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I have a position: I am voting today (June 7, 2009)

It is 4 a.m. and in four hours I am going to vote; I will be giving a ride to my parents, both are way over 80 years.

We will vote as the urns open and we will resume our day, flushed with hope that a new bright dawn is breaking out.

It has been a tough month, fraught with international meddling in our internal politics.

It has been disgusting listening to the frequent US reminders that the Obama Administration will deny Lebanon aids if the Lebanese fails the wishes of Hillary Clinton to maintaining the status quo.

I didn’t hear Hillary warning the Israelis that Netanyahu and Israel ultra right wings are roadblock to peace in the region.

I am voting against Hillary for humiliating the Lebanese.

It has been nauseating witnessing the Saudi monarchy pouring over $300 millions to buy off the vote of 10,000 citizens who might make a difference in the majority of the Parliament by a couple more of deputies.

I am voting against the monarchic, obscurantist, and Wahhabi extremist oligarchic system.

The Lebanese citizens have been subjugated by foreign threats of “black listing” Lebanon as a State “supporting terrorism” and, accordingly, enforcing economic and financial embargo. Why?

Because the opposition is proud of the acquired regained dignity for standing tall against Israel’s blackmailing military maneuvers and frequent incursions into our land.

I am voting against foreign interference in our regained independence as a Nation.

The Lebanese have been subdued by a few internal confessional and “colonial minded” political parties, which own most of the media, that Lebanon is squandering its independence, autonomy of decision, and its future “promised” aids to balloon to over $60 billions.

A debt that each new-born has to pay $14,000 to satisfy a defunct service economy within a crumbling capitalist monetary policy.

I am voting for the cancellation of foreign debts tendered on political grounds.

Behind all that smoke screen I am confident that Lebanon will be governed by a unified block that will strengthen our autonomy and defend the Constitution.

Lebanon regained partial dignity after Israel’s withdrawal from part of our land in May 2000 without any pre-conditions.

Lebanon regained another partial dignity by the withdrawal of the Syrian troops in April 2005.

Lebanon will regain its total dignity by the coming to power of the block unified under the motto “A unified Lebanon, at peace with Syria and intent of safeguarding the rights of the Palestinians to return to their homeland, can resist and win over the isolationist weak-minded forces, constantly seeking foreign interventions to maintain our social, religious, and political caste system.”

The opposition forces will not cow and will stand tall against the humiliating dictates that refuse change and reforms in Lebanon.

Behind all that smoke screen that “political security and social stability will attract investment for the re-construction of a viable Lebanon” we have learned that money never flowed into countries flapping in the wind but to strong and unified States.

Behind all that smoke screen that “Israel will finally stop all plans to invade Lebanon or hold on to the Shebaa Farms and the Hills of Kfarshouba” we intend that the water of Lebanon will no longer flow into the sea so that Israel put claim on wasted resources.

That a clean environment will be the policy of the land, tiny but worth preserving for giant spirits recovering from centuries of indignities.

The struggle is long and fraught with dangers for a secular and free Lebanon.

I can deal with climbing summits; I cannot backtrack into obscure precipices.

Today I am at peace. I can see a future worth fighting for.

I can feel a dignity that can move mountains; I can reach out for every Lebanese to re-establish communication among closed communities and vent out the stagnate air.

A powerful sun is infiltrating foul enclosed spirits decaying for three decades; I am confident that cleansed mold will have tough time sticking.

Sweet revolution, it is a good day to advance and face the glorious sun of change and reform.




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