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Tidbits #21

Le banquier portant le masque du Covid-19: “Quand je t’ai dit qu’on allait s’en sortir, cela ne voulait pas dire que vous allez vous en sortir (seulement les banquiers s’en sortent), prend soin de toi, respecte les mesures de confinement contre le coronavirus et oublie l’économie, on s’en occupe.”

“For a child who did not know the true meaning of death or fear, March 10 was my first experience of that,” said Katsumoto Saotome, who was only 12 when he and his family escaped as American planes dropped hundreds of thousands of firebombs over Tokyo during World War II. “I have nothing to describe the memory of that night. It is difficult to talk about it, even now.” Since then, Mr. Saotome has spent much of his life fighting to honor the memories of others who survived those air raids, which killed as many as 100,000 Japanese citizens.

Why Europe and USA will be hotbed to Corona? They had colonial passports that allowed them to travel everywhere and rapidly without much of a visa

Authorities of the Israeli occupation have permitted large pharmaceutical firms to carry out tests on Palestinian prisoners, organ harvesting and has been testing weapons on Palestinian children. (All under administrative detention British law)?

USA shown from satellite images: The cities closing. Now I am taking Coronavirus very seriously: I was relying on Trump’s reassuring feedback

US Soldiers in foreign bases are on lockdown for 60 days. Does this include pilots of jet fighters and drone operators?

Why are we adopting emoji as responses? I have a great idea: Let’s create an emoji language, able to construct full sentences. Obviously, emoji will have many colors, and extensions for arms and legs to cover the vast spectrum of emotions and description of feelings and …We would be able to communicate in all languages and won’t need translators and children will become accomplished authors.

When a 20-year-old from Fort Worth in Texas, got an abortion last year, she never had to leave her home. ⁠
⁠She went online and consulted a doctor in Austria who works for Aid Access, a non-profit that helps women who cannot otherwise get abortions. ⁠She paid the group $90. And a pharmacy in India sent her 7 pills.⁠

Life is basically a single friend: a compassionate, caring friend toward the less fortunate and who matches your “invariables” on the basics of life, and who is at your deathbed to shield you from the trauma of deciding: Is there a God or Not.

Encountering a skeuomorph: the buzz on your mobile, for any task you are doing.  Derived from the Greek words skeuos (σκεῦος), “container or tool”, and morphḗ (μορφή), “shape

Skeuomorph, no longer used items, familiarize users to new or foreign technology, just as icons guide travelers around unfamiliar transit systems, menus, or museums.

If Coronavirus broke first in the USA, the number of victims would have been in the millions: China “educated” the World Health Organization (WHO)

Now that Covid-19 has put to rest the notion Time=Money, about time to reconsider the concept of how Time relates to Death.

Tidbits #20

The economy has changed. Education hasn’t. Still Student Debis rising across the industrialized world. And in the US it now tops $1.64 trillion—8% of the country’s GDP. The Brookings Institution, 40% of borrowers will default on their student loans in the future, defined as not making a payment for more than a year.

It is urgent to compare two Info-graphic covering the entire world: comparing the Corona pandemic victims and the traffic accidents after the onset of the pandemics, including the handicapped traffic accidents

In ancient Rome, purple snail dye was worth its weight in silver. At L’Escargot Montorgueil in Paris, the cheapest snails are six for $15. And a snail facial will set you back $250 in Tokyo.  For example, the French consume each year 30 million kg of escargot

I suggest citizens need to keep a card in their wallets that confirm: “I, Adonis…, testify that if I am infected with one of the pulmonary Corona viruses, and if the medical teams are Not equipped with efficient masks and the hospital lacks respiratory machines… then I want to be euthanized and my body cremated” Wa haik. We are meant to die.

Funny. A conference on coronavirus is cancelled due to coronavirus. Virologists wanted to set a good example at the Nidovirus Symposium.

Soldiers in colonial power States, particularly in the USA, are subjected as cobays to all kinds of vaccines and medical treatments. I conjecture many US soldiers were vaccinated to kinds of Coronavirus types and dispatched to hundreds of military bases in all continents. The flaw  in the procedure is that the  “cured” Corona victims or vaccinated one can still contaminate others. and needs to be contained for another month.

