores, and the ideal place to fly small planes to Mexico and bring in all the drugs you want: Radar coverage are minimal. The CIA bought one of the private companies for flying small airplanes, twice its worth in 2000. This is where Muhammad Al Atta (the leader of the Twin Towers attackers) and a couple more “terrorist” pilots resumed and perfected their skills during the entire year up to Sept 11/ 2001…

Note 3: Read my post on the war game against Iraq

Note 4

What changed between 1991 and 2003 Iraq invasions? (Apr. 3, 2010)

The Morocco author Fatema Mernissi wrote in 1991 “Islam and democracy” after the first invasion of Iraq by President Bush the father or senior.

In 2002, she wrote an introduction to the English edition.

In 2010, the French editor Albin Michel asked Mernissi a fresh introduction to the updated French edition.

Mernissi suggested that the English introduction should be fine and Michel replied: “Do you think that nothing happened between 2002 and 2010 that young Europeans might be interested in knowing?”

After a good night sleep Mernissi realized that among the many changes, apart that Islamic/Arabic youth are double the Western rate, one change stands out grandly: In 1991, the Arabs were terrified of Western supremacy in technology (smart bombs for example that CNN kept showing their devastating effects in collateral damages on civilians);

in 2003 invasion it was clear that the American and British soldiers were the most scared of Islam virulence. Mainly, Islamic/Arab States had acquired the numeric information technology for disseminating instant news in sound, pictures, and videos and had begun rational communication discussions (jadal) on points and counter points to the benefit of every Arab/Moslems living in European States and the USA.

The unilateral monopoly in the diffusion and dissemination of information and “intelligence” was eroded: Moslems and Arabs could now enjoy 36 satellite channels broadcasting everywhere, including the most popular Al Jazeera channel that even the Western Medias watched for current and impartial news.  Moslems in China were able to keep up with the rest of Islamic World events.

This information victory scared the Western civilization after it realized that the new Islamic/Arabic generations are no longer attuned to their local monopoly Medias run by dictators and monarchs: it is internet age and youth want changes and to discourse rationally.  In 1991, Arabs had practically the CNN to cover the war in Iraq as direct source of information and it was biased toward showing the effects of “smart bombs” and Iraqi soldiers being shoveled alive under in the dune bunkers. Arab people got familiar with the term “collateral damages” and CNN failed to inform on the casualties. In 2003, Arab/Moslem masses had Al Jazeera channel to cover the war among 32 other satellite channels viewed for free.

It is estimated that by 2012, Islamic/Arab States will have over 1,200 free channels as option for the world to watch information and discussion sessions.

For example, since 1948, Israel has devoured all Palestine and waged countless major pre-emptive wars and the Arab masses had to rely on American Medias for totally biased information; the pickiest watchers occasionally selected the BBC.  Things have changed in this numeric information age. In 2003,

Al Jazeera was offering as bonuses well targeted discussion panels with many foreign figures. For example, in 2001 and before the September attack on the Twin Towers, Al Jazeera ridiculed Taliban for bombing the ancient giant Buddhist idols in Bamyan (Afghanistan) while Richard Keller of the giant oil multinational UNOCAL was proclaiming “Taliban is good thing for us”

Western humanists grabbed the successes of the Islamic/Arabic satellite channels to become regular guest stars.  For example, Dany Schechter of “Plunder: Investigating our economic calamity and the subprime scandal”; Adam Hochschild of “Burry the chains: Prophets and rebels in the fight to liberal”; and Chris Hedges of “War is a force that gives us meaning” are regular guests on Arab satellite channels.

Most ironic, it is the USA and a few European States that have been pressuring the obscurantist Arabic State dictators and monarchies to suppressing freedom of opinions and to shut down “controversial” Arabic channels.  In France a few city mayors ordered Arabic channels banned for dissemination because the Arabs and Moslems living in these cities were hooked to Arabic channels and their mind being “poisoned” away from France patriotic indoctrination and inclusion programs.

