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July 22, 2006 (continue)

I tried to go to bed early but kept getting up and switching the TV on:  There were allusions that Israel is amassing more reserve soldiers and regular army on its northern front, most probably for imminent large-scale land invasion.  So far, Israel claims that it has entered in two points for only a mile and lately has retreated from one point. Around 1 pm we heard loud and close blasts:  air strikes on the LBC TV channel and Alfa mobile antennas on Sannine and Turbol.  Hasbayya was hit and this area was isolated from the town of Marjeyun.

Ashley got her surprise birthday party; five of her best friends woke her up in the morning; I went up late to join the party for breakfast of “mankoush” bi zaatar and bi kishk, tea, three kinds of cakes and fruit.

More refugees are heading toward the districts of Mount Lebanon; so far, more than 700 thousands have been displaced.  The US embassy is evacuating 5,000 of its citizens today on private ships; it has evacuated 7,000 yesterday.  A Greek war ship brought 13 tons of supplies in addition to 3 tons from Cyprus and 2 tons of medicine from the organization of “physicians with no frontiers”.  The radio is appealing to all the retired army officers to volunteer in the operations of rescue missions.  I did not yet tell Victor about this piece of information because I do not want to be responsible for the anxiety of his family.

Hezbollah sent another wave of missiles into Haifa, kibbutz Kiryat Shmouna, and Naharia; a big fire in Kiryat and Haifa is a dead city on this Sabbath day and shops are closed and no circulations..

A paragraph from the book I’m reading “the Lexus and the olive tree” captured my attention; it said that the “Qaeda” leader Osama Bin Laden was consistently haranguing his followers to get the US from the Arabian Peninsula because its culture was defiling the Islamic homes.  The book was published in the year 2000 before the September 11 attack on the nerve centers of the Twin Towers in Manhattan; Bin Laden got quickly on the globalization bandwagon of fast communication and Internet facilities and managed to utilize this new and fast freedom of knowledge and action to hit the US where it hurts most.

I bartered 10 home-grown eggs for fresh ground meat; I am selling one egg for 15 cents. There are good demands for home egg,s not only because of the war but also for the wave of fear of chicken influenza.  A month ago we had surpluses of eggs and could not figure out what to do with the surplus; we certainly consumed more omelets and bake cakes. Now the chicken are not laying that many eggs and people are starting to suspect that we might be favoring other customers.

William got hooked to meditation this semester: he copied all sort of metaphysical books, spent an hour each morning on a version of yoga meditation and started trying his hands on Chinese calligraphy.  He practically let go of his studies and assignments ; the family got hysteric; anxiety, anger, and depression got hold of all of us because William will fail to graduate in graphic design after he dropped the idea of finishing his last year project to graduate in architecture.  As the first-born son who suffered from heart problems at his birth, William was constantly pampered by his father who never denied him any request: in fact , everything that he needed was to be new and top performing, from cars, to computer equipments, and to digital camera.  William fully realizes the advantages that he benefited from being the first-born and appreciates them, but somehow he tends to forget to return the favors in the critical moments. His family claims that he takes after me in craziness not in genius.




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