In 1966, Nursing student Lupe Hernandez combines alcohol and gel to create a sanitary hand cleaner for when soap and water aren’t available.

Globally, 70% of the health and social workforce are women. Many of them are nurses and midwives.

Corona pandemics is the deepest revolution in this century: As fear subsides, the spirit of a new civilization will shine.

Chinese government apologized to the doctor’s family Li Wenliang .As he saw infections surge in December, Li Wenliang warned friends over social media, and was reprimanded. He later died from Covid-19.

In 1998, three researchers build the first quantum computer, a 2-qubit machine that only works for “a few nanoseconds.” In 2011, the D-Wave, arguably the first commercial quantum computer, goes on sale. In 2013, the University of Bristol in the UK puts a 2-qubit quantum computer online for anyone to use.

Quantum entanglement”? It means that intertwined particles are inextricably related to each other, so that you can’t change one without the other changing as well. Spooky action at a distance

Tidbits #19

By the time Corona pandemics subsides, it will dawn on humanity that the developed Far-Eastern States are more fit to survive calamities than the western colonial powers.

Permafrost—landscapes of frozen soil and rock—begins to thaw. And when it does, microbes consume organic matter, releasing CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, leading to more warming, more thawing, and even more carbon emissions

If Schengen survives this calamity, EU will emerge more determined and stronger

And what will happens to all those refugees, if all borders are closed to “strangers”? How will they survive on the borders?

England wants to have nothing to do with containment of Corona: every transportation is functioning as normal. England is so poor that it cannot afford the luxury of the massive expenses of containing Corona. Boris PM made it clear: ” We expect many cherished members in families will die from the Corona…”

Canada shut its borders to everyone but US citizens? Stupid: USA is the hotbed for future mass victims! Recent news: Decisions reversed and borders closed.

Two-thirds of Covid-19 infections could be spread by people who show no symptoms. Thus, Behave like you have coronavirus

Coronavirus protection is for the rich. It is much easier to isolate if you’re an accountant rather than a bus driver, especially in capitalist States where the social safety, health and cooperation networks are Not valid for crisis.

 A new Covid-19 open dataset has made 24,000 papers available in one place. Coronavirus is a boon for scientific collaboration.

I saw ugly pictures of Cholera, plague/peste and smallpox deaths. I saw deaths from Ebola on TV. I saw pictures of people dying from famine and yet Didn’t see a single death from Corona. I sense that dying from Corona is Not as bad as previous cases

7,000 Newborns die every day globally.  In 1941, close to half of all infants died before their first birthday. All roads seemed to lead back to the first 24 hours of life, when infants were either being sent home with undiagnosed health conditions and dying shortly after, or, if they had trouble breathing, were often being labeled as stillborn and left to die.

An updated version of the APGAR score is used in nearly every hospital in the world to evaluate the health of newborn babies. It’s easy to learn, cheap to implement, and highly effective. The APGAR score— both its inventor’s name Dr. Virginia Apgar and an acronym—measures an infant’s appearance (skin color), pulse (heart rate), grimace (reflex irritability), activity (muscle tone), and respiration one minute and five minutes after birth. Each component is assigned a score of 0, 1, or 2, adding up to a maximum score of 10. If an infant’s score is below 7, they will be re-tested four times or until they score 7 or more twice in a row.

LetsGetChecked is an at-home testing kit that will give you intel into STDs, hormones, cancer, fertility, and just plain old general wellness?

With the Coronavirus lockdown, elevate the ScArt (part science/part art) of Idleness to new peaks and share the wisdom that there is more to life than increasing its speed.

Let’s do a trade-off: Consider that air and water pollution decreased by 50% during this Corona period, due mainly by drastic car circulation, airplanes, cruses and oil consumption. Recall the number of drastic decrease in traffic accidents , especially the handicapped cases, and cancer causing particles in the air. Then how many Corona victims are you willing for this trade-off?

