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Tidbits and comments. Part 415

The challenge of intuition is you think it’s right before it’s examined, for no valid reason. When you have an intuition, you don’t have other intuitions. You have confidence. Many call this anomaly as expert intuition.

Les elites sont defendus par toutes les institutions comme des symbols precieux pour maintenir la cohesion de la communaute d’Elite/Esclave.

I submit that only in old age we can uncover who we are: It exhibit how much effort you invested to improve yourself, mentally and emotionally.

Video is by far the biggest strain on bandwidth, and it’s only getting bigger. The dominant video codec (coder-decoder) has been H.26473% was the share of internet traffic devoted to video in 2016 or 70 exabytes.

in 2015, tech giants Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix formed the Alliance for Open Media and released the royalty-free AV1 codec in 2018; in 2019, BBC tests found that AV1 is competitive with H.265.

Les revoltes des jeunes rendent ce monde plus vivable et interessant: les noms sont plus important, surtout les noms des marques commerciales. Tentation d’exister en tant qu’image

US president expressed interest in striking a deal with Exxon-Mobil to “spread out the wealth” by monopolizing Syria oil fields in Eastern Syria and by force.  Defense secretary Mark Esper committed US troops to “protect” Syrian oil fields. This is typical highway robbery that flaunt all UN principles.

Last year, 268 US border officers were arrested on charges ranging from fraud to sexual assault to capital murder.

Rien n’amuse les bien-nés comme ce combat qu’ils regardent chez les pauvres pour survivre

La seule excuse de Dieu est qu’il n’existe pas. On peut le tuer a volonte’. Et les pauvres bougres qui meurent en son nom, les extremists inclus.

I have no problems with a few protesters in Lebanon are sitting on sofas and surrounded with the facilities of a cozy home. I am disturbed that they are Not discussing: each one of them is isolated with his expensive iPhone. Thus, what basically changed?

Actually, the US has uncovered its real face: the worst carpet-beggar in history of empires.

The idealistic new “revolutionary”: this euphoric experience of joining a demonstration for the first time

No profit without Capitalism? Is profit synonymous to exploitation? Why we attach “profit” to all negative connotations? Can any investment be done without a level of profit generated from human labor?


Tidbits and comments. Part 407

“The Afrikaners of the period (1970-1975) liked to be viewed as the “Afrikan Israelite”, cunning, unscrupulous, hard as leather, and attacking their prey overtly…In fact, the apartheid male Afrikaners were more like a pack of babies abandoned in a forest, a tribe of little kids with slaves to care for them

There’s a diversity problem in “ethnic” plastic surgery. Current procedures are based on what looks best on Caucasian women.

About 50,000 General Motors employees launched a nationwide work-stoppage, the first in the US auto industry in 12 years. They are protesting a decision to shut four factories; and want better pay and benefits.

Actions speak louder: civil disobedience in Lebanon of driving private cars. Let’s start a trend of stopping to drive to main cities one day in a week. Let’s select a Saturday. People might realize that taking taxis and service cars and sharing cars is much cheaper at all levels. let us promote this suggestion on social media. It will take some time for people to get moving, but persistence is key to any change

Quand la guerre civile au Liban prit fin et sans vainqueurs, et sans comprendre la raison de ce “cease fire”, les gens voulant jouer les richissimes nababs accumulaient des dettes et se retrouvaient sur la paille. Beaucoup de papillons imprudents, vouland se rapprochaient des mafis du pouvoir, y brulerent leurs ailes trop fragiles.

To value a company, come up with a story and put numbers to it? In recent years, technology startups have told the best stories. Uber promised to set the world in motion, Airbnb to create a world where anyone belongs, WeWork to elevate the world’s consciousness. That can last as aggressive, deep-pocketed venture investors like SoftBank have made it easier for companies to stay private for longer, raising staggering sums in the process. But these backers have to cash out eventually, and that usually means an IPO, which are Not materializing for the public investors.

J’ ai decouvert que USA est un pays d’ intermediares et de sous-traitants: pas un seul fait le travail de quoi que se soit. Ce n’est plus le USA d’antan de qualite’ et de durabilite’.