How can I win the war on “Terrorism”? Part two; (Jan. 28, 2010)

            I set the fundamentals in part one.  This part dwells on details.  Ilyass Kashmiri is presumably the Pakistani leader of the Islamic Kashmir independence movement (from the Indian Kashmir region).  Ilyass’s movement is called Lashkar Al Zil (army of the shadow).  In Arabic, Zil means shade and Zol means indignity; thus, it depends how the word is understood or pronounced in that part of Pakistan.  Lashkar Al Zil was known as Brigade 055 (was it initially a brigade of the Pakistani army?) Lashkar Al Zil has vast networks for intelligence gathering.  It is understood that currently most of the radical Sunni Islamic movements, including Al Qaeda, are taking umbrage under Lashkar Al Zil and not the way around since it has established popular bases in many self-autonomous districts in north Pakistan.

            Ilyass Kashmiri may be orchestrating most of the suicidal operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan; his movement has extended its influence in Yemen and Somalia (Al Chabab). Saleh Al Somali was killed by a drone in Pakistan in 2008.  David Coleman Headly was arrested in Chicago for preparing the aggression on the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten; he participated in the Bombay massacre of November 2008 and Ilyass was one of Headly’s contacts.

            Another Al Qaeda leader working with Ilyass is Yahya Al Libi. Yahya Al Libi is from Libya and his pragmatic goal is to overthrow the Kadhafi regime. In the mean time, Yahya Al Libi is taking the strategy of antagonizing the Islamic Shiaa sect movements (the Shiaa are mostly concentrated in Iran, Iraq, and India); the bombing of the mosque in Ramadi (Iraq) is of his doing (23 dead); the bombing of the Shiaa mosque in Karachi (Pakistan) resulted in 30 dead victims.  Al Libi has a different strategy than Zawahiri (Egyptian and second in command in Al Qaeda) who wants to unite the forces of all Islamic forces.

            Ilyass and Yahaya want the Western forces to intervene militarily so that they can infiltrate the Islamic masses at no cost to them.  Currently, their first target is the Pakistani army that finally got carried away with the US pressures to attack the fundamentalists. The Pakistani government is realizing that the gamble was premature: the Pakistani army is suffering from this unpopular civil war and losing its status as the backbone for Pakistan unity among the various ethnic diversity groups.

            The Lashkar Al Zil and its Afghanistan allies are preparing a counter offensive as snow melts against the Pakistani army in the districts of Khyber, Kurram, Hungu, and Orakzai (in Pakistan) and in the valley of Tera (facing the Afghan mountain chains of Tora Bora).  Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in Yemen because this Wahhabi monarchy is conscious that the vise of the fundamentalist movements is closing on from all directions (Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, and eventually Egypt).  Saudi Arabia has extended $two billion to the Yemenite government and moved its army and air force in operations in Yemen. 

            Some people believe that the USA is indeed fomenting these Islamic movements in order to have excuses for militarily accesses in Yemen and Somalia, in addition to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Arab Gulf mini-States.  People believe that the US wants to secure Africa and the oil shipments in the Middle East. People have reached this implicit feeling of US definite conspiracy from past evidences and because the US is the only superpower to dominate all the seas and oceans by its naval forces. Actually, the US drones have been bombing targets in the sub-Sahara States of Africa (Mauritania, Chad, and Niger) for sometimes.

            During the Bush Junior Administration, the CIA was extended the mission to develop its paramilitary branch (Special Activities Division SAD) in order to carry out vast secret operations.  The former “private security service” company of Blackwater (re-named Xe) was and is sub-contracting a few of these CIA secret operations. Currently, the US government is pressuring Congress to drop all judiciary cases leveled against Blackwater operators.

            The CIA was recently exposed by the suicide bombing of Humam Al Balawi in its Khost (Afghanistan) advanced post that killed 7 CIA agents and 6 other soldiers in December 2009. The Jordanian secret agent, Humam Al Balawi, was lent by Jordan to the CIA to facilitate intelligence gathering on extremist Sunni movements in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The CIA installed a series of support bases in South and East of Afghanistan to gather intelligence for drone attacks on particular “targets” of extremist leaders.  The US military has boasted of killing over one hundred targets; most of the victims were civilians in “collateral damages”.  The increased number of civilian casualties prompted the Pakistani government to get involved in the rules of engagement and drone operations.

