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The State of Israel has decided that the best manner to save the sanity of its Jewish citizens is to obstruct the vision of the Palestinians across their towns and villages.  The policy is “NO see any Palestinian then, he does not exist” .  Golda Meir wished to believe that “There are no Palestinians”.  That was before the Palestinians established their resistance against the occupier.  The policy says: “If the Palestinians are not seen then, they are not to be considered as a people”

As long as the Israeli citizens are blind to their neighboring Palestinians then, the State government can deal leisurely with the legal aspects of the UN obligations of the occupation and handle the media in the civilized World.

Israel built the infamous Wall with the support of Bush Jr. and against the prohibition of the UN.  Israel claimed that this long and high Wall will prevent physical infiltration of “terrorist Palestinians”; the real reason is to obliterate the sight of the Palestinians across the Green Line as a sore reminder of their nasty occupation policies.  Israeli can no longer see the Palestinian working his fields and gardens, the Palestinian children playing in muddy streets with a makeshift soccer ball, the women in tattered garments, and old people left unsheltered… Consequently, the Israeli citizen has no longer to be anxious about his moral obligation for dispossession of the original inhabitants of their lands and homes.

No see thus, does not exist policy applies to constructing special highways and routes to circumvent Palestinian communities, at the expense of more confiscation of Palestinian lands under the guise of security requirements.  Before the Israeli colons evacuated Gaza in 2005, the French author Regis Debray was visiting Gaza with a Dominican priest.  They were on the highway under the terrible noon sun and then, the highway was closed for 30 minutes.  Regis thought that a terrible car accident occurred.  Wrong.  Israeli soldiers closed the highway to let a 4×4 of a colon family going to the beach to cross the highway “safely and quickly”.

To make matters worse, the soldiers had to stop many Palestinian cars just to demonstrate that the closing was indeed for security checks.  The Palestinian driver asked Debray to bow down his head and not look the soldier in the eyes: “He is the master” said the driver.  These humiliations occur everyday in the West Bank and on over 600 check points.

For every artisanal and homemade missile landing in an empty field, Israel bombs a whole sector killing and injuring civilians.  For every Israeli soldier killed, Israel kills 100 Palestinians.  For every Israeli soldier kidnapped, Israel incarcerate 10,000 Palestinians (including kids and girls) without due legal procedures using the defunct British colonial martial laws.

Israel has existed for 60 years and refused to demonstrate any good will for peace.  The name of the game for this implanted State is waging preemptive wars on the ground that Israel is a tiny country and pretty vulnerable.  Fact is, Israel launched all its wars during period of truces.  In 1982, it invaded Lebanon for no reasons:  The Palestinian factions had not launched any missiles into Israel for 6 months:  They were busy surviving the onslaughts of the Syrian army,  the Lebanese Christian militias, and the Moslem militias at the sold of Syria.  In 2008, Israel invaded Gaza though the Palestinian factions had not launched any homemade puny missiles into Israel.  Actually, Israel expanded its territories in 1949 during the truce of the “Arab States”.

It is not the Shoah that created Israel and the Palestinian Shoah is not about to wait another 60 years to return to his homeland. The State terrorist of Israel terrorized Palestinians before its recognition and has continued to terrorize the Palestinians ever since.  The big difference is that satellites and internet are transmitting images and news that the Zionist medias in the Western World censured and selected for over 50 years.




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