If India can manage a lockdown, any other State can do it. Populous India should be the hardest hit country , economically and socially, in State stoppage of work and confinement.

Economic time has stopped, but financial time has not been stopped.” Time for multinational financial companies to abuse investors with faked financial “legal papers”

My hypothesis why the Universe is Expanding: The void spaces are made of only Higgs fields, a field that let matter acquire weight. Thus, any tiny matter is attracted by these fields to gain weight and the universe is constantly expanding.

Even after birth, Indian baby girls are left to die of famine and negligence.

The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat, which it does for the majority of people unlucky enough to be infected. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.

Facts are stubborn things…whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions.” ⁠Future president John Adams.

About time that I take this Corona seriously: Can’t see people around me going “silly clean” and thinking they are just crazy.

Tidbits #17

Globally, 70% of the health and social workforce are women. Many of them are nurses and midwives.

Coronavirus pandemics is the deepest revolution in this century: As fear subsides, the spirit of a new civilization will shine.

The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat, which it does for the majority of people unlucky enough to be infected. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.

USA started sanctioning China once it dawned on it that China is the deep pocket for Iran and Syria in confronting USA expansionism in the Middle-East.

Artificial intelligence discriminates, stereotypes, and inherits biases from people, which is why the people building it use technical tools and design thinking to mitigate bias, confront the power imbalances in our society, and put AI to good use.

How to manage AI bias” highlights a study that redefined fairness in the use of AI in criminal justice by studying its use on the powerful rather than the powerless.

The four elements (113, 115, 117 and 118) discovered in 2015 in the chemical table were named after Japan (nihonium), Moscow (moscovium), Tennessee (tennessine), and Russian nuclear physicist Yuri T. Oganessian (oganesson).

In 1913, Henry Moseley discovers that each element emits X-rays at a unique frequency, and uses that information to reorder the table by atomic number. This brilliant British physicist was killed at war in 1915.

$6,383: Average cost of a bed bug infestation in a hotel room

Communism: Control of Party line on the Silent Majority in apathy out of lack of opportunities and shrinking of choices

Capitalism: Control of the Elite classes of Silent Majority out of indifference in “doing politics

QUOTABLE on the periodic table:

“You could stack the top two rows without much trouble. The third row would burn you with fire. The fourth row would kill you with toxic smoke. The fifth row would do all that stuff PLUS give you a mild dose of radiation. The sixth row would explode violently, destroying the building in a cloud of radioactive, poisonous fire and dust. Do not build the seventh row.”Randall Munroe answers the question, “what if you made a periodic table out of cube-shaped bricks, where each brick was made of the corresponding element?”

118: Elements in today’s periodic table. 63: Elements in the periodic table of elements Dmitri Mendeleev published in 1869

94: Elements found naturally on earth. 24: Man-made, or synthetic, elements in the periodic table

30+: Elements that exist in human bodies—96% of our body is made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen

75: Elements that go into a smartphone

75%: Share of the universe that is hydrogen, the most abundant element

After the coronavirus epidemic subsides in China, new priorities will go up to transform China political and social plans. China will be more powerful with a sustainable growth and reduced number of megacities

While the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus, the U.S. flu season has already killed 10,000 people. (Is the flu vaccine meant to prevent pneumonia?)

To become a company’s chief executive, CEO, it helps to have held a role with profit-and-loss responsibilities, such as heading a division or brand. These positions are Not extended to women.



Tidbits #16

Prediction that the richest 1%  in the world would own the same wealth as the poorest 50% by 2016 had come true a year earlier than expected. Those are the only predictions that come true. Including increased natural calamities. And increased flow of refugees and displaced people. And more people dying of hunger and curable diseases.

The adult world is becoming a curiosity to me at an advanced age: When the time was due to step in, it was too late for me to learn a new set of behaviors, like observing intently and asking plenty of supposedly nonsense questions

Refugee kids playing “game of crossing borders”: running around then shouting POLICE POLICE … all kids to the ground, quiet! They get caught by the police. Kid continues the story: “ then they put us in this closed van! No windows, very crazy roads. We started vomiting, they didn’t stop. They just kept driving and sent us back to this camp in Bosnia.

