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Venomous quotes (July 24, 2009)


The following quotes are altered; thus, they are mine.


Mother eats spoiling fruits first; she never finds a fresh one when she is hungry.


I don’t pay my depts to dear freinds: They might forget me instantly.


My deepest wish is to die just on time.


I admire passions in man.  I abhor passionate man.


We are a mean people. We accept “she resembles you like a spit” as a compliment.


Love was blind.  Marriage worked the miracle.


As far as I recall the only pet animals we had were our domestic helpers.


Whom to believe? What is you choice:

            Monkeys are too nice to be our ancestors.

            As us, of all animals, monkeys are the most indecents.


I intend to re-integrate the teaching staff: I miss the urge for slaping faces.


Sweet kids and sweet elderly are unsufferable. Mischevous kids and brave elderls excite my killing tendency.


You do want to live in Switzerland? Why the expense? Cheap lethal poisons can deliver you from society quicker.


Citizens of all nations are uniform: It is my mood that varies.


You have many reasons for epilating chest, arms, and legs. You have only one reason to considering your ass.


You must be falling in love with taxes: you applied for a State job.


It is our little political leaders encouraging me to ask “why not me?”


As monkeys learned to simulate parrots Chambers of Parliament became feasible inventions.


For lack of an ideology the benevolent leader barely killed a dozen.


A big banquet; a tiny slice of cake remains: the Thirld World.


Stoney Laws erected prisons; brothels borrowed religions’ bricks.


One scar won’t heal: Deputies and mother-in-laws’ mouths.


All States never fathomed Robin Hood: it is so much easier to take from the poor to aid the rich.


Most cooking books are of large characters; not because the users need magnifying glasses: their contents are readable.


You want to go into politics in Lebanon? Warnings! Observe Saad Hariri. First you don’t think much, then your mind quickly shifts into deep coma.


The “Moustakbal” reformists never gave insomnia to bankers.




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