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Testimonials 30 years after a civil war

The issue May 9, 2005 of daily Al Balad

 A girl testified that she did not hear of the General Aoun Movement (Tayyar Taghyir wa Islah)until her last High School year. When the authority cancelled a live interview with the General on channel MTV the school bus passed by the Science University, and she picked up a few leaflets denouncing the authorities. Her teacher complained to the head master who questioned her. 

She watched a demonstration of the General Aoun Movement supporters in front of the MTV headquarter; that was the first time she was exposed to a demonstration. In the faculty of natural sciences, she participated in handing out leaflets, especially on the eve of Independence Days, November 21.

A few times, students were confronted by intelligence agents and booked overnight.  The students applied as candidates for the student council, simply to be present during the counting of the ballot.

The General’s freedom movement supporters performed dangerous activities such as distributing leaflets at night.  The faculty was shut down and barbed wires were erected around the faculty to prevent the movement’s political celebrations or gatherings.

The girl’s first action was to participate in a gathering reclaiming the setting free of the student Walid Ashkar.  She was at the Museum demonstration of April 2000 where dozens of students were beaten up and sent to prisons.  The coded honking of the Tayayr was heard from the encircled demonstrators, while she kept running away from the mayhem.

The students knew the intelligence agents in their faculty by name, and they used to tambourine on their desks during their presence and shouting “Out Fassido”.

The students marched on March 14, 2000 toward the Syrian army headquarter in Fanar and she did not feel any sort of exhaustion.  Citizens threw rice on the marchers in support and the Lebanese soldiers were uncomfortable of their duty of keeping the peace.  Fear vanished from her life after she was incarcerated, and she paid no attention to her relatives’ admonitions such as “What can you realize?  Girl, why do you have to act like that?”

Testimonials 30 years after a civil war: Return of General Michel Aoun 

The issue May 8, 2005 of daily Al Balad

 In this day, General Michel Aoun returned to Lebanon from 15 years of exile, spent mostly in France.  Aoun had promised to return home after the Syrian troops officially withdrawal from all Lebanese territories, and before the Parliamentary election so that he could be involved in that process on the ground. 

Aoun told the 350 thousand citizens gathered at the Martyrs’ Square: “Lebanon is freed. If I ever use any confessional (sectarian) language I’ll ask you to dismiss me.  We are ready to fight the political money that brought Lebanon to bankruptcy, and we will prosecute any responsible proved to be part of these grand thefts.” 

400 cars and buses flocked from the Christian villages around East Sidon to welcome their leader and emancipator from the Syrian hegemony.  People converged from Byblos, Haret Hrike, Dir Kamar, Zahle, Ashkut, Ajaltun, from the North, South, Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa valley.

General Aoun once said that any solution to succeed and to last needs the simultaneous agreement and approval of Lebanon, Syria, and Israel for the resolution of any problem between two of these countries. General Aoun also stated that Lebanon is too big to be swallowed and too small to be divided.

The supporters of the General freedom movement (Tayyar Taghyir wa Islah) constantly update their slogans, songs and symbols.  They used to rely on military songs such as “Only you soldiers of Lebanon” and “Throw flowers, the soldiers have arrived”  then adopted our famous singer Mageda Rumy songs such as “Resist your encirclement” and “I swear to God”. The Movement moved on to liking a few leftist songs such as “I am coming back to the disinherited people”. 

The  favorite poets of the sympatizers are: Said Akl, Maurice Awad and father Simon Assaf.  They adopted the Omega symbol for resistance, enclosing the cedar tree and they are planning on removing all the pictures of the General in military attire to be replaced by civilian garment pictures.




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