            The Afghan army is heavily infiltrated by Taliban elements: last week, the Capital Kabul awoke to a nightmare: it was rocked by 5 attacks on 5 government institutions, including the Presidential Palace of Karzai.

            What is happening in the region are series of civil wars; the factions are mainly borrowing the discourse of Al Qaeda but this movement is plainly limited to fringe countries in Africa.  Nevertheless, US Medias refuse to change the decades catch all term of Al Qaeda to means civil unrest and “terrorism” in Islamic states: they prefer disinformation instead of educating the public to the new realities. Is it simply because it is too “complex” for the little mind of the public to comprehend?

            So far, the US has heavily fallen in the trap of disseminating the image of fighting Islam instead of targeting “terrorist” bases.  More military involvement is bound to stick this image in the mind and heart of moderate Islamists who will be pressured to extend leniency attitudes to the extremist elements and factions.

State security services: Israel as third subcontractor  

            Learning “Politics” in one article is feasible.  Consider that the Zionist State is a third security subcontractor in the Middle East region; that Cheney-Halliburton is the second subcontractor and the US multinational oil cartel as the client for contracting out military campaigns in this region and you will get a much clearer picture of the Gaza conditions.  We can go even further in details and consider the Israeli Parliament as the first rank executive of the third mercenary subcontractor, the Israeli government as the second in ranking, and the Israeli “Defense Force” as the cheaply paid executing contractors and dotted with the latest weapons of mass murder.

            The politically weak trio of (Olmert-Barak-Livney) in the current “temporary” Israeli government was given license, not just to kill, but to commit genocide in order to tame any kind of “resistance” to the Greater Middle East Strategy of total hegemony on the Arab Gulf oil production and distribution.  The soldiers in the Israeli “Defense” forces are naively indoctrinated to serve a fictitious religious Jewish State as their “Homeland” and are also asked to serve their military machine two months every year as reservists after three years of active duty. 

No wonder the US/Israeli military-industrial complex are not hot for peace or a variation on peace with the neighboring “Arab” States:  security contracts would dwindle drastically.  I hear that if a semblance of peace is forced in the Middle East then Blackwater, Triple Canopy, DynCorp and company will enjoy a large pool of trained and experienced mercenaries in the Israeli reservists.

President Moubarak of Egypt is the support subcontractor with the task of closing off all supply entrances to the Palestinians in Gaza, tightening the siege on one million and a half civilians, allowing the landing of arm shipments to Israel, and then leading the “cease fire” negotiations.  The 85 million outraged Egyptians will be permitted to demonstrate in districts outside of the Capital Cairo to vent out their rage and frustration. In Lebanon, demonstrators visit the barb wire surrounding the Egyptian Embassy to hand more assortments of footwear, an adequate symbol for this lousy and treacherous Moubarak dictatorial regime

Jordan (of the Hashemite tribe) is the second support subcontractor with the difficult task of containing Palestinian outrage in Jordan and the West Bank by all means possible. Mass demonstrations in front of the Israeli Embassy in Amman were quashed with utmost vengeance.

The theocratic and oligarchic monarchy in Saudi Arabia is basically the main “producer” of the hecatomb gore movie; the Saudi regime is ordered to come up with the finance in lieu of the US oil cartel with no return whatsoever.  In fact, the Saudi monarchy will invest in the “reconstruction” of Gaza simply to secure the Wahhabi sect predominance in the Arabic Peninsula and its neighborhood. It is to be known that the Wahhabi sect is darkest, prehistoric extremist religious sect in the history of Moslem sects and the source of modern Al Qaeda (Bin Laden) and Taliban (Afghanistan) movements.

