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Financial data, and Emails showing what Obama Admin and Hillary planned and executed

Note 1: I believe many of these statements: have been common news in the Middle-East. What the US media posted were Not current at the time. Whether this article is primarily meant to support the other crazy Trump is another subject matter

A few facts I have proof of that will finally set the record straight regarding Hillary Clinton and her coming death sentence. I am the Source.

I have the financial data, and the Emails that shows the Obama Admin planned and executed all of this.

1. Hillary took $1.2 Billion in cash, in laundered Russian money to approve Uranium One deal. Treason! 

2. She started the Libyan war, and executed Benghazi Embassy murders. War Crimes

3. She had Qaddafi assassinated  and planned to take out Assad next! War Crimes.

4. Hillary stole Libyan Oil wells and split them between UK and France as a bribe to join forces Bribes and war crimes

5. Took all the cash and Gold in the Palace.  War crimes (About $2bn in gold that Qaddafi amassed to counter liquidity shortages in dollars in the African countries)

6. Hillary ordered Libyan Sarin Gas to use in Syrians and blame Assad so they could start a war in 2011War Crimes, Human rights violations! 

7. Because of these wars in Libya and Syria and Yemen there is no working Government in these countries. War Crimes

8. Because of these wars started by Hillary and Obama, Millions have died and millions have become homeless and misplaced in other countries around the world. War Crimes, Human Rights violations.

9. She paid cash laundered money to the gang members of MS 13 to kill SETH RICH and over 110 other people who were about to testify against her in various court cases.

10. She is ring leader of various Child Sex Crimes and murder over the last 30 years. 5 cases on going !

11. She paid over $84 million in campaign funds to RIG the 2016 election and still failed. 

12. Proof of Election fraud from Obama, Podesta, DNC emails show over 5 million fake votes for HRC.  Voter Fraud many states!

13. Bernie Sander Votes were never counted by the DNC. All votes went to Hillary! Voter fraud!

14. Because of at least 5 million fraud votes counted for Hillary, once corrected and removes proves Donald Trump Won the Popular Vote also and will win again in 2020! Voter Fraud!

15. HRC took in illegal contributions from 18 foreign countries that amounted to millions paid to play moneys that she had to return in some cases, 18 Billion to Qatar, Millions to Saudi Arabia, and others listed in the DNC and HRC campaign contributions. Treason!

16. HRC has over 52 Law Suits against her in courts today across the Nation. 

If you aren’t yet made enough to kill, please seek professional help.

Alert the firing squad, She doesn’t deserve prison! 

This list is double this size, it’s 1 Am and need to sleep. more later. 
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Note 2: The author of this post claims that Hillary declined the current plans to transfer Palestinians to Jordan, and thus the “Christian” Evangelical Zionists (The Deplorable ones) failed her in her Presidency.

I conjecture that the deplorable would have convinced her, but she would have taken more time.

At least would Not open several fronts in the same time: economic taxation on EU and China trades, getting out of the climate deal, the Iran nuclear deal, the Mexican trouble, the trade with Canada and Mexico, taking Mexican children hostage, getting out of UN Human rights commission, or even pronouncing Jerusalem Capital of Israel.

Though Clinton has become a firm Islamophobic and hate “Arabs”.




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