As usual: Sorry, we bombed-killed 65 and badly injured over 100 Syrian soldiers in Deir Zour. Bad communication with the Russians. Any reparations for the families of these soldiers?

Le lot du cancre etudiant est qu’on ne le croit jamais. On croit qu’il deguise une paresse vicieuse en lamentation commodes. Le bonnet d’ane se porte volontier a posteriori, quand un cancre succede dans la vie. Et pourtant, on ne guerit jamais des douleurs de jadis et les cicatrices ne veulent pas nous faire oublier ces blessures.

Les elites sont defendus par toutes les institutions comme des symbols precieux pour maintenir la cohesion de la communaute d’Elite/Esclave.

US farmers are struggling amid depressed prices for their crops, but many have a lucrative side business: charging visitors to shoot fruits and vegetables from air guns, “agritainment“.

As Adam Thompson reports for the Wall Street Journal, a bushel of corn can fetch $100 when fired skyward, verus less than $4 when sold on the open market. Little wonder “agritainment” is booming, and who doesn’t enjoy launching pumpkins at old cars?

Many attire, such as turban, are a complex expression of culture, religion, style, and identity. Fashion designers are having plenty of trouble figuring out what is considered “religious, sacred…” or blasphemy of an identity.

In 2018, Gucci sent models down the runway wearing cerulean turbans. They sold for $800 a pop as “Indy Full Turbans” before being pulled from shelves, after the Italian fashion brand, and its creative director Alessandro Michel, faced backlash for using white men as models, and for selling what many Sikhs consider this pagg or dastar a sacred religious object.

Turban where used by noble classes in Mesopotamia way before 4,000 BC. In 1658, he Mughal empire uses turbans as a form of class distinction, with emperor Aurangzeb decreeing that only the Islamic ruling class may wear them. The same goes with veil for women: it was worn by women from the noble  classes

Tidbits and comments. Part 406

Lebanon society has been gradually and consistently developing a structure based on a caste system (a closed religious sect) through the Ottoman legacy and has been strengthened since our independence in 1943. 

The definition of a Caste is that it is a closed system restricted in five elements:

First, communities are ranked from high to low

Second, it is formed of endogamous groups where marriages is restricted within the caste and intermarriage among caste is socially sanctioned,

Third, membership is determined by birth and is inherited and ascribed,

Fourth, the group at the top may be the largest numerically, and

Fifth, mobility is restricted and an individual can move up within the caste and, as a whole, attempts to move up; thus, the frequent rivalry among castes competing to take precedence in the hierarchical ranking.

There is a qualitative difference in the people between an ancient capital and a new capital (Damascus versus Baghdad). The Mogul Holago ransacked the Abbasid Capital and was defeated in Damascus.

In order to live a quality life and respect the human rights for basic dignities: As you grow older you learn that keeping yourself alive matched the suffering and sacrifices that your mother, parents and closer community extended for you.

A US federal judge allowed a nationwide lawsuit against Facebook. A privacy class action suit, which seeks damages from the social media giant for allowing third parties to access users’ data, was given the green light.

Robot machines are delivering sermons, performing sacred rituals, and doling out blessings? I prefer them to the clerics who live on people taxes.

A new “Not Like” icon will get me very passionate in following social platforms. If you “Like”, better press “Share”

Why should we get used to this insanity? The sea is 2 degrees hotter and the warmer streams are No longer being cooled enough by the poles. Number of cyclones have increased 4 times in 3 decades and their strength are far more devastating.

L’Enfant precaire qui ne sait pas comment devenir un adult hypocrite et suffisant: J’ai decide pour un PhD in engineering, a un age ou plusieurs de mes professeurs avaient des enfants au college.  J’ai du travailler a 4 jobs pour payer mes cours et survivre. Et j’ai persiste pendant plusieurs annes pour obtenir ce certificate/ diplome.
Le problem: Je ne me sent toujours pas confiant pour insister que les gens m’attache la mention Docteur ou professeur.

The deadly sin of Da3esh strategy is that it forgot that Islam was meant to transcend ethnicity, and race (Not sure about language). (ISIS is the same Saudi Wahhabi tight- ass sect)

Al Qaeda is left to die in Syria (in Edlib) and transferred and be used in every society that the new colonial powers decided to destabilize

A century later, after they implanted colonial Israel, USA Evangelical Zionist movement voiced its basic strategy: total ethnic cleansing and No right for return of Palestinians to their homes.