“Blackwater and Companies are back…” (September 8, 2009)


            Blackwater is back to Iraq in 2009 under a different company name.  Many US security companies have been in Afghanistan since 2002 guarding the most valued personality in the world Hamid Kardai.  Hamid is President “elect” of Afghanistan for many terms and control one square miles in the Capital Kabul. “I have no fucking idea who we are fighting.” A member of Task Force 11 in Afghanistan declared.  Last night a German politician admitted that there are no way to discriminate among civilian and Taliban fighters. “I want to kill every fucking Afghan I can” said certain contractor named Jack. A bar owner in Kabul retorted: “The only thing that Jack should be allowed to kill is his bar tab” 

            In a matter of months after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, private security firms increased haphazardly; many quickly secured multi-billion contracts such as HART, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, Blackwater, ArmorGroup, Control Risks Group (CRG), Erinys, and Aegis. “I can launch a thousand armed and trained men” had said Eric Prince, owner of Blackwater. The pentagon was officially contracting with 60 such “private security” firms but the unofficial subcontractors doubled the number of firms; for example, Zapata Engineering which handled gathering, transportation, and demolition of ordnance had its own security services; not to mention Halliburton and the like.

            At the end of the “Cold War”, the US military force was downsized by 30%; (In my opinion it was not just an economic necessity as it was a political shift of image control; Clinton didn’t want to be cornered by the military for alternatives that can be resolved diplomatically).  Thus, the military enhanced its policy of privately outsourcing logistical supports.  In December 1985, the first Army’s Logistic Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) was introduced; it permitted for civil corporations to supply sanitation, shelter, maintenance, transport, food services, and construction.      

            The author of “Licensed to kill” Robert Pelton met a covert team of “contractors” at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003.  Robert embarked on an odyssey in locations where the CIA and the US State Department needed the services of private war contractors (read mercenaries and security service operators). “At the end, we all knew there might be a conflict of interest” said a private contractor.  (Foreign leaders are dependent on the US government when its interests collude to withdraw hired private security if displeased.  The US State Department could withhold further contracts if private providers of security do not obey the US Administration orders.)


A young security guard wrote on the internet (an e-mail from a Mamba Team House):


“T’was the night before Christmas in Baghdad, Iraq

All the Mamba Crewmen were tucked in their rack

The defenses were set in impeccable form

And I had just settled down to surf Internet porn

When out in the street I heard such a clatter

It wasn’t a mortar so what was the matter?

In full kit I ran out and what should appear

It was Rudolf, he was wounded, and he was one fucked up reindeer.

He said Santa’s sleigh had been hit by a Strela (a missile)

The old man burned in and was captured by al Qaeda…”


            In 1992, Dick Cheney, then secretary of defense to George Bush Senior, contracted Brown and Root (later acquired by the Texas-based Halliburton) to offer a dozen fictional scenarios that could require the deployment of 20,000 troops in 5 base camps for 6 months.  During the Clinton Administration, Cheney headed Halliburton from 1995 to 2000.  In 2001, Cheney secured to Halliburton an extended term of 10 years.

            Even with the over billing schemes of the private contractors, the military saved money but the main objective was political cost savings when things went wrong: the companies could be blamed, contracts annulled, and their employees lost their jobs without due prosecution.

            Bush Junior invaded Iraq with about 250,000 troops because, except Britain, no country would contribute forces. The total manpower on the field was much higher because of the private suppliers.  The US refused to increase its forces to at least 400,000 in order to maintain law and order; thus, the administration relied on private security services.  Without the necessary forces on the field Iraq drifted into total chaos.  “Yes, I’d give the Devil the benefit of laws, for my own safety’s sake” Thomas Moore had once said.


            The chaos sparked impunity for the violent criminal groups that didn’t exist during the reign of Saddam.  Colonel T.E. Lawrence warned 80 years ago about the region “A tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion, and yet always ready to combine against an outside force.”

            (Among the multitudes of private providers were dozens of Israeli companies, coordinating their activities with their Mossad intelligence service, looting Iraq, its historical monuments and artifacts, and assassinating the scientists and Iraqi intellectuals).

            While 50% of the Iraqi was unemployed the private suppliers hired foreigners from the Philippine, Turkey, Pakistan…because they could not trust the Iraqis.  The Iraqi population stayed quiet for 6 months hoping for the reconstruction of the country to take off but it never materialized.

