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The less testosterone molecules the more intelligent? The case of bonobo chimps

I have watched an animal documentary on the channel ARTE. There are two kinds of chimps community organization.  The regular chimps and the bonobo chimps. They looks somehow the same in size and facial looks, but are distinct in tribal behavior and individual behaviors.

The regular chimps, the most common communities, are patriarchal in association and the males conglomerate to “shoot the breeze”. The bonobo tribes are matriarchal. The females in bonobo tribes are frequently engaged in violent fights among one another. A female attacks the generally obedient male and targets his fingers, toes, or genital parts…The male is mostly isolated…

One of the physiological factors for differences and aggressive behaviors is that female testosterone level is the same as the male in the bonobo tribes.  The testosterone level in regular chimp male (patriarchal communities) is far superior than the one of the bonobo male…

The drastic advantage of a bonobo male is that he is far more intelligent than the regular male.  Trained bonobo males can “converse” with human and comprehend the language and demonstrate their knowledge.  How that?

The bonobo male has this facility of a wide range of pictures and symbols which he can press and emit the corresponding “vocal” or sound of the word.  For example, you call the bonobo from a supermarket and says: “Hi Bonobo. I am shopping. What do you like for dinner?”  The Bonobo presses what he wants such as M&M, banana, lasagna… and you can hear on the phone what he wants… Isn’t that conversing?

You tell Bonobo: “place the keys in the fridge…” and Bonobo executes your demand. The bonobo has learned your language. If his physical structure, vocal cords, permitted him to talk, he would be engaging in conversation…

Ironically, a priest was invited to give his opinion. For example: “Do you think Bonobo as a soul?”  Obviously, the priest is to respond: “Not exactly…”  That is the kind of futile discussions you engage in, where nothing can be defined, sensed, touched, and measured…

The question is: Is level of testosterone the cause for level of intelligence or just a symptom? The bonobo male has far more time to observe, contemplate, and think than the male sex active regular chimp, and he was not bothered by female bonobos for any kinds of protection watch-dog duties.  The bonobo brain had more opportunities to function and link with the environment and community than the other busy members of chimp community… What do you think?

In another documentary, a parrot was trained to perform as well as 3 and a half year-old kids. The kind of tests involve color, shape, material, and number of angles in various shapes…

When to have great sex? Or How to have great sex?

I have posted many articles on sex and seduction: You might check the category “sex, seduction, love”. I stumbled on a link that is more of the inspirational kind than describing reality. You judge. posted this, titled “When to have great sex”

It goes: “In the animal world males respect females. At least when it comes to sex. Males wait until the female is in heat. She then gives them the signal. They approach. She picks one (or more of the males) And they have great sex (Would skip the great). All the other days of the year, males respect and wait.

Most human males aren’t as courteous. Some are. Males want sex all the time (not sure. Probably many females do).

Sure animal males want sex all the time too (not sure of that proposition, even male cats are not constantly engaged in that exercise) .

Yet, they don’t pressure the females. And believe it or not, although human females can have sex anytime, they too go into, and I’m carefully using the word, ‘heat’ for a few days a month.

Human females concede to the male a lot of times. Because they love the guy. Because they pity him. Because they’re afraid of the consequences. Because they don’t mind. Sure they’ll both have sex. It might feel like rape. It might suck. It might be ok. It might be good. But it won’t be great.

Male? Want great sex? Show some respect. Wait until she gives the signal. She’ll love you for it.

Female? Point your partner to this note. Twitter: @williamchoukeir” End of quote

My comments:

First, our close relatives the monkey-kinds do sex all the time, and many times per day, with many females in the tribes.  Many insects behave the same. Rats too…Is it because the females want sex more often than males?

It is not a matter of respect of the male mammals for the “second sex” that the males are perceived by men in animal documentaries. Males have comprehended that it is useless to force females into copulating…It is hard work chasing after, and receiving bad injuries by forcing the matter.  Large male animals have got to wait, be there all the time, showing urgency, and readiness to satisfy the partner as females are in heat…

Male animals are less agile than females, and they just like to strut and fake combativeness with competitive males…They have trees and other gentler males to do the thing…

Second, animals have not lost their powerful smell indicator: Mankind sense of smell has been deteriorating and they have to rely on their eyes and hearing to get it…Sex for male mankind is more in the brain than in the sensory urgency.

It is not when to have sex, but rather how to have great sex! Great sex in mankind is hard work, time consuming, plenty of foreplay, extremely expensive…And the male genders always pay the price for not understanding that “doing sex” is accepting slavery conditions…

Let us not romanticize the physical sex engagement…It is awfully exorbitant, if you are not mentally ready to pay the price.

Actually, having less than great sex is far more profitable in the long-range: Males can sample the females until he settles down on the one he wants to be her slave…her shadow, kissing the ground where she steps, her dog, her purse…

You want to institute a family with kids? Do it early on as your testosterone level is in the explosive range…

Marriage should be a contract with specific climaxing date, to be renewed if both couple agree for extending the family life…

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