” if anyone is aware of his memory problems, he does Not have Alzheimer’s.” The memory is stocked and Not erased, but It is the memory processor Not functioning properly

In 1889, Patty Hill, a Kentucky educator, and her sister Mildred, who would go on to become an ethno-musicologist, teamed up to write songs for children and Happy Birthday” became their greatest hit. It went on to become the standard song for celebrations across a wide variety of countries and cultures. Even the Syrians sang in English Happy Birthday to President Bashar Assad.

My diagnostic of John’s love-making is that he was autistic in that matter.  An autistic regard the person he is in love with as an automaton, an entity created to his own desires. To John I was a Woman. I think sexual autistic males prefer to masturbate instead of having real rapport with a human being…”

Tidbits and comments. Part 404

La “verite'” est ce qui est assez coherent pour l’accepter avec un cas limite de de satisfaction.

Trump is not the first US president to express interest in purchasing Greenland. Harry Truman’s administration made an offer in 1946, after first considering trading Alaska for parts of the Arctic island. Before that, Andrew Johnson administration made a bid for Greenland.

$100 million: Amount the Truman administration offered to purchase Greenland. $500 billion: One estimate for how much it would cost to buy Greenland today.

n 1868, US secretary of state William Seward tasked Robert J. Walker, a former governor and US treasury secretary, with evaluating whether or not to buy Iceland and Greenland. Walker recommended both, “but especially the latter. The reasons are political and commercial.” The political reason was to outflank England and eventually make Canada part of the US; the commercial reasons were mineral wealth and fisheries.

Harry Truman floated the idea to better position the US against the Soviet Union, but America worked out political solutions with Denmark, including the creation of NATO, that obviated a purchase. In 1951, the US builds Thule Air Base on Greenland.

Mayhem in Israel: apartheid State of Israel is starting its downhill trend toward Chaos: Army commander begging settlers to carry arms to defend it. Sort like during colonial America, settlers should carry arms when out of their settlements

Why Bush Jr. had to claim “Mission Accomplished” in occupying Iraq on a aircraft carrier, wearing pilot outfit, when the mission had just started for “establishing a democratic state” in Iraq? All the previous statements about installing a democratic system in Iraq and eliminating weapons of mass destruction and… were packs of lies and throwing dust in the eyes of the US citizens and world community.

Apartheid: separate sets of laws to “citizens”, grouped on ethnic fictional fabrication.

Capitalism: separate set of privileges to classes of “citizens”, grouped on level of material slavery functions

When we talk of identity, we often think of groups such as black Muslim lesbians in wheelchairs. This is because identity only seems to become an issue when it is challenged or under threat.

Our classic Default Man is rarely under existential threat. Consequently, his identity remains not examined. It ambles along blithely, never having to stand up for its rights or to defend its homeland.

When talking about identity groups, the word “community” often crops up. The working class, gay people, black people or Muslims are always represented by a “community leader”.

The 20th century witnessed 140 armed conflicts, totaling more than 150 millions in casualties and at least 4 folds in severe injuries .  More than 20 conflicts produced over one million killed.  WWI generated about 9 million killed and WWII more than 60 millions.  Two dozen conflicts are still on going for decades and the toll is accumulating.

The state of the world: Russia is the largest land mass. China the most populous country. EU the largest economy union. USA the biggest bag of shit. Every US official thinks he is entitled overseas to threaten anyone of the US diktat.

The Deal of the Century is to maintain Israel existence as a State. The deal is to open the trade and maritime routes to Israel’s export from Morocco to Yemen, with insignificant transit fees. Egypt and Jordan are to be the main transit platforms.The Palestinians are to be the cheap workforce.  Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have already blocked this deal.