            The US allocated $20 billions for the reconstruction, mainly from the Iraqi oil production (Bush Junior signed Executive Order to confiscate Iraqi property in the US and funds in American banks and the UN allowed 95% of the income from petroleum export sales to be diverted to the Development Fund for Iraq “to promote the welfare of the Iraqi people through the effective administration of the territory”).  In 2005, Congress increased the Fund to 55 billions to the year 2007, an influx that benefited the private US sector but not the Iraqi.

            “We should expect bad irrational behavior, disloyalty, rampant individual greed, back-stabbing, and bum-fucking activities.  It may be that getting us out comes down to a large splodge of wonga” said Simon Mann from prison.

            As of 2008, more than 600 private security contractors have so far died and were not accounted for in the total number of casualties. Blackwater is back to Iraq in 2009 under a different company name. “We are not merely imperfect creatures that need improvement: we are rebels that need lay down their arms” By C.S. Lewis in (The problem of pain)



Note 1: A major part of this article was extracted from the book of Robert Pelton “License to kill”.


Note 2: Mullah Omar, the leader of Taliban, was not targeted and he roamed freely in the Pashtun provinces in Pakistan where they enjoyed self-autonomy from the central Pakistani government.  Ussama Ben Laden was no longer seriously apprehended and lived also in the Pashtun provinces.


Note 3: It is my contention that the Saudi theocratic oligarchy valued Ben Laden as their best proselytizer of the Wahhabi sect in Pakistan and had made a very generous deal with the US Administration to sparing this Saudi asset!  If you recall that it is these extremist terrorist Wahhabi groups that finally managed to assassinate Benazir Bhutto PM because she wanted to clip the wings of the Wahhabi entrenchment in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  No wonder that the Saudi monarchy has started to negotiate with Taliban for power sharing in Afghanistan.  It is the same Wahhabi of Al Qaeda that tried to destabilize Lebanon by fighting the army in the Palestinian camp of Nahr Al Bared in the city of Tripoli.

“Beyond, beyong Obama”: Bi-weekly report (#27); (July 21, 2009)


            Do you recall the slogan “Beyond Haifa, and then beyond, beyond Haifa”?  This most effective warning of Hassan Nasr Allah was intended to Israel if it contemplated a full fledge war on Lebanon in July 2006; Hezbollah missiles did hit Haifa and beyond, beyond Haifa.

            Sayyed Hassan revamped this slogan and extended it beyond the limited borders of the Near East region.  To the Arab and Moslem masses he proclaimed that the successive US Administrations will never pressure Israel to abide by the UN resolutions and behave as one of the normal States; Sayyed Hassan warned that our problems will worsen “beyond, beyond Obama”. 

            The speech was for the people to get over the propaganda of the State leaders that would want us to believe that the US is ready to bring a resolution any time soon.  Sayyed Hassan lambasted the Arab and a few other Moslem States who are constantly ready to oblige the dictates of the US Administrations and extend hands to Israel without any practical returns. As if 60 years of experimenting with Israel pre-emptive wars need further dialogue to comprehend the Zionist ideology.  The Secretary General of Hezbollah clearly proclaimed that Israel has become a mercenary State for the interest of the US in the region (since 1960); he was adamant that he never asked for any political guarantees for retaining the military potentials neither from Lebanese leaders nor from foreign powers.


            Sayyed Hassan is willing to extend the prime minister designate Saad Hariri all the time he needs to form a unity government.  This is simple rhetoric to cool it down. Everybody else is demanding Hariri to get on with his job and have a government running by the end of July. I warned in  my previous bi-weekly report (#26) that the more Hariri lingers the readier is Israel to start another wave of assassination to destabilize Lebanon. What do I know?  I can review the events in the last three years and extrapolate the consequences.  It is no secret that Israel has started heating the south borders by trying to antagonize the UNIFEL with the Lebanese citizens waiting for the UN report and decision in August with respect of extending the mandate of the UN forces with a few alterations.  August is going to be a hot month unless a Lebanese unity government is running before then.


