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French assassins trained by British secret services since 1942…

From 1952 to 1962, during the independence movements of the various French colonies around the world, the French secret services SDECE assassinated over 200 political leaders and arms dealers.

The oversea French Empire stretched from East Asia (Viet Nam, Cambodia), Western Africa, Central Africa (of Omar Bango), North Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Polynasian Islands, Latin America…

Winston Churchill ordered the British secret services in 1942 (during WWII) to train French assassins from the Corsica and Sicilian mafias and gangs and expedite them to eliminate German spies and French leaders who were pro the Vichy government.

Amiral Darlan was assassinated in Dec. 1942 by Fernand Bonnier de la Chapelle because Churchill disapproved of Roosevelt’s option of selecting Darlan as President of France after the war ends.

The Maghreb States of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia suffered the most from the terror tactics and inhuman torture methods of the French assassins hired from among the mafias and gangs.

A few of the victims are: Omar Drissi, Ahmed Slaoui, Baby Berrada, Tahar Sebti, Farhat Hached, Ben Barka

A few of the assassins are: Tony (Antoine Melero in “The Red Hand”), Colonel Paul Paillole in “Services speciaux”, Emile Buisson, Abel Danos, Louis Raggio, Joe Renucci, Mathieu Zampa, Meme Guerini, Robert Arthur Blemant, George Thierry d’Argenlieu, Dolan, Marcel Le Roy Finville, Jacques Abtey, Marco Calvert, Gaston Boue-Lahorgue, Marcel Hongrois, Jose Salord, Alexandre Tislenkoff, Christian David, Francois Marcantoni, Ange Simonpierri, Marcel Francisci, Dominique Ventura, Jo Attia of the Lepie Street gang, Henry Fille-Lambie (alias Morlane or Capt. Fillette), Bob Maloubier

Michael Foot in “SOE in France” mentioned the meeting of the circle “Murder Incorporation” in Marseilles in 1952. The CIA representative Irving Brown, Lucky Luciano, Robert Arthur Blemant, representatives of the clans Orsini, Gurrini, Renucci, and Calenzana… met and decided on a grand plan of murder activities.

The long-term objective of this circle was to “free” the major ports in the Mediterranean Sea from the hold of the “leftist” and communist syndicates by murdering and dispersing the leaders of these syndicates.

This was the beginning of what will be called “The French Connection” for trafficking opium, heroine and cocaine all over the world, and particularly to NYC and Miami.

In Viet Nam, the French reopened the opium usage, traffic and cultivation in order to finance the costly illegal activities. The French authority and troops cooperated with the Binh Xuyen pirates to dominate the distribution of opium in Saigon and to export the surpluses to Marseilles. General Salan was commander in Saigon and was an addicted opium user, several times a day.

In Algeria, the rebel French army formed the OAS under the leadership of Challe, Susini, Degueldre, Salan, Jouhaud… in order to oppose de Gaulle decision to give Algeria its independence.

In March 1962, street to street battles in the Capital Algeria confronted French soldiers from both sides, loyalist and rebel forces, a war that generated 60 killed and 200 injured.

The French secret services Service Action, headed by Foccart, dispatched its assassins and killed many of the rebel army leaders.

In May 1962, a cease fire with the Algerian independent factions was signed, a deal that was to retain a temporary French troops for 3 years in order to achieve “smooth” transition for the repatriation of the Pieds Noirs (French who colonized Algeria since the mid of the 19th century) and the Harkis (Algerian soldiers within the French troops).

The smooth deal never materialized and 400,000 French Pieds Noirs “citizens”, who never set foot in France, had to transfer within 3 months and relocate in their “homeland”. This war of independence lasted 7 years and the toll was over 500,000 Algerian killed along with 35,000 French troops and cooperators.

Mind you that in 1962, France of de Gaulle started its open air nuclear testing in Algeria. The indigenous people were not warned of what’s happening and even the French soldiers were not briefed of the danger of exposure to contamination.  The documentary showed French soldiers in shorts and short sleeves after the nuclear explosion.

Soldiers are the vast pool of citizens to be abused of and sacrificed for the sake of the Emperor, and they were not told of the danger in order not to frighten the other groups who will be dispatched for the over 160 nuclear tests conducted within the decade. And the government never acknowledged that their ailments were caused by the nuclear radio-activities.

In the French Polynesian Islands, entire islands exploded and the neighboring indigenous people were not warned of the nuclear explosion and left to die in the days and months later. No treatment or care were invested on these people who chanted the Marseillaise whole heatedly when French personalities visited the islands.

Mind you that it was France that dotted Israel with its nuclear plant in the 60’s and armed Israel with all kinds of weapons.

Most of the French politicians supported the activities of these  assassin and waited anxiously the results, politicians such as Guy Mollet, Mendes France, Mitterand, Chaban-Delmas, Jules Moch, Michel Debre

Note: Information from part of this post was taken from the French book “The cleaners: spies, rascals, crooks… at the service of the French government” by David Defendi

“In politics, the choice is between the worse and the worst among evils…”

Nicholas Machiavelli wrote in The Prince:

“In politics, the choice is rarely between the good and the evil. It is between the worse and the worst among evils”

Don’t be surprised to learn that most of the tacit and unsung for battles in the political scenes are between the rascals working for the secret services and the “enemies” of the State (usually organized political parties) that governments decide are the worst evils to combat and tame in order to maintain, peace, security and stability for the ruling classes.

On Nov. 5, 1937 in late afternoon, Hitler exposed his future plans for expansion. The “iron circle” of the military chiefs were attending.