The English Channel is a boundary that mankind can’t stop pushing. Franky Zapata just crossed it on a hoverboard, but it’s also been crossed via hot air balloons, a hovercraft, an electric plane, a carbon-fiber wingsuit, a pedal-powered plane, and good old arms and legs. But the hardest way to cross might be by car, if Brexit throws the crucial economic link into chaos. This channel between France and England is one of the heaviest traffic for maritime commercial cargoes between the North Sea and the Atlantic

In many traditional gift economies, the trick is courting the elites. “This only work if you are a big enough company that the banks can tell themselves that you’ll one day give them a lucrative deal. If you’re not big and rich, you’ll have to pay for stuff.”

The gift economy is a tradition among social classes: The wealthier you are, the more expensive the gift should be. Actually, many are declining wedding invitations in order to save on the gift expenses.

Tidbits and comments. Part 402

Purdue Pharma offered up to $12 billion to settle its opioid lawsuits. The OxyContin manufacturer and its owners, the Sackler family, face more than 2,000 cases alleging that they fueled a deadly addiction epidemic across the US

If Kokhavi, Israel high commander of the northern front, were Not dead or seriously injured, as communicated by social medias, wouldn’t Israel exhibited him publicly as well and kicking? Did Hezbollah came to the conclusion that Kokhavi was the commander who assassinated the two Hezbollah fighters, Zabeeb and Daher, near Damascus?

With validation therapy, caretakers don’t correct confused patients, particularly Alzheimer patient: instead, they go along with it without asking questions, similar to improving acting. There is no way to keep “reality correction or reality orientation) behavior since they’ll forget it right away. My mother has a kind of this confused condition and cannot utter any full sentence or remember names, people and objects. Actually, mother view TV as a live situation and that people on TV are talking to her personally.

The western colonial powers coined terms Semitic and Aryan to differentiate their white racist ideology from the rest of the world. The Middle-East people and Islamic world were labelled Semitic. How a Jew likes to be labelled? According to color of skin or colonial passport he carries? Funny that Iranians snatched this myth to consider themselves Aryan. Same stupid position for Georgians, Armenians, and people around the Black Sea.

The name Palestine was coined 12 centuries before the existence of any sect called Jewish. The Palestinians occupied the stretch of land from El Arich, Gaza and Eshkelon. The remaining land was called Canaan and Jerusalem was the Capital of the Canaanite Kingdom. The Jews were mere Bedouins south of current Judea and never reached any kinds of seas or river.

Later, the Jews warrior God Jehovah was used by the Canaanite during period of wars to incite the mercenary tribal Jews to cooperate and a tiny idol temple for Jehovah installed in Jerusalem close to the Kingdom main temple. Mind you that Israel means “Isra El” or the land of El, the highest God among the gods of the Canaanite and Phoenician Gods. The same as the Idol Allah (from El) was the highest among the “Arabic peninsula” gods before Islam

In Sept. 5, 2017, ISIS prisoners, after today liberation of Deir Zour ( 1,000 days in defensive position by the Syrian army, much longer than Stalingrad) confirmed they coordinated their attacks on Syria army with the USA. Actually, the Syrian army was set to liberate this region in 2017, but USA conducted air strikes to prevent any advances.

Vacuum cleaners mechanism didn’t change since its inception. The counter-intuitive design of making the vacuum’s container see-through, observe the dust accumulating in the bag, made a marketing success.

Professionals vacuuming procedure: don’t Go back and forth.

1) Vacuum a row of carpet in one direction, wall-to-wall.

2) Pull the vacuum back over that strip you just vacuumed.

3) Once you’re back to your starting place, vacuum another strip right next to the first, overlapping slightly.

4) Keep doing this until the whole room has been vacuumed.

5) After the entire room is done, vacuum the room going the opposite direction.

Henry Dreyfuss, born into the theatrical supplies business, began his career as an apprentice to Norman Bel Geddes, a stage designer who became an iconic industrial designer. Dreyfuss would go on to become a founding father of the ergonomics movement; his studio’s Humanscale reference books, based in part on his Hoover work, pioneered the intensive use of measurements in designing industrial products.

“Appearance always goes hand in hand with how something works,” Dyson’s design director told The Guardian. “James wanted a clear bin so you could see how much dust the machine was picking up. Many people were uncomfortable with that idea—who wants to look at the nasty stuff you’re sucking off the floor—but he stuck to his guns and now it’s a hallmark piece of design.”




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