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2011 in review: My annual report from stats helper monkeys

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Apparently, I published 556 posts this year, about the same as last year and the previous years.  This amount to about two articles every single working day, though I publish everyday, including holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  The difficulty is that I don’t have a computer and cannot afford to have a personal internet link to facilitate my job.  Maybe it is these difficulties for publishing that incite me to go the extra mile every single day, and persist in my engaged trend.

The new fact is that I registered 48,000 hits this year, almost 50% of the total.  I consider this increase in viewing as a qualitative jump:  I frequently re-edit and update my posts that received developed comments or that I acquired fresh news and information that surfaced and directly to a post have.  

I tend to write a new post for developed replies: Readers have interest commenting extensively because I do take seriously the other people point of views.

I have many occasions of reading well-written posts that span the varieties of my interests, particularly links sent by friends and social platform subscribers. I do re-arrange and edit the post in my own style and supplement it with my point of view and personal reflections.

Consequently, I rarely include or send other people’s links, except for relevant videos and pictures that are readily available, since I am not yet into the audio-visual “technologies”, affordability, manipulation, and facilitation.

I discovered that I should not expect many comments, or comments that add values for any updating:  Readers prefer to click on the “Like” button and subscribe to my blog.

It seems that most of my viewers are from the USA, England, Canada, Australia, followed by China, India, Latin America, and south-east Asia.  Although many of my articles target audience from the Middle-East and the “Arab” World, this segment is not catching up commensurate to my intention.  It is refreshing that many around the world are getting interested in detailed knowledge of this region, culture, unstable social political structures…

I guess that this trend is normal since I publish in English and translate works from French and Arabic literature…

As The Che said: “Wherever there is indignities and humiliation imposed on people, this is my homeland…”

I suggest to “stats helper monkeys” to consider figuring out the average hits registered within a year for every new post.  My estimate is that every new post registers about 75 hits within a year, and I am not sure if my estimate is correct. It would be nice also to list the 20 new posts within the current year that registered the highest number of hits…

Click here to see the complete report.

Note: If you compare with last year report, you’ll realize that I published exactly the same number of posts: 556! What follows are the top 25 posts for this year:

Home page
More stats 5,131
Arab Sex Art More stats 4,755
Who planned the 9/11/2001 attack on Twin Towers?? More stats 1,751
Sex Preparations before wedding night More stats 1,717
What’s going on in Syria? What is “Moratorium on dictators and absolute monarchs”? More stats 1,169
Al-Walid Bin Talal: Biography of a multi-billionaire More stats 928
Temporary marriage contracts: Sigheh and city of Mashhad (Iran) More stats 740
I like this Girl More stats 614
“Opus Pistorum” (work of the miller) by Henry Miller, (porno) More stats 614
Indeed, Why the “Arabs” in the US are the most educated and the richest? Part 2 More stats 567
What’s going on in Bahrain: Saudi Arabia sending “expeditionary forces”? More stats 545
Season of Migration to the North by late Tayyeb Saleh More stats 541
Sex for a Sufi More stats 487
Part 1. Why the US “Arabs” are the most educated and the richest? More stats 474
“I heard the owl call my name” by Margaret Craven More stats 461
What’s going on in Syria? Any insider pieces of intelligence? Part two More stats 404
Islam is one of the “heretic” Christian-Jewish sects More stats 374
About More stats 364
“The social structure of Lebanon: democracy or servitude?” Safia Saadeh More stats 339
Syrian’s poet Adonis to Syrian President Assad: An Open Letter More stats 316
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969): Vietnam Communist but Nationalist by choice More stats 311
Who are the Akas pygmies; their songs? Who is Louis Sarno? More stats 299
Clinical medicine versus public health? What Dr. Bechara Choucair said? More stats 289
Simon Bolivar (1783-1830): “Slavery is the worst human indignity” More stats 283
Judas Iscariot: Following orders? More stats 280
Part 5. Persia during the Arab Caliphate Empire (651 to 1500 AC) More stats 275
Sources of misogyny in Islam: not from the Prophet at all More stats 270
“Psychological barriers?” What’s that! More stats 261




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