” Sometimes, your only available transport is a leap of faith“? All the time, all I need is an available transport system: train for example and public on-time public transport?

Mimeomia: the frustration of knowing how easily you fit into a stereotype, even if you never intended to, even if it’s unfair, even if everyone else feels the same way. Categorization trend is Not helpful in sociology.

Civilization “conveyor belt”: Tribes bordering urban and rural regions. Transmitters of cultural differences, prime “intelligence gatherer or front-line intelligence agencies” for the powerful neighboring empires. These tribes are the guides in time of wars; and they guard the security of caravans crossing regions and extend facilities in water and supplies.

 Music is syntactic, not semantic (meaning). Language of music preceded speech.

The Mekong Delta is a huge network of river tributaries that far outnumber roads. Because of the combined effects of climate change, dams, and sand mining of the river, 300,000 people have left the region over the past few years—they can no longer sustain their livelihoods due to the dwindling waterways.

Why world economy is Not disturbed and shares don’t drop when epidemics are located in Africa? Ebola, Sida…

In 2 decades (1910-30) the Harlem section of Manhattan drew nearly 175,000 African Americans to its neighborhood of just three square miles. The influx of people to the area led to a period of groundbreaking contributions in what became known as a the Harlem Renaissance. #BlackHistoryMonth

Two decades since bed bugs returned in force, why don’t we have a solution? The answer comes down to money: very expensive to treat. Bed bugs have circled the world, traveling on first-class luggage and hopping on hostel-going backpacks, paranoia has followed.

The quick stress reaction is considered “positive,” because it is temporary and helps us survive. But there are the “toxic stress” from frequent more mundane stressors: Our bodies react in the same way. When a child faces constant and unrelenting stress, from neglect, or abuse, or living in chaos, the response stays activated, and may eventually derail normal development. The consequences sometimes even span generations for these adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs,

I am glad oil and gas demand and consumption and reserves are dwindling: constant growth economies are the plight for the recovery of earth and sustainable situation

Three current studies have uncovered this direct correlation: Offshore accounts of “Elite class” of under-developed States increase 3 folds each time the World Bank infuses fresh money to their States. And it is the poorer people who suffer from increase taxes and conditions imposed by the IMF and World Bank. 

Tidbits #14

Brazil’s far-right president Bolsonaro wants to take away the indigenous lands in the Amazon forest and has threatened to give guns to ranchers — and now, he wants to open the rainforest to new oil drilling, mining, and even more logging. Fearless activist Sônia Guajajara and other indigenous leaders are calling for help.

1 in 1,461 chances of being born on Feb. 29, a leap year

~3000 BCE: Sumerians have a 360-day calendar of 30-day months, plus an extra 5 days of partying and festivals to stay in line with the Earth’s rotation around the sun.

A broad guess is that 25-70% of people in any infected country may catch the new coronavirus. ⁠

Israelis is living under fake mystical news: The worst ghetto in the mind of any people

The best strategy for the Syrian regime to keep Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS off Syria borders is to announce that Syria is secular, in all matter of laws, marriages, inheritance… the dissociation of State affairs from religious chari3at, civil registry, and discoraging imamas and religious clerics from delivering political speeches in mosques and churches…

China is barricading itself. Citizens are allowed once every 3 days for a stroll outside their confinement. Entrances and exits are tightly controlled and new types of restriction every week. China regime is testing and monitoring how long the Chinese are able to submit to all that crap.

Can UN health org. exhibit a list of categories of deaths since the outbreak of Coronavirus: Numbers died out of famine, of curable diseases, of traffic accidents, of fire suffocation, of drowning in seas and pools, from falling in bathtubs, from workplace accidents, mass shoutouts, family deadly violence…?

“Ghost ships”, unmanned vessels, appearing in some kind of undead state: These are outdated ships filled with dangerous materials that colonia powers sent across the oceans, away from their “homeland”. Ghost ships are warning us against the dangers of greed and ego.