            Pakistan military incursions into the Taliban type Swat region are no longer in the media.  The US is already proclaiming military defeat in Afghanistan.  India is urged to relieve pressures on Pakistan so that it can focus its forces to resolving its internal serious problems.  Political solutions in Afghanistan are already contemplated.


            Iran election was no fraud.  Late Ayatollah Komeini demanded that election of the President and the supreme leader be done by popular vote and the procedure and process are very detailed and controlled that prevent any kinds of technical frauds on the scale the media would like us to believe.  The duration of the counting of 7 hours was the same as the election in 2005 since it didn’t involve parliamentary or municipal voting members.  There were in total 61,000 voting centers, 47,000 in fixed locations and 14,000 moving centers so that each center welcomed 500 voters.

            The duo Ahmadinajad and Kamenei were investing resources in the rural areas and bypassing the clerical cast. Besides the Capital Teheran that has 13 millions citizens, 17 other urban cities of over half a million each contain about 13 milions.  The remaining 45 milions dwell in towns of less than 100,000.  Ahmadinajad focused his economical aids on the rural areas and alienated the clergy cast by not using it as intermediary in the financial distribution.

            The demonstrators were not the pro-reformists attributed to the other candidates but the supporters of the clergy cast fearing a crackdown on its privileges.  The duo Ahmadinajad and Kamenie sent the strong signal to the clergy to make room for reforms. The Iranian clergy cast thought of riding the wave of the western media and uncovered its schemes.  Iran is poised for reforms; its top priorities are internal; the external pressures are “beyond Obama” but they are the least scary or worrisome to the regime.

Religion resurrects: It must die first

State Ideologies usurping religions: (June 18, 2009) 

            The 20th century was characteristic in serious attempts of replacing State religion by State Ideology.  This was feasible simply because most religions have developed into structured ideologies in concepts and in organization.  Soviet Russia was successful for over 70 years in that endeavor because it emulated communism into religious replica in all premises and criteria.  Soviet communism stated what happens after death, it described what is go and what is evil, it structured its hierarchy on the basis of church, excommunicated the “refusnik”, and it created a God, a semi abstract God with a personified representative on earth.  The Gang of Four in China, after the death of Mao Tse Tong, carried that religion a step forward: all ancient manuscripts of Chinese civilizations were meant to be burned.  The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia went several notches further: every educated person was to be burned; the new generation was to start with a blank brain.

            The trend of State ideologies usurping religions is going on even stronger with a reversed strategy.  State ideologies are basing their premises on a religion; they claim that the concepts of their ideology are consistent to the fundamentals of the original religion.  Those extremist State ideologies are found in all religions: Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddha-based religion.  State ideologies are in Afghanistan, Somalia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Burma, and in the USA during the George W. Bush two Administrations.


            Religions, monolithic or not (it is primarily a mental distinction and never real), did not mushroom spontaneously in specific regions.  Religion is the same and was translated and interpreted into different languages and cultures. Religions were imported/exported along with the material baggage of trade and commerce; they were built upon and modified to correspond to customs and traditions. Religions developed to extreme abstractions in urban centers or reduced to basic common denominators in remote rural areas; they were the primary cultural communication among people based on trust, confidence, and belief that there is always someone more powerful and more knowledgeable than the lot.  

            It is because people need to create a God that religion was the main communicator among nations; religion transcended peculiar customs and traditions and reached straight to the deep fear and apprehension of man.  Fear of the unknown is shared by everyone and all men are similar in that one characteristic.

            There have always been all kinds of civilizations; that the archeologists failed to uncover relics and artifacts is irrelevant to that fact. Every civilization prospered on slavery; whatever names slaves were given.  Slaves had their own God; at day they shared the God of the usurpers of their freedom and by night they unveiled their “True God” and worshiped him genuinely as only desperate souls know how to pay tribute. A few slave “tribes” revolted and confirmed their nightly God at day break and paid retributions.  Most of these “slave tribes” succumbed to the power to be and its social structure (constructed around a religious hierarchy); a few preferred to be chased out and suffer another kind of life hardship.  No, there was no dignity in the daily life of the forsaken slaves who wandered in the wilderness; even their nights were different: they had to reinvent a God compatible to their wretched new life, an altered the God of the One they used to worship at night before the Diaspora.