Hitler said:

“Germany weaknesses are provision of foodstuff and energy so its total independence. Germany has to seek its Vital Space.

France is about to witness a civil war since its two strongest parties the communists and the fascists are vying for the majority in France Assembly. (Already Europe is governed by dictators such as Franco of Spain, Italy of Mussolini and Stalin of Russia.  Stalin had sold out the communists in Spain, Italy and Germany in order to have good capitalist products and “know how” exported to the Soviet Union)

The first phase was to annex Austria and Czechoslovakia (German speaking people)

The second phase to resume our re-armament and perfecting our aviation, tanks and U-Boats

The third phase is to invade Poland

The fourth phase is to occupy Belgium and the Netherland to circumvent the French Maginot lines…”

Already the plan was detailed and will be carried out as is in WWII.

The German Hans Thilo Schmidt has been forwarding all the secrets to the French secret services since June 1931. He also gave them the Enigma decryption code that was used among the German embassies, navy, army and Luftwaffe. (And no, it was not the British that deciphered the Enigmas: It was sent by a German spy working for the French with the connecting agent Lemoine, alias Verdier  and code-named REX.

Hans Thilo Schmidt  was the brother of General  Rudolph Schmidt at the head of the 39th corps of tanks that invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 and would end up fighting in Russia too.

Hans Thilo Schmidt  delivered the detailed military plans for the invasion of France very early on, a valuable piece of intelligence that the French government refused to take seriously.

At the period, Colonel Paillole was head of the French secret services and would play a most important role by collecting intelligence from German spies implanted in France and using the most violent and sophisticated torture techniques to extract information, the same techniques that will be applied in the French colonies of Vietnam and Algeria.

Colonel Paillole was the main connection with the allied forces and he was the only French to have been told the date of the Normandy landing. De Gaule felt bruised for not been told anything of the landing in France, and feeling that the allied considered Paillole to have played a bigger role than him in the victory.

After WWII, most of the European States were battling the strong communists parties and the syndicates at the order of Stalin. In 1945, the communists got 27% of the votes in the assembly and controlled the maritime ports. The same outlook was taking place in Italy and Germany.

The US, British and French secret services decided to cooperate in order to control the maritime main access ports in Europe such as Marseille, Anvers…

To do so, the secret services needed the help of the crooks, rascals, and drug dealers to “eliminate” the powerful head of syndicates, supposedly controlled by Stalin.  That is how the “French Connection” network was established for the coming 4 decades.

The drug dealers and all kinds of fishy trades were tacitly facilitated.  Now and then, the most troubling of “mafia” leaders who got too public were also eliminated by the secret services.

The same tactics were used by the French secret services (using the rascals and crooks) to eliminate most of the French military and political leaders who participated in the military coup d’état in Algeria “the Poutchists” after de Gaulle decided for the independence status of Algeria.  Foccard was the head of the secret services then.

All these organized mafia and drug lords networks in the years after WWII and the Cold War against the Soviet Union were supported by the secret services of the “democratic” States to aid in the fight against “worst evils”. All these drug networks in the south east of Asia, central and south America, Afghanistan…

These gangsters would be slowly but surely eliminated as they become “public figures

“The training of people in torture techniques and methods is Not an art: It is the tomb that will close the lid so that the “morality” at face value be saved after the worst of enemies have been taken care of..”

Note: The French book “The cleaners: spies, rascals, crooks… at the service of the French government” by David Defendi

Caribbean Island of Saint Martin: Where all the mafias conglomerate…

The Island of Saint Martin is located between Cuba and Porto Rico. It is divided between:

1. The Netherlands side of the Far West type where all is permitted as long as you pay your taxes: Money white washing, gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking, off-shore financial multinationals… The American tourists land already drunk and intent on spending time in the Casinos of Samana

2. The French side where nothing is permitted and falling apart

After Fidel Castro of Cuba nationalized the US mafias casinos and hotels in 1960, Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano who “upgraded” the Cosa Nostra activities turned their businesses to the Caribbean Islands and transformed them into tourism and mafia destinations.

The CIA purpose was to never let Communism get any hold on these Islands and surround Cuba with “Capitalism” environment.

The port of Phillipsburg is the transit of cocaine destined to Florida

During the Cold War period, governments used and abused of the mafias and corruption was endemic in all these “Parliamentary Democracies“.

Max Weber described corruption an inherent plague in “Parliamentary Democracies” in order to allow only the “moderate factions” to win election.

In the 1990’s, the mafias from all over the world had a foot in Saint Martin and they were waging an all out wars against their governments.

Italy was crumbling under the bloody attacks and bombing of judges and political figures.

Russia was in the hands of oligarchs who bought for nothing State institutions

Columbia was at the mercy of Pablo Escobar

Peru was totally bought by the drug lords from its President Fujimori to its secret service chief Vladimiro Montesinos.

England was reeking under numerous scandals.

Globalization of mafia activities from Tokyo, Bogota, Marseilles, Naples, New York… were feeding corrupt financial multinationals with liquidity in order to stay afloat.

Roberto Saviano of “Gomorrah” and “Zero zero zero” claims that there is a direct link among the long financial crisis of Japan (1990), Russia (1990), Mexico (1994), Thailand (1997)… and the criminal organizations that went global.

Nothing has changed: Too much news coverage and counter laws, but corruption business cannot stop  as long as it is expensive to get elected and play politics

Note 1: David Defendi in “The Cleaners: Spies and crooks at the service of States”




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