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16 Things Successful Leaders Never Do

Not doing is one side of finding success.

  1. Never let the bottom line be the bottom line. (Wonder if anyone realized he reached the bottom)
  2. Never pretend things are ok when they aren’t.
  3. Never let what you’ve never done be the reason not to try.
  4. Never get ahead by resenting those who get ahead.
  5. Never let those who aren’t doing something prevent you for doing something.
  6. Never do on the road what you wouldn’t do at home. (Like what? Accompanying a girl-friend?)
  7. Never trust anyone who never admits mistakes. (They don’t have to admit, as long as they prove actively that they correcting the mistake)
  8. Never achieve greatness through negativity. (The next generations will discover your mischief?)
  9. Never pretend you can do what you can’t. (Even if you hire the people who can?)
  10. Never let others fail before doing everything appropriate to help them succeed. (Who can invest the time and energy to satisfy this “everything”?)
  11. “An executive has never suffered because his subordinates were strong and effective.” Peter Drucker
  12. Never find wisdom in excuses, defensiveness, or blame.
  13. Never think loyalty is a gift. (A poisonous gift?)
  14. Never waffle when it comes to taking responsibility.
  15. Never waver when it comes to giving credit.
  16. Never make excuses. “Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” John Wooden

Bonus: Never create the future by recreating the past.

What should leaders never do?

Which of these is most important to you?

By Dan Rockwell?




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