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Why Hating the wrong party who did Not practice Fassaad?

Hezbollah and the Tayyar movement of the current President Michel Aoun were Not involved in the major looting of the budgets since 1993 and spreading fasaad in all institutions.
Why the militia/mafia leaders are doing their best to heaap their highway robbing activities on those who were Not part of their political “power”?

مبارح كنت سهران مع جاري ، شاب ابن بيت ومهذب وخلوق ، بس مشكلته انه لما بده يقوّص بيرمي رشقي وعشوائي!!
خبرني عن غضبه لما شاف تغريدة شاب ابوه مسؤول بتنظيم حزب ألله ومن صورة نائب سابق عن حزب ألله ومن تصريح او موقف لنائب حالي بحزب ألله!!

كره التنظيم وكره المقاومة وكره الطايفة وكره حاله ( يمكن معذور وما بينلام)
ولأني بحبه زدته من الشعر بيت ، وخبرته عن مشاهداتي كمان:

شوف يا صاحبي …انا بيوم من الايام وقبل مواقع التواصل شفت زلمي وصله خبر استشهاد ابنه الصبح ، نعاه المغرب عن منبر وهو واقف متل الجبل ، هالزلمي مش فاسد ، ومش عم يقود تنظيم فاسد ، هالزلمي اسمه حسن عبدالكريم نصرألله

انا شفت عدوي سنة ٢٠٠٠ منسحب وخايف بسبب حزب ألله المش فاسد

شفت سنة ٢٠٠٦ الفاسدين (اللبناني قبل الغريب) اجتمعوا ليكسروا حزب ألله المش فاسد
شفت ورقة ببيت اهلي فيها اعتذار من شباب المقاومة لأنهم اضطروا يخلعوا الباب ليتخبوا داخله من طيارة استطلاع عم تلاحقهم بآب ٢٠٠٦ ، هالشباب مش فاسدين

شفت ام عم تضب شنطة ابنها يللي يمكن ما يرجع من الجرود ، الإبن مش فساد والام طاهرة
شفت بنت عبطت ابوها وودعته الوداع الاخير قبل هجوم الزبداني ، هالأب ما كان فاسد والبنت بريئة
شفت جثة اندفنت بلا راس
شفت راس رجع وحده بلا جثة

شفت جريح مقعد
شفت جريح ضرير
شفت اكتر من الفين نعش مارقين بالضيع والقُرى

شفت كتير كرمال احكيك هالكلمتين وكرمال تطلع تجمع كام لايك على حساب مهاجمتك لنهج طويل عريض ، وعجبك او ما عجبك بس هالنهج حماني وحماك ، يمكن انت ما طلبت الحماية ، بس للاسف لحماية ضهري لازم ضهرك كمان يكون محمي!!!

لأني بحبك حكيتك هالكلمتين ، ولو ما بحبك كنت ما رديت عليك ، لأن الحكي متل قلته من ال ٨٢ الناس عم تحكي لما كان التنظيم بالزاروبة ، هلق هالتنظيم وصل للفرات

ولأني بعرف معدنك و طهارتك ووجعك عم قلك صوّب منيح لما ترمي ، لأنك من حيث تدري او لا تدري عم ترمي على اهلك و اخواتك و ترمي حالك .

انت شفت شي طبيعي جدا و عملته فساد !! ماشي الحال ، بس قوّص على شخص لما يكون غلطان ، ما تقوّص على نهج ….حزب ألله مش شخص

سامع صوت هالطيارة؟؟ هيدي يمكن عندها هدف بمكان بسوريا ، على علمك ليش ما بتقصف هون بلبنان؟؟
بس تعرف ليش الطيارة بتخاف تقصف لبنان معناها بلشت تفكر صح

UN Declaration: “The people has the rights to Resist Occupation”?

The US occupation of Iraq for 8 years doesn’t make it less Illegal if the US enlisted 2 dozens States to “share” in the occupation.