            Nomadic tribes didn’t need religious clerics to convince them of a “God”: as they sat around by night they could watch the vault of the sky reaching down and they felt they could touch the stars.  There is overwhelming majesty during the peaceful nights in desert like regions, a sky sparkling with millions of beautiful stars twinkling overhead (a few moving, many fixed) that offered reprieve, courage, and hope for another day of desolation, loneliness, and harsh nature.  Nomads appreciate the varieties of Silence: they can feel the God of Silence before major cataclysms and desert storms.

            It is because nomads needed to believe more in a God than other settled people to ward off the persistent and real fears of the days for survival that their God was more powerful and more compassionate than other Gods; the God of the nomads was personified in the one seeking refuge for the night; the visitor was lavished with the respect due to the wandering God paying visit to the tribe members and he was fed with whatever meager substances the clan had saved.  The God of the nomads knew their traditions and customs and refrained from interfering or crossing the lines; otherwise, the visitor was punished for false representation.


            There are various God. There is the God of the nomads, the “Night God” of the enslaved, the God of the urban and settled people, and the God of wandering homeless people, rootless, and abandoned because their God refuses to be set free.  My article concerns the God of the stragglers.  This God was created a brute, ruthless, and blood thirsty; an avenger out of ignorance, an insulated, merciless, and uncompromising hatemongering God.  This is the God of Thunder, War, Lightening, Storm, Sword, and Skull.  This is the God who rebuffs any tender offer to mingle with other civilized Gods, to soften His manner, to come to maturity, to associate, to adjust, and to keep pledges.

            This is the God who obeyed his creators; as He started to appreciate modern and civilized habits He was reminded by his creators, called prophets, that He lost his way and the reason why He was created.  This the God who was resurrected countless time from his compassionate leaning and collaboration with other worthy Gods to lead newer generations, whose hearts and minds were burned alive from birth, to take on a chimerical revenge on real people because chimerical stories and myths are truer than reality.

            The Jewish religion is dead.  It was replaced by a State ideology called Zionism. Jehovah (Yahweh) was again called upon to mete out his benediction to countless genocide against the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians. The ancient “prophets” were rejuvenated into modern-day prophets, very much as archaic as Ben Gurion, Menahem Begin, Ishak Shamir, Sharon, Ehud Barak, and all the lot who want their “promised land” that they usurped by the sword, lies, and blasphemy. 

              The Jewish religion is dead as Israel was recognized in 1948.  It is not what the Books say; it is how it is practiced.  It is how Zionism behaved in Gaza, Sabra and Chatila Palestinian camps, the camps in Jenine, Jabalya, the massacres in the villages of Dar Yassine, Kfar Kassem, Yafa, the shelling of the town of Qana, of the UN compounds in Qana, Gaza, and the West Bank, the execution of over 6,000 Egyptian soldiers prisoners in the war of 1967; the destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure 8 times, the destruction of the infrastructures in Gaza and the West Bank, the demolition of schools and hospitals, the routine assassinations of leaders, the apartheid Wall of Shame, the refusal of abiding by UN resolution 194 for the return of the Palestinian refugees, the insistence of refusing to share Jerusalem Capital to the Palestine State, the transfer methods of the Christians from Jerusalem, and claiming that Israel should be accepted as State for Jews before any peaceful negotiation.

            The Jewish religion is dead.  It was replaced by a State ideology called Zionism, founded by the Eastern Europe Ashkenazi.


Note: The UN described Zionism in mild terms as “a form of racism”.  As the USA pressured the UN to desist of this mild description then Zionist ideology was no longer restricted to Jews; it transformed to an umbrella for the fascist, Nazi, Stalinists, Gang of Four, Khmer Rouge, Neo-Conservative, apartheid, and isolationist ideologies; it had contacts with Taliban, Ben Laden, Qaeda, and a variety of religious extremists of Moslems, Hindus, and the Christians of the Sirilanka Tamul terrorists.




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