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This is no baby: Case dismissed


1.  We are a compassionate nation. We adopt babies from all over the World;

From Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bosnia, and Bulgaria;

We even expanded our affection to Africa and the Far East Asia.

Arab babies are off limit; off the media.

Arab babies are no babies: case dismissed.

There is no Arab baby.  No Arab youth.  Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.


2.  The Jewish American rapist is socially dysfunctional.  The genuine rapist is Arab.

The Jewish American Baruch, of the Hebron mosque massacre, is a madman.

A nerve snapped.

Arabs nerves can’t snap: made of stainless steel, tightly wired,

For mischief.


The Maryland Jewish murderer chopped a human head.  He is a juvenile delinquent.

A particular psychotic case. 

Arabs youth are born, adult criminals.


3.  The peace makers with Israel are Egyptians, Jordanians, or Moroccans.

Mostly their leaders. 

That is beside the point.

The enemies of Israel are Arabs.  Mostly their leaders.

We have high hope in their people.


The criminals of the Oklahoma City bombing

Should have been Arabs. 

Exceptions do occur.  Human nature you know. 


4.  Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert Kennedy.  He is no Palestinian.

No motives.  Just bad Arabs attitude.

If push comes to shove, if a motive is needed,

Why Sirhan is a hatemonger of the defenders of Civil Rights.


5.   The most famous heart surgeon, Michael Debaky,

The poet of “The Prophet” and much more, Gebran Khalil Gebran

The founder of St. Jude hospital, for children with cancer, Danny Thomas

Said that they are Arab Lebanese. 

The media beg to differ:

They are all, at best, of Lebanese descendents.


The bombers of the World Trade Tower are Arabs.

The perpetrators of the Achilles Loro are Arabs.


6.   Literature, Nobel Prize winner, Nagib Mahfouz,

Says he is Arab.  Ask him.

The media insist that he is just Egyptian.

Those who shoot down commercial airplanes are Arabs.

Israel strikes Arab refugee camps.

Israel retaliates for Arab suicide bombings.


Israel lodges a cannon shell, inadvertently, on a UN compound in Qana Lebanon..

About three hundred Arabs died.  Give or take fifty Arabs.

Apology to the UN.


7.  Arabs were massacred in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Israel was just controlling the exits and entrances of the camps in Beirut.

Arabs killing Arabs.  Goyims killing goyims.  Israel could care less.

How dare you blame Israel Defense Force!

They happened to be there.


8.   There are no Arab babies.  There are no Arab youths.

Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.

Definitely, there is no Palestinian baby, no Palestinian child.

There is no Palestinian youth.

They are Arabs. Bad Arabs.




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