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“No country on earth would tolerate missiles…”: Blighted by short memory?

Isn’t it frustrating and a huge let down to listen to a President, supposedly educated, cosmopolitan, and sensitive to women rights and kids rights, regurgitate the same slogans that other presidents, far less educated, and downright racists, have uttered in many other occasions?

When Obama said, with a straight and smirking face, in a country still under military dictatorship (Burma or Myanmar):

“No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders…” (He was talking of the “rights” of apartheid Israel to launch preemptive wars on Gaza…).

I got into wondering:

1. Since when Gaza has been separated from Palestine, and since when the Palestinians in Gaza have been denied the Palestinian entity to claim that the missiles are sent from outside the borders?

2. And what about Israeli missiles showering on Gaza? Why Israeli missiles must be tolerated? Mind you that Israel has already launched 1,500 jet attacks on Gaza and using bombs and missiles far lethal than whatever missiles Hamas has been launching (700 missiles in total, and barely injuring a dozen Israelis, while Israel has already killed 300 and injured 2,000 Palestinian civilians)

3. And what about the drone missile attacks that Obama has been giving the green light to destroy and assassinate people outside the US borders, every week in the last 4 years, and even a couple of hours after he was reelected for a second term?

Does Obama believe that the people in Yemen and Pakistan have less rights to tolerate US missiles raining on civilians as collateral damages?

Photo: But Yemenis are so tolerant, so...
4. How come when it comes to the Middle-East, US politicians, presidents, and officials play dumb as if repeating sentences from rot, exactly the same speech, word for word, as robot used to deliver memorized speeches?

5. How come Obama wants to deny the Palestinian an observer seat in the UN? What’s wrong with an Independent Palestinian State Mr. Obama?

6. How come the Black President can suffer apartheid Israel to keep killing Palestinians in their occupied lands? Has Mr. Obama forgotten that Blacks and Latinos have struggled for centuries against the apartheid system in the USA? Some decency Mr. Obama, goddamnit!

7. Has Mr. Obama forgotten that Netanyahu PM of Israel has campaigned against him and supported his challenger for the second term, and got involved heavily in the US internal affairs?  Can you take a stand Mr. Obama, goddamnit?

أمانة برقبتك ليوم الدين لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول الله يرحمهم

Palestinian kids from the same family died under the rubble of their homes

أمانة برقبتك ليوم الدين لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول الله يرحمهم
Would you be able to compare the effects of Hamas tiny missiles and low explosive charges with the deep craters and ravages and destruction done by Israel bombs and missiles? And yet, Israel has already dropped more than 3,000 such bombs on all Gaza infrastructure and civilians…


Funny how many US reporters lag in international news and changes. For example, CNN tv host: “What is the reaction to US secretary of state getting on a plane and coming to the region?”
The Reporter on the border of Gaza: “We haven’t had the chance to get reaction about the visit of Hillary Clinton, but we talked to the office of PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK…”

The reporter didn’t get it yet that defunct Mubarak was displaced during the Arab Spring…

Call it what you like, but it cannot be out of defense if you are occupying other people lands (Noam Chomsky)

Call it a just reaction to mosquito stings that disrupt your comfortable “vital space” and you feel this just urge to swap the mosquito that harmed your tranquility and apartheid life-style




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