Israeli snipers shot with live bullets at 16,000 unarmed Palestinians in last year alone, And the UN is shyly and barely saying: Israel committed what verges on crimes against humanity.

Between 1870 and 1920, 11 million Americans moved from rural areas to urban ones, and most of the 25 million new immigrants settled in cities. By the early 20th century, the West was urbanized with an educational system designed for the industrial age. Educational system is No longer adapted to the digital age, as well as the graduating educated “workforce”

By 2028, the BLS projects more than 85% of all Americans will be employed in the service economy, from retail to home care. Educational systems need to be revamped for the new kinds of workforce

A black hole exploded 390 million light years away.

 Benjamin Bergen found that 🖕this finger sign did not make test subjects think of a penis, but 👉👌 did.

Wetlands cover around 6% of our planet. But 40% of all plants and animals on Earth live or breed in wetlands. Our wetlands are not just the nurseries of life. They are also the kidneys of our planet. They store carbon dioxide and keep it in the ground.

Shouldn’t the Coronavirus bodies be incinerated? One of 10 victims die. In Africa, during the Ebola epidemics, 9 out of 10 died and they were buried the traditional way: digging earth.

With massive deforestation, many animals are flocking to urban centers. If these animals dig the graves of Ebola victims, isn’t that a valid reason for the re-spreading of the deadly virus?

Tidbits #12

Acoustic levitation? It works like this: Two horns vibrate at 22,000 times a second, firing sound waves into a pocket of air between the two devices. “When these two waves interact, you’ll get what’s called a standing wave, so they’ll cancel in places and they’ll reinforce in others to create nodes and antinodes,” says physicist Chris Benmore, of the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. “Those particular places where they cancel, you put an object in and you can levitate it.”

How we know where we are and how we navigate from one place to another. The discovery of grid cells – the brain’s inner GPS – led to May-Britt Moser receiving the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The Pentagon confirmed to AP that the “low-yield W76-2″ (a new nuclear weapon) has been deployed to stealth submarines patrolling the oceans. The controversial move is a break from recent US policy to reduce dependence on these weapons.

When Frank Lloyd Wright designed an early open office in the 1930s, he saw it as an anti-fascist symbol that could tear down corporate hierarchies. Open office spaces are No longer working.

Last year, 3 out of 7 climate change models predicted over 5 degrees hotter weather.⁠

Bacteria Ribosome is the cell factory for translating instructions written in the genetic code into proteins. “This was the beginning of a long quest that took over two decades, in which I was met with reactions of disbelief and even ridicule in the international scientific community,” says Ada Yonath.

The 5-4 decision Of US Supreme Court could deny permanent legal status to immigrants deemed likely to need food stamps.⁠

Can it be that people on cruise ships disseminated the coronavirus? Two cruise ships in Asian waters were placed in quarantine.

In Japan, 3,700 passengers on the Diamond Princess are confined to the ship for at least two weeks after 61 people tested positive for the virus. In Hong Kong, 1,800 passengers in a ship are quarantined after 3 tested positive.

The world’s busiest airport for international travelers Dubai’s airport handled 86.4 million passengers last year.

New “solar panel“? Pointing a warm source toward cold space at night could generate energy.

Albatrosses strapped with sensors are spying on illegal fishing boats. They can travel vast distances and are attracted to the vessels.

There is compelling evidence that African penguins have speech patterns similar to ours? In which language again?

Pneumonia can be prevented with vaccines and easily treated with low-cost antibiotics. So why were 800,000 children left to die from the disease last year?

“Kids should have No expectation of privacy on devices given to them by their parents.” Christopher Null writes that when he gave his children gadgets, there was one rule above all: “The devices all belong to me and my wife, and we are entitled to see anything and everything on them.”

Failure to monitor your kids’ digital footprints is irresponsible parenting

Supercells (a cyclone type) produce severe weather, including damaging winds, very large hail, and sometimes even tornadoes. What makes them unique from all other thunderstorms is that supercells contain a deep and persistent rotating updraft called a mesocyclone. In some cases, they can last for several hours.




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