The US occupation of Afghanistan for longer than the Soviet Union doesn’t make it less illegal if the US pressured 2 dozens States to commit illegal activities.

Is that an old story?

Israel occupation of “All of Palestine”, parts of south Lebanon, and the Syrian Golan Heights  has been going on for over 65 years.

Is that an old story?

This is not directly the subject of this article.

I need to tell you of an insanity.

The current “State” of Lebanon managed to form a government after an entire year of waiting in limbo, while 1.5 Syrian refugees flocked to this tiny country of barely 4 million, and dozen of terrorist car explosions plagued the safety and security of the civilians, the economy totally grounded, and no projects and programs voted in a Parliament that extended its tenure for 2 more years and never met since then.

I need to tell you of a worst insanity.

For an entire month, the new government was discussing this “letter of intent” to be submitted to parliament in order to be voted in.

The main critical point was: “Has the Lebanese people the rights to resist Israel occupation“?

Apparently, Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia are loath of including Israel as a “potential enemy”, even though Israel occupies several towns in Lebanon, had waged over 8 preemptive wars on Lebanon  and destroyed its infrastructure, and has never stopped “infiltrating” and invading Lebanon airspace, water and land since 2008.

Apparently, the new minister of the interior Mashnouk (The hanged) consider Iran to be the main nemesis to Lebanon security, the same thesis consistently expounded by Israel.

Many of you are chuckling of the insane conditions that the Lebanese society are to submit to “peacefully”.

It is not funny for the Lebanese who have been feeling down on their luck for over 2 decades and who have been “humoring” the lame successive governments that claimed “Lebanon force is in his weakness” (meaning that Lebanon is better off with a weak army not endowed with proper weapons to resist occupations, invasions and terrorist attacks)

Another insanity is that this government was primarily formed in order to fill the gap in “legitimacy” if the Parliament fails to elect a new President to the Republic in May, which is highly probable since a President is meant to be also of the weak kind with no popular or political support base, like the current Michel Suleiman.

And this Parliament has no legitimacy in electing a president since it failed to be voted in by the citizens for a new term. Why? The people views and opinions have changed in the last 4 years and they demand more representative deputies.

Note 1: After the Syrian troops vacated Lebanon  in 2005, and following the assassination of late and former PM Rafic Hariri, the only political movement that steadfastly confronted this occupation was the followers of General Michel Aoun who was in exile in France.

The Lebanese who longed to the withdrawal of the Syrian troops formed a human flag in Downtown Beirut on March 14, 2005.
This event was organized and called for by the Free Patriots of the Tayyar movement of General Michel Aoun.
نحن 14 آذار. وهذا العلم الذي تبناه البعض هو فكرة وتنظيم لجنة الشباب والشؤون الطالبية في التيار الوطني الحر في 12 آذار 2005.
Since then, all the political forces that supported the Syrian occupations hoarded this event as their own such as the Moustakbal of the Hariri clan, Geaja3, Kataeb…
Hezbollah had called for a demonstration on March 8 to “thank Syria“, although Hezbollah was the main party that feared most the presence of the Syrian troops in Lebanon and lived in constant anxiety for any tacit deal between Bashar Assad and the US to satisfy Israel demands for a “permanent and lasting peace” in the region at the expense of the Palestinian rights and Hezbollah to resist occupation.
Note 2: The rebel Syrian town of Yabroud has been liberate by the Syrian army. Yabroud was the main source of introducing suicide car bombers into Lebanon.  Thousands of terrorist rebels have been flocking into the eastern mountain range that borders Lebanon and Syria.
If Lebanon and Syria fail to coordinate their security programs, it is likely that these mountains will become another kind of Tora Bora Land, as the Beluchistan separating Afghanistan and Pakistan. Any weakness in either State will witness a counter offensive by the massed “Wahhabi terrorists” once money and weapons flow in in order to wage waves of terrorist attacks that satisfy the interest of countries that want this region totally destabilized.




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